Wizard Hero is a thrilling mobile game where players take on the role of a powerful wizard battling through various levels of magical challenges. Players can unlock special abilities and upgrades by redeeming Wizard Hero codes, which provide bonus rewards such as extra gold, rare items, and exclusive in-game content. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing these codes strategically.

Latest of Wizard Hero Promo Codes


“The Crystal of Power grants unlimited mana, a legendary staff, enchanted robes, and a permanent summon familiar spell.”

Gfb3kSx8XXX Get

“Gather 5 rare gems for a magical staff, defeat the dragon for a shield, or find the hidden treasure chest!”

How to Redeem Code for Wizard Hero

To redeem a gift code in Wizard Hero, launch the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the option to redeem a code, enter the provided code, and confirm to receive your gift in-game.

List of Wizard Hero Codes

1. Code: WH1234GIFT - Unlock exclusive armor set for the Wizard Hero.
2. Code: MAGICALGIFT7 - Receive a powerful staff with enhanced magical abilities.
3. Code: WIZARDHERO22 - Access a secret dungeon with rare loot for the Wizard Hero.
4. Code: POWERHOUSEGIFT - Gain extra mana potions to boost Wizard Hero's spells.
5. Code: ARCANELOOT88 - Discover hidden scrolls that amplify Wizard Hero's abilities.
6. Code: MYSTICBONUS12 - Obtain a special enchantment for the Wizard Hero's gear.
7. Code: SPELLCASTER99 - Acquire a legendary artifact that increases Wizard Hero's power.
8. Code: WIZARDBLESSING - Receive a blessing from the Wizard Council, enhancing the Wizard Hero's skills.

Download ( V2.6.1 )