World War 2 – Battle Combat is an exciting online first-person shooter in which incredible battles of World War II await you! In the World War 2 – Battle Combat game, you will have a large arsenal of weapons: machine guns, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, and much more. Arm yourself and join the battle with players from all over the world!

Latest of World War 2 Redeem Codes

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Exciting online battles (up to 10 players). 6 game modes. 5 epic battlefields. Arsenal of historical weapons and armor. Stunning graphics.

How to Redeem Code for World War 2: Shooting Games

To redeem a gift code in World War 2: Shooting Games, follow these steps: Open the game and go to the main menu. Look for the "Redeem Code" option and tap it. Enter your gift code in the provided field, ensuring you type it correctly. Tap the "Redeem" button to activate the code. Once redeemed, you will receive your rewards, such as in-game currency or special items. Enjoy your gifts and use them to enhance your gameplay experience in World War 2: Shooting Games.

List of World War 2: Shooting Games Codes

1. Code: WW2SHOOT01
Gift: Exclusive Soldier Skin
Description: Equip your soldier with a rare, historically accurate skin that pays homage to the brave men and women who fought during World War 2. Stand out on the battlefield with this unique cosmetic item.

2. Code: WW2SHOOT02
Gift: Bonus Ammo Pack
Description: Never run out of ammunition again! Redeem this code to receive a generous supply of extra ammo for your weapons. Reload faster and keep the enemies at bay in intense World War 2 shooter battles.

3. Code: WW2SHOOT03
Gift: Premium Weapon Unlock
Description: Access a powerful weapon that was used during World War 2. Enhance your arsenal with this deadly firearm and gain an edge over your opponents. Dominate the battlefield with precision and force.

4. Code: WW2SHOOT04
Gift: Double XP Boost
Description: Gain experience twice as fast and level up quicker with this exclusive code. Unlock new abilities, weapons, and customization options as you progress through the intense World War 2 shooter game.

5. Code: WW2SHOOT05
Gift: Medal of Honor
Description: Show off your bravery and skill with this prestigious Medal of Honor. Redeem this code to receive an in-game award that recognizes your outstanding achievements. Wear it proudly on your soldier's uniform.

6. Code: WW2SHOOT06
Gift: Allied Reinforcements
Description: Call in a squad of elite allied soldiers to support you on the battlefield. Redeem this code to receive a temporary boost in firepower and manpower. Turn the tides of war with this valuable assistance.

7. Code: WW2SHOOT07
Gift: Axis Saboteur Outfit
Description: Unleash your inner spy with this Axis Saboteur Outfit. Blend in with the enemy and carry out covert operations in style. Redeem this code to receive this unique costume for your soldier.

8. Code: WW2SHOOT08
Gift: Historical Battle Pack
Description: Dive into the rich history of World War 2 with this exclusive battle pack. Unlock rare documents, photographs, and first-hand accounts that provide fascinating insights into the war. Expand your knowledge while enjoying the game.


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