Yindii is a food app in Thailand that aims to reduce food waste by offering discounted meals from restaurants at the end of the day. Users can help combat food waste and save money by purchasing these unsold meals through the app.

Latest of Yindii Promo Codes


Introducing the “Mystical Meltdown” discount reward by Yindii! Unleash the magic and get mesmerized with enchanting offers. From free potions to mythical creatures as companions, and even a chance to unlock hidden realms, this reward holds limitless surprises. Dare to explore the fantasy!

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“Yindii’s Magical Reward Coupon:

1. Receive a free enchanted potion of your choice.
2. Summon a mythical creature of your liking for a day.
3. Unlock the ability to teleport to any fantasy realm.

Redeem now and embrace the enchantment!”

How to Redeem Promo Code in Yindii

To redeem a promo code in Yindii, open the app and navigate to the "Promotions" section in the menu. Enter the promo code provided and click "Apply" to redeem it. The discount or offer associated with the promo code will be applied to your purchase.

List of Yindii Coupon Code

1. Code: DRAGON1
Discount: 10% off on all Dragon-themed merchandise
Description: Calling all dragon enthusiasts! Use the code DRAGON1 to enjoy a 10% discount on our exclusive collection of dragon-inspired items, including dragon figurines, tapestries, and much more. Unleash your inner fire-breather with Yindii!

2. Code: ENCHANT20
Discount: 20% off on enchanted jewelry
Description: Step into a world of magic with our enchanted jewelry collection. Use the code ENCHANT20 to get an enchanting 20% discount on our mystic rings, pendants, and bracelets. Channel the power of the fae with Yindii!

3. Code: WIZARD5
Discount: Buy 2 wizard staffs, get $5 off
Description: Ready to cast some spells? Purchase two wizard staffs and use the code WIZARD5 to receive an exciting $5 discount. Our staffs are handcrafted and imbued with magic, making them the perfect accessory for any aspiring spellcaster.

4. Code: MYSTERY10
Discount: $10 off on a mystery box
Description: Love surprises? Our mystery box contains a mix of magical and fantastical items that will leave you enchanted! Use the code MYSTERY10 to receive a $10 discount on your mystery box purchase. Unlock the secrets with Yindii!

Discount: Free fairy wings with any purchase over $50
Description: Embrace your whimsical side! Spend $50 or more at Yindii and receive a gift of beautiful fairy wings. Use the code FAIRYFREE to claim your wings and let your imagination take flight.

6. Code: UNICORN20
Discount: 20% off on unicorn-themed apparel
Description: Unleash your inner unicorn lover with Yindii's unicorn-themed clothing collection. Use the code UNICORN20 to enjoy a magical 20% discount on our ethereal unicorn t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Embrace the magic with Yindii!

7. Code: ELF5OFF
Discount: $5 off on elf-inspired accessories
Description: Calling all forest dwellers! Use the code ELF5OFF to enjoy a $5 discount on our enchanting elf-inspired accessories, including elf ear cuffs, leaf-shaped rings, and woodland-themed necklaces. Step into the realm of the elves with Yindii!

8. Code: MERMAID15
Discount: 15% off on mermaid tail blankets
Description: Dive into the world of mermaids with our cozy mermaid tail blankets. Use the code MERMAID15 to receive a 15% discount on these enchanting blankets that will keep you warm and dreaming of the sea. Come swim with Yindii!

Discount: Free gnome figurine with any purchase over $30
Description: Add a touch of whimsy to your home! Spend $30 or more at Yindii and receive a free gnome figurine as a delightful gift. Use the code GNOMEGIFT to bring a little magic to your surroundings.

10. Code: PHOENIX20
Discount: 20% off on phoenix-inspired artwork
Description: Ignite your imagination with our mesmerizing phoenix artwork collection. Use the code PHOENIX20 to enjoy a 20% discount on our stunning paintings depicting the legendary phoenix. Let your spirit rise with Yindii!

11. Code: MAGICBOOK10
Discount: $10 off on spellbinding fantasy novels
Description: Dive into a world of fantasy and adventure with our captivating collection of magical books. Use the code MAGICBOOK10 to receive a $10 discount on your purchase of spellbinding novels. Get lost in the pages with Yindii!

12. Code: WITCHY15
Discount: 15% off on witch-inspired accessories
Description: Embrace your inner witch! Use the code WITCHY15 to receive a 15% discount on our witch-inspired accessories, including pentagram necklaces, cauldron-shaped earrings, and more. Cast a spell with Yindii!