Name10 Billion Husbands
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Experience this exciting puzzle game for yourself. 10 Billion Husbands is a king in it, or will you not be able to do it? Your role will be pretty straightforward, and you need to swap two blocks with numbers correctly. If suddenly three numbers are together, then they will quickly be able to combine into new numbers. Do not forget gravity when a block of numbers can be discarded into a new fill. The more numbers you clear, the more points you earn. So you have to think carefully with your head, connect your story with numbers and become a professional.

Here everything is carefully thought out, and each role has its meaning. Autosave is possible, recording certain moments and then playing them back. The toy perfectly supports a variety of tablets, and there is a global leaderboard and everything else.

The project is perfect for all ages, and you can play for free. It remains only to play a little to become a real king in this beautiful kingdom. Consider a specific action plan and confidently move through the levels, laying out various numbers. Each of us will be able to pass this game, but we will have to try very seriously.

10 Billion Husbands MOD

Maybe I had higher expectations for the illustrations. No disrespect to the artist but the odd anatomies and how dim the colours of the arts are UNDERWHELMING as achievements!. I remember playing this game a while back, now it's kind of like a meme to me thanks to the white bunny and her 50 billion boyfriends. It's fun to play with and very simple and easy.. Although it's simple. It's a good time killer and the art work is cute too. It's quite old but this game is pretty good for it's age. Would recommend.. A cute little anime game about, well, getting married of course, to a unique set of VERY handsome males! A few of the..."men," however, are not exactly the most ideal to marry or to look at, and could be replaced, despite their amusement value. High amounts of patience is a MUST in this game. Spending is recommended, but not required for completion. Speaking of the end, the Secret Illustration, although beautiful, is not exactly what I imagined and hoped for. A group photo would be more fitting.. Not much to say about this. I just use it to keep my boredom down. The characters are very cute..

10 Billion Husbands APK

It's cute! I like how you can earn love without playing the game. No complaints, earning love is easy and no need to pay. Its so cool I love it!!! The "husbands" designs are so cute and even if you're out of the game you still can collect "love". ITS SO CUTE AND SIMPLE!!it still collects love even when you're outside of the game too it's my comfort game ^^. I want a part 2 please, looking forward to 20 billion husbands I played this game years ago + the 10B & 20B wives. Now I'm really in need to play 20B husbands hehe so adorable art!.

10 Billion Husbands APK

Did i played the game? Yes Did i finished it? Yes Did i completed the tasks? Yes Was it worth it? Definitely Am i gonna delete it after? Not a chance. Spin off on 10 billion wives, cute art style good game. Good for any clicker/idle fans, one of my favorites. No annoying spam ads, would recommend.. Nice cute game, not a huge investment of time..just enjoy the cute characters and collect more husbands when you feel like it :). I finally "beat" this game and got all the "achievements" and the secret image is so unbelievably underwhelming I regret every second I put into this. The amout of meager satisfation that I got from completing the game is completely overshadowed by the fact that I got nothing in the end at all. The end is literally the last husband saying thanks for playing the game. Nothing else. He aint even cute tho. Wanna grind for hours to see one picture of each guy? This is the game for you!.

10 Billion Husbands APK

FINALLY! I found this, I was trying to find this for years and all i had to do is check my google play lmao. This is amazing. Honestly easier to just look up what they all look like. Not really any way to interact with them. Good for idle as you really can just come back and it'll have raised LP the whole time you were away.. The game is pretty fun if you don't have a lot to do. I love the art of it and love the game!. Very cute. Wish there were some minor interactions or that they had special animations that activated at random as they walk, but I love the simplicity. <3.

It's really cute and I enjoyed playing this. Loved the secret illustration! That was so nice! Now to play the two Wife games like this!!. Just a cute little game! The art work is adorable, the concept is simple. If you've played 10 billion wives, you've played this one. They're both adorable ways to kill a bit of time. It's game that don't need your 100% focus in it. I opened the game once in a day n got about 10trillion likes n i spent on the husbands after a few taps n all my likes is gone so i wait for tomorrow. Well it's kinda boring but it's addictive that each of them have their own special anime picture after you got like lvl100 each husband. What i didnt like, i hope there ll be a button to mute the music. This game didn't need you to play intensely. You can get all those husbands' pics by clicking and leveling up husbands one by one. It's kinda boring so I let it play by itself and now I am done. The artwork is nice and the BGM is great for me. Thank you, Dev! Keep the good work. .

Five stars for the wild husband alone.Trust me when I say that it will put a smile on your face at how ridiculous it is.. Love it so much, but wish there was more updates for the characters and photos. As well as updates where they add more husbands.. EVERYTHING IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!! like bro the husbands are N-E-A-T! I love the gameplay and the graphics is great too! Its simple but awesome at the same time, well don't mind me, im just being me and for sure that da freakin husbands are hella hawt ^^. I honestly love this game. Its a nice tapper game so if you like tappers, then this should be right up your ally..

This game understands me and my short attention span. At the start, I would be engrossed with the game and keep tapping away. The points needed to purchase the husbands would be lesser. Then as the days go by, I start to lose interest while the points still accumulate. I go back once every 2 weeks to see the points have accumulated enough for me to go on to the next stage. Basically this game is perfect for people with short attention span.. The artwork is adorable and well made! It is a fun game to pass the time with and to giggle at!. This game is absolutly adorable! All of the husbands are unique, and the chibi art style the game uses fits well!. I like that from the description of the game I didn't expect too much, meaning I wasn't underwhelmed. This was fun, and it's something to do in those boring pauses of daily life.

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