Name1945 Air Force
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Another unique classic arcade game. 1945 Air Force in the most exciting air battles, feel all the difficulties and become a real professional. All these battles took place during the Second World War. All this will happen before your eyes, and you will feel the craziest air confrontations. This world conflict is just beginning, and you will use a bunch of weapons and a wide variety of equipment. All players will become professional pilots trying to destroy all air targets. Try to break into the rear of the allies and find the essential options and other features of the game project.

You can’t afford to be knocked down by the enemy, so you will have to try and wrest such a long-awaited victory. To stop the enemy, you will have to face their bosses. They will be located at specific points, so they will have to be found. In this project, you will meet 16 types of the most incredible aircraft, and you can start with the simplest. Over time, you will be able to move on to a cooler one, earn a reputation for yourself and become the leader of the world standings. Show all your best qualities, feel everything that happens, and win this war.

1945 Air Force MOD

Fun game with quite a bit of variety. You need to get your planes higher level later on, which requires Gems, but these aren't impossible to get without purchasing them - lots of opportunities to get more gems/modules. The game is becoming hopeless day by day, ads play but at the end no rewards, no equal competition in PvP, abnormal plays by the opponents in PvP.. Constant battle. Tough to get the add on weapons and extra lives, but a fun game that kills a lot of time! Edit; I gave a good review. Certain standard weapons and others that I paid for, through gems, have been removed. Where is the GREEN poison mist??? After the update, the developers took away a couple weapons that I acquired many levels ago! I have lost out on bonuses. Now I need assistance transferring current game play to the new device. Help? Please help?!?! I'll rate higher.. This game is only made for ads I defeat level 100 with 30m power but I watch ads for above 10 month and I upgrade my aircraft to 6b power but now with complete tire 2 aircraft wingman and devices can't able to defeat even 184 level it's time wast game only made for ads. Autoloaded another game the ads were a minute long and the hold screen was another 30 seconds while the other game loaded..

1945 Air Force APK

A very magical game because there is a user ID but it cannot be accessed and entered even though there have been many achievements, especially in upgrading machines and weapons. this is detrimental. My advice is don't make games, let alone give them a user ID, so people shouldn't change devices? haha. please... Immediately fix how to log in using the used ID provided. to make it easier for us to play with existing achievements. . Waste of time.... nothing very exciting in this game ...Tire 1 has to play with Elite Tire Aircraft... worst experience for 2 years... waste of time .. no option for earnings only investment... You are the goodest game in the world! You are better than roblox ( l did not play roblox,l onli play your game onli..

1945 Air Force APK

Much better than what it was a few years ago as its had lots of updates and bug fixes. If I would like an improvement to it would be that I could transfer the progress over to another device wether ios or android without the need for facebook.. Stupid if you want to play it for free. Don't waste your time with it. I gave up after a multiplayer session where the game randomly chose three times in a row a player way above my level. This is not stupid. This is programmable. Why can't we buy new planes with the coins man come on why not keep it cool what's the use of all those lousy coins like it's real military or what byeee. I cant play this game Coz i cant upgrade my plane There is showing an error that Internet connection problem Please solve this issue.

1945 Air Force APK

Chicos es.muy divertido pero se atora al grabar la pantalla el sonido sale distorsionado y no es el telfono es la app. Always requests and update, but there is none. Uninstalled! Tried it out again. Game works now, but you get stuck unless you invest money. In PVP you fight against players that are way stronger then you. Send like a SCAM or money grabbing game to me.. Update: 2 years later teh game is still the same. I still haven't been able to pass level 140 with all the purchases I've made. Greedy people. Terrible game. Update: I just sent a message as per your suggestion -------- Pathetic game created by greedy ppl. Spent so much money yet my plane can't make it through. Can't ever find matches for p2p..

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