NameInfinite Stairs

An arcade project that is already loved by the entire gaming world. Download Infinite Stairs for Android. You have to play this game. Seven million users have already downloaded it.

Quite an exciting project in which you can set the most incredible records. Who will be incredibly fast and agile here? You have to prove yourself in it and become the fastest, but you should prepare well for this.

You have to climb the stairs and perform incredible stunts constantly. At first, it will be challenging to go through at least a few steps, but then everything will work out, and you can only move forward without any problems. The controls here are pretty simple, so it will not be difficult to remember them.

You have to break unique records, and only thanks to the talent of your hands. Here you will meet the most interesting characters and incredible retro graphics, and everything will be the same as in the good old days.

Take part in competitions not only with your friends but also with any opponents from around the world. The entire gameplay will occur in real-time, which means you definitely shouldn’t relax. It would be best if you moved forward with your new achievements.

Infinite Stairs MOD

I started play the because of junkyu i saw he play this game in their tmilog and i thought that looks fun....and it really gonna use brain to play this game. I love it. but I never get shinbi ghosthouse or comic book events. And I really want to do events because everyone else has the events exept for me! Thank you. Give me very very body keep glitching even though I have wonderful internet I give this one star thank you very much bye-bye. Plays ad when you lose. I will not be watching ads for you. Make the game better with your own resources, not paying advertisers to scalp my screen time to make a quick buck.. Super nice game lost progress when changing phones sadly but extremely addictive fun game lots of content and rewards to make you keep playing just absolutely amazing.

Infinite Stairs APK

This game is rruely awesome. However, I lost my progress on my acc, after I erased the application on 2022, and re-installed on 2023. I wonder how could I retrieve my progress back?. There's so many cute characters we can collect and easy as well to get all of them, so far I really enjoy this game, thanks.. Playing this game after watching enhypen Jungwon it seem really interesting so I installed it it's difficult at the beginning but now I'm getting to used it everything's good except for the add they're annoying sometimes. YESSSSS !!! ive found it to downloaded this game now yayy!! its because of jungwon what he posted on weverse and the other reason why i downloaded this im gonna beat jungwon of his 1188 score and yeah !!! im gonna love and enjoy this game !! ^^ .

Infinite Stairs APK

I've only know this game because of jungwon he introduced this game to ENGENE and I'm so happy with it and this game is really fun to play. downloaded the game because jungwon from enhypen was playing it and it seems so fun but i didnt expected to be that hard . Again one of my favorite games I been for years but when I get a new phone I don't get what I had in my level n the coins I've collected I always start from the beginning. Your lucky I love this game cause I wouldn't like to alway start from beginning but I do it to see if I could do better I don't but I try. I wondering in settings you have were we could save are progress but don't know how to get it back . N I'm still trying to get my usernames on your game but can't do that either. I've been playing and enjoying this game since 2018. I love the characters, modes and different objectives that keep you occupied. :) I'm just curious if we will be able to participate for titles like you can in the Korean version someday. That would be nice to have. This American version is really missing out on the extra character skins that people would love to have. Hope you guys reply!.

Infinite Stairs APK

As Moore and more you get in to the game u unlock more and it's so fun and satisfying Ok?"!?$:. Great game, but sometimes I win something & it takes me back and not to the next level.But since that's my only complaint it's a great game 100 percent encourage to download.. Been playing this game for years already, I love that they make event characters available to buy every season and encourage you to play the events, but what I'm really sad about is the characters that are exclusive to the Korean version and event exclusive skins don't come back yearly, like the Cuzzi character and Halloween, School Days, or Children's Day skins. I still love this game and come back for the events.. Really like the creativity and effort put into it. Makes it feel like the creators genuinely wanted to make a game and not just a cash grab..

People say there episode energy isn't coming back up but you just have to watch and ad and it will give you five energy each time great game my score is 823 great game overall. The game is pretty good you can get good by just playing it didn't even take me a day before I got good. I keep seeing ads about the game, and one time, there was one where it forced me to download the game. I really like the game but the ads ruined it for me. I don't care really care if games have ads but I lost 3 pvp games because an ad suddenly pops up while playing. Now I hate the game..

This game is amazing.Thus game animations are incredible but this make me very mad if fall of the stairs . My original review was on 4/9/2016 but after still playing all these years, I can say my friends and I have encouraged hundreds of people to download and play. It is very addictive. We all still play. It would be great to add even more support, more skins, more creative artists and or collabs. My one beef with the many ads. I just want to opt out, just pay to remove ads. Please, please remove ads or at least let us pay to remove them.. I downloaded this game in 2020. I come back & I find out that my progress hasn't been saved. I had 5 special buttons characters, new clothes for my custom character and 1 new place. It isnt there anymore & yes I saved all of it Before I left the app. So when I got on and loaded none of my stuff came back. IM EVEN ON THE SAME GOOGLE ACCOUNT! (Edit: The game skips and the bottom half isn't even there it's just a black screen. Please fix this.). Very very fun, more people should definitely play this game. Loads of characters, skins, modes, pets and more. The events are very fun.

It's a fun game I really enjoy the different challenges you can do and the custom character option is fun to explore.. Been playing this since it first came out years ago, finally writing a review. It's a great timekiller, and despite the constrained I'm amazed with the amount of different stuff you can do. Just wondering when the 'titles' will be added to the english version as well. ? .. My go-to road trip game. I love the features, graphics, and gameplay. The mechanics are simple, yet amazing. I use it all the time and never get bored due to all the amazing skins and characters. Good job, NFly!. Amazing app its super fun and has sooo many skins and just its just super fun first it was hard but i got a hang of it.

I love this game so much and sometimes ads come out but no worries because when u turn off the Wi-Fi nothings gonna disturbe u and there is tons of characters and u can also buy pets and characters it's so fun I even recommended to my school friend and she said that she also loves the game and it's one of my favourite game ever thank u for making this game I love it so much and that's why I gave all 5 rating I love it keep it up. Love the game but I wish that there were other ways to sync our data. Got an iPhone and I'm butt hurt bc that I have to start over instead of signing in and having my stuff there. As said, good game..

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