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Become the best manager of an excellent airport. Airport City transport manager is designed for all categories of players, and it will be interesting to see what kind of manager you will become.

This work will be pretty tricky but very entertaining. You have to communicate with various people, help them and guide them to multiple places. Assisting passengers to purchase tickets, checking security staff, and controlling all your safety is paramount, so you have every opportunity to ensure it and reassure all passengers.

Try to study your manager’s diary, learn more about such a difficult job and take care of the dispatchers. Try to practice a flight simulator, work as a flight attendant and fly worldwide. Go through the customer check-in system, load luggage on planes and look for everything that can be lost in a large airport.

You will have many tasks, a variety of missions, and everything else you have to complete. Check passengers’ passports, stamp them, and pass them through the scanner. You have to become the gear in the world, and for this you will have to work hard.

Airport City transport manager MOD

Really having an enjoyable time playing. Time consuming game. Unfortunately you have to spend some money to move things along. I'm still having a good time. Fun game. Gives you a lot of planning and growing.. Ok, it's fun at first, but like the developer said, you have to have patience, and I did. I really enjoy this silly game. It's good when your board, or want to rest.. best game in the world ha ha ha he he he my game only don't play then I hit you hahaha hehehe ha ha ha he he he. I love this game so much and that is why I have downloaded it so I can give this game maybe 4 stars. This latest event is very poor. Have sent for support as I am not able compete in the event. Have built University and residence halls but not been rewarded for tasks. If there is a problem then tell us. Not shy in asking us to spend money on Premiun Class..

Airport City transport manager APK

This game is very exciting to play but for the expansion it requires a lot of coins to expand even to get airport cash is the most difficult now you get 10 to 20 coins each flight. This game is very good but you get extremley low cash and you cant complete everthing when you get next level to get a bigger plane. Please make the prices cheaper.. The game is amazing except for one thing which is why I rate 4 stars, reason is everything takes a lot of grinding to just get a level 3 runway.. Very useless app after reaching level 38 the app stops n not functioning well...It keeps on downloading data every now n then.

Airport City transport manager APK

The game is much better. The only thing that I can see is that the price is so high when buying or upgrading. Garbage game. Same, tired events over and over and over and over and over. Nothing new in forever. Been playing this game for 5 years. It has gotten unbelievably stale. Nothing new. Same old, same old events that require you to spend real money in order to be competitive...and the rewards for doing that? Garbage. Skip this game. It's boring as all get out.. DO NOT LIKE THIRD PEOPLE ROBERT ELLIE WURSBURGER AND TARA RILIE RIED'E NO SLEEP UNTILL BROOKLYN NIVIA DENVER'S PM BACH I TOO COLORADO. DRE REN ICE CUBE EZ-E DUZ ITT TECHNOLOGY MAGGIE BERREGGO BOBBIE JO SHAFFER COFFORIC CHUCK SHAFFER COFFORIC CHUCK SERRIF THOMAS CUE BALL ADAMS REY KOCH. PHO VONG PIAVONG AND SAY@NORTH. GOD'S ROBERT ANDY'S STATUS STARK OLO OLEG OLGA ONO OLO ONNO -OLO HANZ-SOLOMON SHAMROCK DR MEGHAN MACARTHY SHEENA RECOVERY CENTER WELL POWERFUL IS GOOD WORDS CALL AGAIN. ING @DT. WET. Game is aight. Not much to do when the fuel and passengers is always at 0. Hop on, send out 4 flights, then done, cuz no fuel or passengers..

Airport City transport manager APK

The game is outstanding. But I don't know if it is only me that has this issue of no sound. I used to play this game since 2017 and all the music's are classics. But now when I open the game, there is no sound that comes from it. Also the music is not playing. It's dead silence. And the game was last updated in 2022, so I think there should be a bug fixing update.. Good but there's a glitch. When landing level 3 planes they get stuck on the runway and you can't land any more planes!. Okay just another quest that does not give you enough missions to finish 13 of 20 done and max on missions. Just another way that they want $$ to finish for a quest that is 5 years with no updates.. You have a way for us to get money charges required to get an items needed for a specific development.

It gives me nostalgia I played this game 2 years ago and I finally found it. I know people will say it's a bad game but in my opinion it was one of the best games at the time and if your confused I'm using my dad's account but this is giving me nostalgia I recommend.. Game is awesome but the runways are way way way too short for even the first planes can you please make them longer.. Fun way to pass the time. But takes very long time to earn the money and find the rewards. If not for that. I would rate this higher.. This game is so enjoyable. Game of graphics also good. After play any type of game there should be fun creative in this game all you find.

Game was GREAT at first , when you reach lvl 13 they start sending HAWK planes that you CAN NOT land until upgrade runways at 15,000 coins , imhave 4,200 coins only planes I can Land are swift n my owl they make miniscule coin , so I'm expected to pay or grind for unreasonable time for anything. I bought a small pack of coins as well. GARBAGE GREEDY DEVS. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME , stop greed I. It's tracks.. The game is good,But I don't sign in Google play games.They say Sign in in Google play games.Signing,But They not Sign in on Google play games,Facebook E.T.C .

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