NameAlien Shooter Lost City
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Alien Shooter Lost City

The legendary game has been familiar to a huge number of users since childhood. Alien Shooter-Lost City is there is a bloody war to save our planet.

The most fierce battles, crazy confrontations, and everything that unfolds on the surface of the Earth. All scientists are working on the most advanced technologies, but there is not much information about attacking monsters. No one yet knows where they even came from, if they have a boss and how to stop these terrifying creatures. Our command received a distress signal that came from a small village. After that, the connection with this object was lost, and your adventures are just beginning.

You will have to go to this territory, try to save the survivors, and find the source of the invasion. Most likely, this information will help scientists and all living things cope with such a powerful enemy. At the moment, the fate of mankind is only in your hands and everything must be done to save it. The most exciting storylines and you should not miss a single enemy in each mission. Everything will take place in a completely open gaming space, where there are many locations and fierce battles.

Download ( V1.1.4 )

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