NameAlien Shooter Lost City
Release8Floor Games

The legendary game has been familiar to a huge number of users since childhood. Alien Shooter-Lost City is there is a bloody war to save our planet.

The most fierce battles, crazy confrontations, and everything that unfolds on the surface of the Earth. All scientists are working on the most advanced technologies, but there is not much information about attacking monsters. No one yet knows where they even came from, if they have a boss and how to stop these terrifying creatures. Our command received a distress signal that came from a small village. After that, the connection with this object was lost, and your adventures are just beginning.

You will have to go to this territory, try to save the survivors, and find the source of the invasion. Most likely, this information will help scientists and all living things cope with such a powerful enemy. At the moment, the fate of mankind is only in your hands and everything must be done to save it. The most exciting storylines and you should not miss a single enemy in each mission. Everything will take place in a completely open gaming space, where there are many locations and fierce battles.

Alien Shooter Lost City MOD

This game is very good,i spend all my time in this game. But i work too hard for buy some guns. This is the most tough game I have ever played ever in my life The thing that I like the most Is its offline. This game is very good but the cost of wepons are very high.the aliens are became strong and the wepons stranth good the level are long for fight. I have deleted the game ones for deadly fight in levle 5. But now i have installed the game the new level and editing are good.The game is very good now also.. Ok,the Best game! Nh pht trin Game nn update bn cho thm nhiu trn u hn ch hn 1 hour l h mn. t qu t qu t qu i thi!. The game is so hard for no reason and makes it so annoying also that you die easily and every level has its own gun ammo even if you don't have it.

Alien Shooter Lost City APK

I am rewriting this review just to thank SIGMA TEAM to making my childhood awesome. I came to knew about Alien Shooter game in pc from my childhood friend, since then I am it's Fan!! . Yeah, this game is similar like Theseus on PC (same game by Sigma Team). Instead, weapons and charactes from classic Alien Shooter. You start with NO LIVES (you need to buy Extra Life to add +1), can't change difficulty due to hard difficulty (Theseus can change it), and expensive items. Also, no mission completion reward. Please fix the difficulty, start with 2 lives, add rewards for completing mission, and lower item's prices so anybody can play.. good game but the gun costs are way too high isn't? please update this with more weapons will ya?OK cya. I love the art style it sort of looks like fallout 1s and gameplay is great the music is great and the aliens are great.

Alien Shooter Lost City APK

(11182017),Still in level 1, it's hard to complete. (29012023), after a few years back to Play again, but still no improvement, shoot accuracy seems pretty bad. Zombie shooter still the best so far.. Yayyy....alien shooter....kill them all. They are tough and strong but we got what they don't have......Guts people, guts to withstand their numbers...thanks for the great game. Loved it.. I have extra affection for this game as it is a great part of my childhood computer games. Thanks for developing this in mobile. I could give 5 stars but some drawbacks I found if you don't mind. Every level is very time spending. Again the coin values are not so much whereas the weapons and other devices are much more costly. However, thanks for the development.. This game is really cool I remember playing the original series of these games on pc and this is so nostalgic 10/10.

Alien Shooter Lost City APK

Pro Actually free Several different modes Decent looks Fun and simple Sounds decent Cons Controls are a little weird This is one of the best games I played for the phone. Most are just got ya games but these are fun. I can play the entire thing without paying a bunch of money just to get past a certain point or playing more then 20 min.. Alien Shooter Lost City Very Best i like good very good Brain Games Sigma team Really Conscription love this Mission Main Computer Real Fights I like Machine Gun I like All Sigma team Music Best . The game awesome I have completed all the level and killed the boss and I have unlocked the all skills. If any anyone want more money to buy weapons or skill play the from first to complete and u will gain more money. I used to play from first to complete the game to get money now i have more than 2 lakhs money i have in the game it's is very easy to gain money. And the game is super. Nice game, gameplay and aliens are good but joystick size adjustable should be added,Alien dead bodies are disappearing in park locations fix it.

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