NameX2 Blocks
ReleaseInspired Square FZE

X2 Blocks – 2048 Number Games is a fun rethinking of the legendary puzzle game “2048” by developers from the game studio “Inspired Square FZE,” well worth a try for all fans to spend some time with. Their entertainment, in a simple and fun way, connects the numbers and sees the beautiful special effects. The essence of this game is as simple as in its legendary predecessor. Here you need to click squares with the same number to get a more significant number, gradually gaining more points. The main difference of this game is that it seems to be a hybrid of simple arcade games where you need to shoot balls at a bunch of other colorful balls for them to form a shape.

In X2 Blocks – 2048 Number Games, you will choose many paths that you need to send your square with a number so that it can merge with the same courts, gradually increasing its number. The numbers are standard: 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048 and beyond in powers of two. The game interface boasts a minimalist and elegant design and is easy to operate. At the same time, the game has several game modes in which points are awarded differently. In addition, each has its leaderboard where the players who have scored the maximum points will go if you have internet. If you want, you can play non-stop, but each new number gets more complicated and more complex because that place will gradually end until one day, the game turns from a simple barrel game into a puzzle. Really.

X2 Blocks MOD

Great game if not for the random frequent forced "ad breaks" which break concentration. I don't mind the selectable as to get extra gems when you need them, but being forced to take breaks to watch an ad for no good reason is annoying and insulting. I don't need to take a break from playing a game every 5 minutes or so. EDIT: I stand by what i said - those random "breaks" that always occur when i am concentrating on where is best to place a block are very annoying, irritating and unnecessary!. I am at a point where I need X2 blocks to message me. There are still no adverts and you now want to zero my game. This is unacceptable. Pull yourself together. There are no UK adverts that you are expected to watch, to enable you to move a square in the wrong position. Cost is huge to buy adverts and free ones are not available at all, rendering this game a disgrace. Do not bother to download, fun to start with but repeated requests get you nowhere. Disgusted!!!! Don't delete 18 months wor. A Trap for money. After a while, now I can not have diamonds collected cz it says no more videos to show so you are left with no choice but to purchase from the app. Why to force?. I loved this game until it started playing terrible music I can't turn off. I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while I play. Now I'm considering deleting the game since I can't do both. I'm sure there are other games out there.. So in the last 3 days ive bought 4 of the $1.59 packages and received 2. You owe me 2000 diamonds , I can show you the bank records. I did email you about the first one. Please pay me , thank you. Love the game by the way. Thanks for that. I bought some gaming diamonds through this app yesterday. It cleared my bank, where are they ?.

X2 Blocks APK

It's a good game and I can play it to distract myself from anxiety so that is a plus. The ads are a bit redundant and that is annoying.. Fun and very addictive game but the ads are atrocious. You decline bonus gems so you don't watch an ad, but the ad plays regardless and you don't get the bonus gems. Many times even two ads play one after the other. The barrage of ads has ruined the fun gaming experience.. Good game after playing for awhile I'm beginning to experience the difficulty other players have mentioned I like the game and I don't mind spending a couple dollars but I refuse to do so when I've just begun to play the experience I've had with gaming apps like that is terrible I hope the situation changes because I like the game. It is a very good game. The one who developed this game was an intelligent person. This game is very amazing. I the one benefit of this game is that by playing it, and we improves our math skills..

X2 Blocks APK

Fun to play, but many of the ads want to download other games, and sometimes, when you try to click past them, they download.. Amazing, l love it You can enjoy it with your family or friends You can refer a some of your friends. Overall not a bad game if you like 2048, giving 1 star because of false advertising. ADs showed game as a tetris style with falling bricks and it is nowhere even close to what was advertised.. Once you reach bz level there is no more progress, just an infinity block!!! How do you expect to keep interest and motivation? There is no sense of achievement. For a while I've been thinking why people are stock in Ca now I know they are not blocked they simply dropped the game!.

X2 Blocks APK

My favorite game I'm on the top 100. My name is Donald D. Taylor. I feel the only improvements that you could make is much fewer advertisements. Sincere Thanks. Donald D. Taylor.. Nice and relaxing. It would be nice if it kept the points instead of resetting every time I open the app.. Ads. As pointed out by others, it's a decent game but rife with ads, some of which are a bit sketchy. Uninstalled. Having problems getting the option to watch a video to accrue points (blue gems) to use the swap mode. The space where there used to be a film icon is now blank. Also wondering if you hit the delete trash can does that eliminate all your accrued points?.

I just started playing this game and I really like it. However, an 'ad break's every 3-5 minutes is just completely insane. I timed it just to find the average. You get 5 gems each ad but it's still not worth the 30-40 seconds you have to wait to watch the same 3 ads over and over and over again.. The game is fine, I just already have another one. The ad made it look like a combination of tetris and 2048. That's what I wanted to play, but that's not what this game is.. I love this game! I love to play it when I'm feeling like I can't win anything else in life at the moment! The strategy puts my mind in a great state of control over my actions!. Read the privacy policy, it says it can read your messages and access social media apps. Why does it need that for a game?.

This game is again if you start to play it you cannot just put it down. Once you start connecting and you start getting the higher levels into the millions yes it totally consumes your day before you know it today is half done and you forgot to do half the stuff you wanted to. Yes it's exciting . Thank you William. 88504407,please send me all my email addresses account number, suspect someone used, l know who the subject, always ask me password . This WAS a decent game for people who like Mathematics, Spacial Strategies, & Puzzles. The adverts were almost tolerable before, but are progressively & aggressively getting WORSE! There are "35+15 second" & "Back to Back" [1of2 | 2of2] adverts, some being LONGER than 40-seconds each. Having made many claims to the Developer, in light of these & other issues, with ZERO fixes, I wish I could give it negative 3 "-3 / 5." . Bad ad experience. Has ads that will not let you proceed without installing the app the ad is for. Stops your progress completely..

Was playing this game but I got up to 1e and the screen blinked and erased all of my progress. I have yet to hear from anyone to resolve this issue..

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