NameDisney Frozen Free Fall
ReleaseJam City, Inc.

Disney Frozen Free Fall – the time has come when you can make an incredible journey to the fabulous kingdom of Arendelle, which turned out to be completely covered with ice.

This game project is made entirely in Russian, which makes it possible to experience it until the very end. Here you will need to pick up certain items, solve the most difficult puzzles, and travel to interesting places. You just need to join the main characters Anna, Elsa, and other interesting characters, as well as try to solve more than 150 puzzles.

This is a very exciting game that will make you think hard and collect crystals in one row. Now only one question arises, can you do it or will it remain completely unrealistic for you? From the very beginning, you can choose heroes, then move around the game and discover this magnificent ice kingdom for yourself.

With the help of Anna’s special torch, it will be possible to burn one row of ice crystals at once, Elsa’s magic will help you that crystals of the same color simply disappear from this map. And their unique sword of Hans will be able to cut through these crystals without much difficulty, and there are also a lot of other interesting bonuses.

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD

Love the game! But here lately I have to buy extra moves almost every time!! I don't like that!! But if you don't buy boosters or extra moves you end up getting stuck on the level for days..that is so FRUSTRATING to be stuck not able to move to next level. Then after you finally do pass the next couple levels are extremely easy.Then your right back to a impossible one to pass.i may uninstall because I can't keep spending money. It's terrible it keeps asking me to watch videos for extra moves, & once you do that after 30, or 60 seconds it then tells you video unavailable even though you have watched it all, and done what it said, & it does it over & over again, it's frustrating to say the least, otherwise the game is OK, but it gets hard fast.. the levels gets way too hard not giving enough moves seems like it's aimed at your wallet trying to get you to buy your way through the game but i want pay to play update well guess I'll have to uninstall it and come back maybe in the future see if the levels are still difficult because it doesn't make sense levels this hard i tried to hang in there tired of playing levels over and over because of the difficult way to much bye give us a chance please . I LOVE FROZEN FREE FALL BECAUSE IT REMINDS FROM JUST LIKE THE MOVIE AND I LEARNED THAT AN ACT OF TRUE LOVE CAN THAW A FROZEN HEART. AND NO MATTER HOW OLD I GET I WILL ALWAYS LOVE DISNEY FROZEN FREE FALL FOR YEARS. AND I LOVE QUEEN ELSA PRINCESS ANNA OF ARENDELLE KRISTOFF THE ICEMAN SELLER SVEN THE ADORABLE REINDEER OLAF THE SNOWMAN GRAND PABBIE THE ROCK TROLL AND PRINCE HANS OF THE SOUTHERN ISLES. PLUS NOT TO MENTION I THOUGHT I NOTICED THAT FROZEN FREE FALL IS FILLED WITH ROMANCE AND ADVENTURE.. Purposely makes you loose a game by not giving you what you need while you still have moves. I used 8 moves before the snowball guy dropped down for me to match next to. It's like they do this so you will loose or spend money. Kinda annoying. I played this when it was still owned by Disney and it's definitely different. I'm in the never ending levels and I'm honestly over it..

Disney Frozen Free Fall APK

I haven't played it before but I will quickly try and Marlene is making me feel like I'm not doing the right thing. The game is too unnecessarily difficult, like I said before. You're taking DAYS and sometimes WEEKS just to beat ONE level. Ridiculous.. It's nice , but l have a list of problems that need to be corrected 1) There is no theme in this game , it's like candy crush but with only the Frozen 2 characters watching you 2) All the female characters like Elsa and Anna look like males.. What the heck is going on with this game?!!! I'm VERY upset that the app recently reset and wiped out YEARS of accumulating special items and figures. I'm also "miffed" that my VIP status reset to beginning bronze when I was almost to the gold level. >:(.

Disney Frozen Free Fall APK

Engaging game with lots of varied and entertaining levels and fun side events and prizes. I really like how well the characters are rendered, very lifelike and vibrant each with their own unique gestures and expressions which really adds to the gaming experience.. This game is too bad and very disappointed,too l hate it from the first level,This game made stay in my bed for 3weeks. can you let people connect their account to their facebook too and not only emails for saving their game progress. i would appreciate it if you enable this choice.. it's good but definitely not the best. i only downloaded because i was bored. you guys definitely need to fix the ad that was playing ultra loud noises with no escape which killed my eardrums.

Disney Frozen Free Fall APK

While I playing this game frozen free fall game it is showing vip I cant continue playing please fix this in next update. Ads are very deceiving and can play noises even when volume on phone is all the way down. Should be removed from the play store.. This was a amazing and surprising experience I was love it and frozen movie I love it and develop more frozen Games. Got to level 150 and it crashed. Started over.. level 88 now. Pls save your games so even if you reinstall, if you click on saved games... you dont loose the game level. Bonus. :) 16/06/23- Im still playing this game. Its been stuck for the last few days, not sure if its a glitch. Hope it irons out soon..

I can't get into the game anymore. It says jam city, then Disney and then loading, but then, freezes at loading. shell steffi us an hc en oc sbb hc us af td fx fx fx hc hc ix ix fw hw hc ix o o k hc hc fw fw rss sdfch oc oc ix oh fx ix ix upgrade podium. I Love Elsa I Love her and when I saw this game I want to instead it so This game if you didn't install it I want you to install it this game like candy crash but more amazing you should install it I Love this game . The game is an interesting one with characters of the movie frozen itself the only problem is the internet connection in which i was not able to move to the next level and unlock the treasure chest.

This Game is so worth the play. Very entertaining and the graphics are beautiful and amazing. There is always something to do. Definitely an awesome match 3 finally with a great difference and it was well thought through.. I'm an old school beta tester and I've had this game on many phones just like Frozen since it came out and so far still a great game. I hate this because it was Elsa! I know everyone is afriad of Elsa because she create winter!! More snow on the way in May/June in Toronto ON.

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