Pet Frenzy APK Mod 1.1.4 (Free Shopping)

Last update February 12, 2024

NamePet Frenzy
Size29.33 Mb

A colorful puzzle game for androids with classic match-3 gameplay. Pet Frenzy is a toy for androids, a classic match-3 puzzle where you will need to collect the same elements in groups of three in a row to earn points and complete levels.

In this game, pets are the elements. Pet Frenzy, the gameplay in the game is simple with classical mechanics. The game uses the “three in a row” mechanics. Throughout the level, you will need to collect elements into groups, thus creating chains of three or more parts. Please note that the details must be the same. You will receive points and bring the level passage closer by assembling such a row. You must go through more than 300 levels, each with its characteristics.

At the levels and unique animals, different designs, and exciting bonuses. The more elements in a row, the higher the chance of getting some bonus item that will help you in passing. For example, it can be a bomb that destroys elements of a particular color. With each new level, the difficulty will gradually increase. The game is controlled by swiping across the screen. The game can connect a Facebook account.

Pet Frenzy MOD

For sure I have been playing this game for one year but it is very good I am really loving . I would even give it 10 stars if it was possible. Thank u developers.. One of the best game I have ever played, Please Include Additional Lives. I will keep playing this game even cross platform.. When transferred to a new phone my progress was lost. Lost almost 45,000 points and over 600 diamonds. Now back to level 116 when I was on level 226. I'm just going to delete it and start over.. This game is so amazing, awesome. When I am playing it, I feel better because of it's background music. It require critical thinking. I can not stop playing. But many ads when data is on.. Well the game is good however some levels are unrealistically difficult,,,since the moves themselves won't let you pass the level,,, but anyway you have my four stars keep it up developers,,we also need newer versions as well thank you.

Pet Frenzy APK

I have played this game for a long time. Always loved it. But lately all of a sudden it's been resetting itself or something. Yesterday I was on level 396. I had 96 diamonds left out of a recent purchase and around 90,000 coins. Today when I went to play, everything was at 0 and it was on level 1!!! Very dissatisfied. I've contacted them before about this issue. It's happened a few times and I still have not received a response nor do they fix the issue! So done with this game. I got a new phone and when I open this game it now flashes and I have to click on ad to get it to go away. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. That did not solve the problem.. Love playing. Very challenging! This is an edit to my 2021 review. I still love playing this game. The only problem I have (which is on me, not the game) is I have to limit my play time. I can't buy extra tokens, etc, because I'm disabled, being 70 yo. The great thing about this game is occasionally they reward me with free play time, don't have to worry about losing number of game plays. I've had several strokes & playing this helps me with problem solving. Thank you for a fun game. 5 stars!. I like this game.becouse its make me to feel good and to refresh my mind.and make my brain to think batter thing..

Pet Frenzy APK

I like this game coz it makes me busy nd makes me laugh especially when you are almost completing then one disappoints.. Best game ever It starts easy and boring but when the challenges gets though its interesting and trust me once you get used to it you would even spend the whole day Playing this game when you got nothing to do thanks play store. 'Pet frenzy' deserve .

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