NameHero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin
ReleaseArctic Wolf Studios

A fascinating puzzle for all those who like to think. Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin in this exciting puzzle game you will be able to save a large kingdom from the onslaught of orcs.

Here you can take control of a real hero savior. He must destroy any enemy in a variety of ways. Ultimately, our character will try to free the princess and find the most incredible treasures. That is why you will have to go on the most tempting adventure, face terrifying opponents and try to solve entertaining puzzles. Here you will find beautiful graphics, excellent music, unique effects, etc. Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin will provide you with many levels where you can train your brain well. Solve all the puzzles, experience an exciting adventure, and have many exciting features.

Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin MOD

Good game for brain training. Put-up with the adverts and keep your money. You won't receive your purchase nor will the developer answers any query. I'm speaking from experience. Google Play didn't help either.. I Paid for NO adds but I continue to see ads after every play. Furthermore, I try to contact the developer and the email bounced back as undeliverable. Either refund my money or fix the ad problem.. I will not play a game that starts off with an ad. 5 seconds to play level ANOTHER AD!!!! Ridiculas. Uninstalling.. There were ads litterally every 5 seconds, so I paid the 2.99 for no ads... BUT THERE WERE STILL ADS EVERY 5 SECONDS!!! Fu**ing bullsh**. No option for paid each game, runs out of steam 3/4 way thro and starts repeating. But it is so much fun wth no timer and easy puzzles.

Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin APK

It's a good game but I paid for no ads and there's still ads. If you can get rid of the ads like I wanted then I want my $4.79 back It's your choice. But fix it now please because if you don't the next review won't be so nice. Thanks for your time.. Game is tons of fun not that difficult I recommend it although it does get harder as you get deeper into the game . Finally, a game that is what all the other games pretend to be in their ads. I'm loving it and excited that there are sequels to the game too.. BS Levels based on luck after level 100. This is supposed to be logic based, not luck based. I've played a level, learned what works, and then when I replay it, doing what worked before, it doesn't work. There are too many stupid ways you can die. Level 436 is complete BS. At the very start of the level, you are caught off-guard by a bug approaching you and you have no time to scan the surroundings or kill it. There are 26 BS levels out of 500..

Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin APK

An ad before the first level, and ads after every level you play. Too much..... uninstalled because it spoils the game being bombarded constantly with unwanted ads. Add level add level adds are well over the top for every level there is an add so play 40 levels watch 40 adds. Easy puzzles that are relaxing. Only 2 stars though, because an ad video plays after every single level, and most of the time the video crashes without loading the ad, and I have to kill the app and reopen. After every single level. Edit: removed a star because the ads got even worse, they are constant and invasive.. If I could rate this zero, I would. Way too many ads. Open the app, ad. Start a level, ad. Open settings? Yep, you guessed it: ad. Pay for no ads? Doesn't work, you still get all the ads. I thought maybe the payment didn't go through, but the app says I already own the no ads add on..

Hero Rescue – Pin Puzzle – Pull the Pin APK

I couldn't even play the first level without seeing 12 ads! How am I supposed to play without getting to the level.. The game looks great, but I paid to remove ads and still am barraged with them. Please fix this issue. It's a fun little puzzle game, and I decided to pay to remove the ads, and now suddenly I'm getting ads again.. After 5mins of play - and by that I mean 10 secs to solve level watch 30 seconds of adds, solve another level watch more adds... ok put my phone on silent, put it to the side til adds finished - gave up and now installing. Couldn't get a flow going.. So uninstalled instead of paying for add free... Couldn't get a feel for the game..

I might have tolerated the constant barrage of mandatory ads if the game was fun, but it isn't. It took 36 levels to introduce one of the most basic rule of pin puzzles, and half an hour in I literally have not found a level that took more than 3 seconds of reflexion. Most puzzles take more efforts to fail than to beat, it is ridiculous. I was hoping the puzzles might get interesting later on, but my patience has limits. Especially when I spend more time watching ads than pulling pins.. Great the challenge in the higher levels..I went up to highest level..500 , unfortunately that's where it ends.. Okay game, just started playing, so all levels are EASY now...I WOULD.have given it 5 stars, but the 1st chance I had, I PAID to remove the Advertisements, but STILL have to watch a 20 to 30 second Ad after EACH LEVEL that I've cleared...otherwise so far it's a decent game. Just my. 02 Worth.. Fun thinking game. The only frustration I have is that there are "skins"you can purchase with points but absolutely no description of what point there is to get them. Some simple directions/explanations would be very helpful..

Very good relaxing game. The best or second best of the Hero rescue series! Good graphics with fairy-tale motifs. At least 500 more levels please! More harder levels and even more princesses. At least one princess in at least every third level. Or more princesses into one level. The technical problems were on three levels. At level 161, the elevator didn't work well, and the hero always fell pointlessly through the needle down into the spike pit. At level 385, the dynamite did not break the red wall, although the barrel touched the wall, until perhaps after the twentieth attempt it worked. At level 477, the hero stops in a stone-filled pit and stops moving, even though he has treasure within reach. Thanks a lot!. Great, ACTUAL pull the pin game, I tested up to level 70, great game & that is what will keep people playing. (So far easy levels). It is an terrible game. I spent 3 dollar to remove the ads, but still get them. The game often closes on its own. Dont download it!. Very fun, with lots of levels. I had been playing the other one but they were so slow putting out new levels. I like this one better..

The game was awesome and best pass time and some time addiction too. Made more interesting with different types of characters and the best animation.

Download ( V1.1.68 )

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