NameGiant Rush

The simpler the game, the more fame it can get; it depends solely on the presentation and graphics… Giant Rush – a relatively simple game; even a small child can understand its meaning. You have to control a little man running along an almost endless road. Ahead of him are many dangers and rather tricky places, and since his speed will constantly gradually increase, not everyone can pass this obstacle course.

Many tests are ahead of you, and each is significantly different from the previous one. Your victory depends solely on the speed of your reaction and the ability to quickly make decisions in unusual situations. Only by constant trial and error will you reach the desired finish, which this giant is trying so hard to achieve, constantly fearlessly embarking on this adventure from scratch …

Giant Rush MOD

imma give it four stars cause last time I rated a game two stars then they gave me an ad . What a terrible user experience. Adverts after every 30s. Levels are boring. You get constant adverts on the screen, while playing constricting the user. You also get another ad floating all the time. You constantly get ad for 'skins' Which are pointless. 'TAPNATION' are terrible developers which give mobile games bad names and should be stopped.. Momo I'm so ugly that I can't even be like you Momo so ugly every time when she tried to be like hey do you want to play with me everybody says hey. Mama's so ugly that every time when's it ugly I she says hey who stole my water bottle everybody says you never no how to removed yo mama.

Download ( V1.8.5 )

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