NameRescue Cut Rope Puzzle
ReleaseITI inc.

In Rescue Cut Rope Puzzle, this game project, you must save your hero by any means. The worst thing is that he is tied up and hangs above the ground. In this situation,n it isn’t easy to get ou,t, and something must be done urgently. You will have to use various methods to prevent him from dying. You will find many exciting locations you will have to go through. Heaps of dangerous enemies, terrible bears, and other difficulties await you in any of them. You must solve complex problems and choose the right way out of this situation. Pass exciting levels, move forward,d and get bonus points.

With only one finger, you can cut the rope, but from the beginning,g it is worth considering all the steps ahead. Any of the levels will be much more complete than the previous one, so moving on will be more difficult. Before you appear,r new enemies, objects,s and other items that prevent you from moving forward. You must have everything to save your hero, prevent him from dying and solve many essential tasks. A fascinating puzzle game that will be interesting to those who like to think carefully and solve serious problems.

Rescue Cut Rope Puzzle MOD

This game is great and entertaining at the same time. I love the style and the levels. Great game. Also there is little to no adds.. Very good for your hamper family members with the family and family members and all time and the family for you and family members you are a very nice person to get better than you and you et al and all the same to you and all the happiness for the day God bless u with good health wealth and blessings to my name is very nice to you e e e e to you and your family members of my friend and I u r a good friend of my life me and my love and you. Contains so much ads bekaar game hain ads khatam ho jaye toh accha hain, I request to do something for ads. Overall game is Very nice, but the only thing that is to remove is ads..... There are so many ads. After every 2-3 levels, ads begins. Therefore, I suggest the developer to less the ads or to remove it.. This is a fun and easy game and I got to level 150 in only 1 hour but you're probably asking that why I only gave 4 stars to this game ,it is because there are ads after every 1 level or in the middle of the level that is why I gave this game 4 stars.

Rescue Cut Rope Puzzle APK

I love the app but it did not let cut through straight a way. I would have to try and cut through it multiple times to get it to work I love how it doesn't have ads and in app purchases . this game is good but there are many add so I rate this game 4 start I liked this game because when i clear the level it becomes so hard , I like this game.. Every thing is nice And there is a hack for people who tell there is lot of ads it is off your data.

Download ( V2.1.25 )

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