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Can you pass level after level? It will not be difficult, but even enjoyable! Try to start the walkthrough! Hurry up to download Dig it! on android and build a real puzzle.

You can get this difficulty, but it is made specifically to make it much more interesting for you to start the passage. After a couple of minutes, you will not be able to reach the phone screen. Try to get out of this situation. Everything is simple here. Try to dig the right hole and try to push the ball into it. If everything is done with meaning, then you should win. Although the next levels will not be as fast. Hurry up to download Dig it! on android!

Here you need to start the best walkthrough. Previously, the main character did not know that he would dig holes. He liked to make them every day, and he also liked to take a lot of balls with him to play with. After a couple of minutes, he was already on the street and dug a new hole. Parents did not understand why they had so many holes in their yard. They even began to guard the dogs, because. they began to suspect that it was they who were beginning to spoil the lawn.

The boy got up again at the crack of dawn. He again went to dig the tubules, but his father saw everything. He did not realize that it was his son and took a shovel from the shed. When he ran up, the hole was already dug and he hit the dark shadow on the head. When he saw who he hit, he realized what he had just done. Hurry up to download Dig it! on android!

Download ( V1.2.20 )

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