Jurassic Battle
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So the time has come when the real dinosaurs are back. Jurassic Battle has tested your abilities in how to actually be such a giant reptile that will tear apart its victims.

It’s time to go hunting, become the coolest predator in the area, and earn more bonuses. The hunt has already begun so that each of us will be able to use a variety of abilities and devour any victim. Really hungry dinosaurs that took to the streets and are ready to devour anyone. Many frightened residents who will panic will scatter around. Potential victims are waiting for you, trembling with fear and ready to run without looking back. They have no chance to run away from you, so the adventure is just beginning.

It will be a real crazy battle, in which there are many important events, decisive tasks, and much more. You start the story with a little dinosaur who starts his life and adventure. Gradually, you can become bigger, faster, and more powerful, as well as face more powerful enemies. Survive in the most difficult conditions, solve your problems, move forward, and do something impossible. Jurassic Battle MOD

This game is pretty awful compared to other io games. The game lags, graphics are bad, all objects are both inanimate and transparent.. Super sluggish with poorly designed graphics. For a game using the same dev kit as many others in the same genre, is so bad at this point that this looks this way. No great improvements since my last test run of it, and it's been way way way too long to have not addressed the resource hog it is. It's overall a really good game I love that you can become such a big monster creature and the animation is great but there's one thing I don't like and that is that every time I get eaten it shows a black screen and it won't go away unless I close the game and open it again which takes away my progress and I don't like it because it makes it take sooooooooooo loooooooong to get a new skin for the raptor or t rex or whatever I want to unlock which really annoys me however other than that good. This game is bad cuz like when you die it blacks out and go back to the game and it's still blacked out you need to fix that.. 10 seconds after playing I can't move 1 sec before match ends I can move please fix if you fix it I will rate 5. Jurassic Battle APK

Lags horribly, players running through buildings, no mechanism to outrun players chasing you and the stvpid timer that runs out before anyone could eat anyone. Maybe try making something original instead of copying others.. Still don't know why everyone likes it because the one thing it not fixed is controls, I can't even move leaving me wide open to get eaten by the other dinosaur, do not download this game. Hi, this game is kinda nice I don't think there is real people only if you are connected but just that it lagging a bit on my phone and there are some bugs there but it is really nice, and someone said this is bad and save your date but don't they just don't understand how to do this and know how to get rid of it if it is a bug! or do not play it then! but lucky no adds come! and if this lags for you then don't play it but it kinda nice! and I like the dinosaur skins! keep up the great work!. I like how the dinosaurs are animated and there is different colours but I would give 5 stars if there is a mode where you can just live your life with no time limit. Jurassic Battle APK

This game is pretty good you should play it but I want you there's one single thing that you might not like it's single player game so if you're looking for a multiplying game this is not a multiple of game but you can still play it if you want. I was wishing that I could at least eat all the other players but it's more like a point collecting rather then a I. O I don't like point collecting games so this is not my type of game I'm going to uninstall it. Sadly like any other i.o game where you dont even play with real players, I won every single round I played. No challenge and ads constantly on your screen and after every single match. Not worth the download, save your data.. My favorite donosaur is an ankylosaurus why do you say it is for soo much meat!. Bexause then I have to battle 100 times. Jurassic Battle APK

Good game. Shoes ads between games (thats fair) but when I wanna play am ad to 3x my meat there's none avalable???. The first time I played this, things were going well. But in day two or three, all their is is a black screen. Like it doesn't even load to the game. Fix this. I love this game, i enjoyed spending my time in this game. Kill or be killed ! This game should add more dinosaurs and maps in the future update . It is a fun game!! Its a simple but funny way to distroy boredom as your too busy trying not to be killed and eating everthing to kill others. The dinosaurs are cool, each having different coloured skins, but would be better if you didn't have to buy the last skins of each dinosaur or the brachiosaurus. Overall, i will keep it for a loooooong as it is so fun!! Each location has a fun and unique feel to it, each has a hardet difficulty of finding things that you can eat. I love this game!!!!!!!!!.

So I don't see anything because is black in the bigining and is sad because the game seems very fun and interesting pls do something creators. Thanks but I will put a four for now.. I used to not be able to even load the game. But they listened and fixed it and now that I played it, it is great. So If you have a problem with it. Say it and it will probably get fixed. Thanks dev!!! One thing though I feel like you should make the herbivore dinosaurs stomp on the other player and the other living creatures, but have them still eat the trees and DEVOUR the buildings!!!. This game is really fun but only has 4 locations and 2 of them are horrible.the pirate is the worse. Developers need to really add way more locations to play in. The game gets old quick because of the lack of locations . After you play the same places 10 times it gets old and boring.ADD NEW PLACES TO PLAY !!!!!!! THEN ILL CHANGE MY RATING ....THX. It's the best!!! .io game I ever played why i like this game is for two reasons 1 I like how dino skins look 2 I love dinos.

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