NameLost in Night
Size39.76 Mb
ReleaseRumbic Studio

Addictive puzzle game with exciting gameplay and multiple modes. This game is a match-3 puzzle explicitly designed for Android devices. If you like such games, then download Lost in Night. However, it is worth noting that this game differs from similar projects. In similar projects, there is only one mode, where you must make chains of three or more elements, and the elements must be the same. There are several modes, and each has its characteristics. You will get acquainted with each of the methods in the learning process, where you will also be told about the nuances of control.

In principle, there is nothing complicated since most levels use the “three in a row” mechanics. You must clear the playing field from the elements at each level, making chains of three or more things. Of course, all parts must be the same. Each such chain will bring you points. To pass the level for three stars, you must complete the minimum number of actions and, of course, all the conditions. During the game, you will often fall bonuses that significantly speed up the gameplay. Use them. As in similar projects, management is tied to the usual swipes and clicks.

Lost in Night MOD

I love this game. I hate games that force adds at you all the time. I've never watched a single add with this game. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. If you just want to play a match game and not be bothered, THIS IS THAT GAME!. Have a issue wont play keeps kicking me out , then tells me game is not compatible?. My tablet is a Samsung S6 10.4 lite 4gb of ram 64gb of space. Why wont it play. Far to small to continue...would have been a fab game if it was larger or an option to inlarge so uninstalling. Why is it that after you play the first few games that you have to pay to go any further back years ago when I played it I didn't have to pay for it at all please answer me back please thank you. REALLY LOVE RELAXED MODE HOWEVER, the game pieces are soo tiny on my cellphone! The game Mundus has the RIGHT size Any chance of having"relaxed mode" in Mundus?.

Lost in Night APK

I can't get the buildings, everytime I tap on the buy building it cuts me out I love this game as I have it on my laptop, please could you fix this problem. The gaming field is incredibly small. Not much use unless you are very short sighted and can easily see tiny things. People have been saying this since 2017, so a classic example of developers not listening to potential customers.. I just LOVE this game! Its a bit older but fun without the discouraging stunts, reqs and levels. Just more of Match3 stuff you enjoy.. Board to tiny need to make it bigger. I had this on my computer but it shuts down randomly so I got it here. But no thank you to free trial.

Lost in Night APK

I love these types of games. Please continue to come up with future games like this. I like to see whole villages get built. Kudos to whoever developed this game. Looking forward to seeing more.. It's cute but I just couldn't get into it. The board is tiny and the powerups aren't explained. I Wasn't sure how many moves I had left. I had to pass on this one. Its a cute premise, however. Execution needs work. Game of this kind facinates only by graphics and animation otherwise it is boring to play more than 5 missions continuously. I think some twists and diff. Kind of missions must be added up........... Lost in night should be a free game because no where it says you have to pay for it ,, false advertising is an offense.

Lost in Night APK

The most fun I have had playing match-3 in years. I love the new grouping option, I love gradually building the whimsical, unpredictable town. I've checked out Rumbic's other games as well and love those too. Problem is that ordinary match-3 is such a bore now! More games, please!. Really? So tiny u can't see it! Great game on my PC but impossible to play on Android. Devs didn't kno this? Fix the problem so ppl can play it idiots!!!!. Love the game. But for older players with older eyes the objects are too small. They need to be larger. Have to uninstall.. The screen was sio small that you couldn't tell the difference in the symbols. The time ran out too fast.

Beautiful graphics. Didn't buy the full version, though, because the buttons and game board are very tiny. If there was a way to enlarge the game, I'd buy it.. Just as i was beginning to enjoy this game up pops ya gonna have pay to continue to play... fts! Sorry but ya teasing what sits! Make it completely n utterly FREE then i'll be back . I like to play it but it to small to see it needs to be bigger si that people can see it if u make it bigger I would play it all the time so please make it bigger thank u. Way too small! It would have been nice if you stated in the description that it was a free trial now I wasted data downloading it. Uninstalled it! .

Far far too small I really can't imagine what the developer was thinking! Yes the background is beautiful but there us no point in a beautiful background if you can't play the game.. Love the graphics ! Kinda Tim Burton-ish. The music is perfect. The controls swap pieces where you want them to go, unlike some other similar games! Definitely buying the game on payday! I want to see all of it!. Game board is WAY too small you can't see anything. Now I read it's only a trial BAD WAY TO GET PLAYERS.. Love this game but can you make the board bigger please. I feel like I need a magnifying glass to play it. Please. Don't want to delete it..

No where did it say that it was a free trial of a few levels. I wouldn't of bothered to install it. I don't like sneaky company's. I will make sure I don't have any games by Rumbic and if i do i will uninstall them. I will not install another game by you.. The board is too small and u lied say its free am gonna delete it after a while u ve to pay d for it . HATE the fact it's only a trial. I was having a lot of fun playing, but then the trial ran out. I am very disappointed it wasn't a full game.. Didn't know it was a free trial. I really loved the game. The board is small but I can work with that. Im upset because no where did it say it was a free trial. Maybe if it said free trial upfront then u pay and if price was $1.99 then i might of bought it. It definitely would be worth it..

I was really enjoying your game until I had buy it to keep playing. If you want to have people pay for it say so first. It is really upsetting.. Can only go so far before you have to buy full version. Did not realize that or would never have installed it.. Add another to the too small to play list, looks like a good match 3 but can't see the board well enough.. Love the graphics, and game, but, being so small makes it hard to play..Hope you could make the game bigger for smartphones one day..Thanks.

It,s a beautiful game .Interesting and unusual. But you should make bigger in size playing field and figures. They are nicely made but too small.. Love the gamd but graphic is kinda to small. Wondering if you can make it alil bigger. No worries not unstalling.. MUSIC IS RELAXING ENJOY CONCEPT OF SMALLER PIECES...YET BEAUTIFUL AND CREATES A WANT IN PLAY ON FURTHER. THANKS GOOOGLE GUYS.AND GALS.. Graphics are way to small to play on any smartphone. I would have given 5 stars had I been able to see the game. Please fix it and I will gladly download again and enjoy playing.

The graphics are beautifully colored but so very tiny and you have to figure out the use of the tools, but no ads. I like this game very much. I only gave four stars because the game board is so so small. Your eyes get strained after only a short while. Beautiful graphics only tiny.. Love ur games . But there only a small amount of boards before you get a notification to buy the game to play it again . And you could do with making more boards . And making them BIGGER TO SEE THEM BETTER . WOULD HAVE BEEN 5 STARS OTHERWISE.. I would rate this game higher if the graphics were bigger. They are tiny on a phone screen. Otherwise it's a great game..

It seems like it could be a nice game, but why the very small tiles when you still have all that space?. It need a make clear it's only a trial and that you have buy it to play the whole game. I must say I love this game however it's way to small plz consider making it a Lil bigger thanks. Love it love love it, I have all of the Rumbic in this series on all of my tablets. It still stands to reason, I just continue to love all of Rumbic games, so far. A.

It would have been nice to know that I was downloading a trail version, I would both have downloaded the game. . Started the game it was quite good and then they were asking for money to play the rest so I stopped playing why did they not say at the start that you had to pay.

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