Lemmings APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 7.16

Last update February 17, 2024


The most exciting toy about lemmings. Download Lemmings for android, they are now back and turned out to be much better than they were before.

A unique puzzle game of its kind that came to us in the nineties. A truly epic adventure awaits you, where there are many secrets and a wide variety of jokes that will take place in this universe.

In this space, you have to save the coolest lemmings, and go through numerous levels. You will meet a large number of dangers, terrible traps, and everything else that can stop you. Let the lemmings constantly work and turn this world into something incredible. This is where they can have fun and relax.

The controls here are very simple, so with just one finger, you can do anything you want. A huge number of levels, the most incredible puzzles, and a lot of dangers.

You have to spend exciting journeys, equip the planets and do everything to make the lemmings happy. Choose a certain tribe of lemmings with which you will move forward confidently. Take part in competitions with other players to win the most valuable prizes.

Lemmings MOD

My VIP is still not working despite raising the issues several times, no-one has resolved it. I've played this game for years. Very disappointing.. Ive been a lemmings fan since the sega game back in the 90s. I like the simplified app version as well. **Edit** the blocking action does not always work. Makes levels impossible to pass.. Best addiction ever! I cant beleive people even gave a low score. I have been playing for a long time. Never had any issues except saving coins for the other special eggs for challenge levels. Its great cause you have regular challenges and special challenges. Always something to motivate you!. Have been playing lemming since it first came out on pc(floppy disc lol). Happy to have found it in play store. Bc he you're iffy if he Joel bc go of do lb go let's is GF reduction of recording if Travis on oh ok it's the ext this if we know Ellen I and..

Lemmings APK

Great game except you pay good money to be VIP and they make it impossible for anyone who works to get their reward rocket with 30 levels and they make getting the old lemmings almost impossible with turning them into "mayhem" levels on top of already being hard levels.. Not true to it's roots. I grew up playing lemmings on dos box and it was at least challenging. This one is so dumbed and watered down it's just sad. Maybe a 5 year old would have fun.. The classic PC game was hours of addictive fun. This POS is abominable. An ad between literally every level?? For another lame game?! $50 /yr, just to play it on an airplane? The devs betrayed the heart of this classic. Dante has some very powerful descriptions for where betrayers end up.. Love this game. Have played for years. Periodically it has had some glitches. But the developer responds and keeps the players aware that they are working on it. Ultimately it's a fun game, doesn't require money if you don't want to spend it. Doesn't require hours of time. But a fun game you can pick up and play a while..

Lemmings APK

Had an issue with migrating from one phone to another. I contacted support, and they fixed it. It took them a while, and they weren't great at responding, but I'm back to where I was! Thank you.. Update: I got a new phone and it is starting at the beginning...Fun but frustrating. Occasionally glitches and lemmings fall through the stairs where they touch the wall. AND they need to fix how you select Resurrect- the select button is exactly where you are often clicking to put in an instruction so it just selects Resurrect without you ever seeing the choice (essentially stealing it from you). They need to add a confirmation for that, or at least move it to a lesser used spot on the screen!!. Just edited my review from 5 stars. The game is challenging, and really fun. Unfortunately they now have a super long ad at the end of every level. Uninstalling.. Money grabbing! Great gameplay but in no time at all you can't progress any further unless you subscribe or upgrade! 10 PCM or 44PA?! I don't think so! Now uninstalling the game & just wished the greedy producers gave you the option to pay a nominal, one off fee to purchase the game instead!.

Lemmings APK

Loaded 1 time, and never loaded again on my phone. I remember playing this game years ago on an Atari PC (they actually made at least 3 different versions of an Atari PC), and it honestly loaded faster, ran faster, and was much cheaper. All of that was in the 1980's when this game was an original idea. I thought Sony would be better than this.. Shameless skinner box cash grab. More frustrating than fun. Not because it's difficult, because it isnt, but because it's blatantly obvious this game was designed to extract as much of your hard earned money from you as possible instead of being fun. I'll put up with some ads for a free game, but they are so in your face to spend money it's insulting. Installed for nostalgia, still installed to keep this review up.. It's a decent game that's ruined by its pay-to-play structure. You can play for maybe 15 minutes before you're out of "energy." At almost $50/year for VIP play, it's just not worth it. The other option is to watch an excessive amount of far-too-long ads which sometimes glitch and make you rewatch them to get your "reward" of continued play. They also track and sell a ton of your data. No thanks.. To much resources to download I got it first but download ever finished 1. It show download finished 100% But it start agan and again in 18.5 Time lose After that I lost interest in game.

Was very enthusiastic to play on old fav... To bad the excessive money grubing pay to play bs keeps you from progressing in the least with the whole tribes thing. Main game is ok. The startup was a little confusing. The animations and sound are cute. The game has an unfair element in the way it's designed, as you need to subscribe to premium for some items and pay for others. Don't get me wrong, I dont mind paying for the odd thing, especially since one purchase removed the main ads. Many challenge mayhem levels are impossible! I miss the old classic lemmings game, and they should bring that back, as my investigation has shown it could be as popular as it was in the 90s.. Love the game but EVERY ad this last week or so is Mistplay. I don't mind ads, when they are varied but being bombarded with the same ad over and over tends to get boring very quickly. Every other ad seems to run for 20-30 seconds. These ones run the ad, then, you have another 15 second round down, then, a delay before you can close the ad. I'm losing my love for the game. I got this game because I loved the old Lemmings games on PC and SNES. Sadly, this app has more in common with a slot machine than it does with those games. The puzzles are repetitive, uninteresting and mind-numbingly easy. They feel like pointless interludes to the main focus of the game, which is the baffling array of collectibles, awards, loot boxes, currencies, "missions" and other flashy distractions, presumably to encourage microtransactions. I saw Sony Entertainment and expected better..

I am downgrading my review as I appreciate games get revenue from ads but I am sick of watching an ad "Wordscape" to have it end & take me to the Google play store site automatically, then after cancelling that to return to the game I have to wait another 30 secs for the ad to run again before waiting a further 15 secs at the end of the ad to proceed/get my reward....Time is life & I feel like I should be asking you for money to pay this back to me. Game itself is pretty fun, although not everything works all the time. . But I'm more waiting for ads than actually playing, they even start the play store without me clicking anything (wordscape, looking at you!). And the number of trackers is simply appalling (Ironsource, applovin, tapjoy,....). This game used to be awesome but now with the latest update it plays ads after *every* *single* *level* which totally interrupts the gameplay. I like to listen to music or podcasts while playing lemmings but now the ads interrupt this and it's incredibly frustrating. Don't Bother Playing, you'll just get annoyed after 3-4 levels and 3-4 ads interrupting your progress and enjoyment. I like the game, however it is really ridiculous that you can't have more than full health. That wouldn't be a problem except for when you pay for some type of boost that comes with health and it can't go over the max so then you just wasted your money like I just did right now. Also you can watch ads for boosts that do the same or give you the same lemmings on repeat. Basically these jerks get their money and we get nothing. I can't give 5* to a game that just ripped me off. Do better..

I used to love this game, but now, when I open the game, it takes for ever to open as I wait for a percentage to reach 100%. Sad to change my review after so long, but too much has changed for the worst. First, $6/week up to $49 per year for vip is insane. Most apps you pay for once to unlock special things and ad free. I would pay 6 to 10 dollars for this as a one time fee and I've never paid for any other apps. I've been playing for over 5 years every day. I stop for 2 months, come back, and suddenly they have 2x ads and I can only unlock 4 characters each season unless I pay for vip? I'd go on if I had more space.. Very fun if you like linear progression. Can be challenging at times. Overall a phenomenal way to kill some time. I bought a year almost immediately.. Lemmings always does it for me I'm not a gaming man myself but I can Play this & it's fun challenging & worth your brain Power , strategy method & what works best for the little Fragile Lemmings people .. save them at all costs ( think for them ) claim your rewards..

Inappropriate and explicit ads even at 3+rating. I think you're doing this on purpose to force parents to subscribe. And you only get free energy when you're already on unlimited. So obviously rigged.. Great game, however disappointing that you have to wait hours for energy levels to replenish or pay for VIP rate. Needs a rethink to keep you wanting to play. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS "GAME" This is nothing more than a collosal money grab. It is loaded with ads and microtransactions. The in game currency can only be gotten by spending money to unlock the piggy bank. This is game is extremely predatory.. I'd play it till the finish but I have to buy energies later on to continue..this is why I'm deleting it off my phone.

An old game reborn into a nice relaxed mobile game. A good energy refilling rate so you don't have to feel forced to play. Playable completely free too. It appears after so many years they finally fixed a critical endless loop bug, a bug even I could fix in 5 mins by simply removing the completely unnecessary feature. If they fixed it sooner, this game would have been easily 5 stars.. EDIT - Had to factory reset my phone today. I've been playing for years, bought VIP last year. Have had 100% for more than 6 seasons with all tickets completed in a season. It's all gone. I know it syncs because I've changed phones more than once and it's set to sync. I am BEYOND furious. EDIT again! I can now pick it up on my old phone, but VIP is not active. What is going on here!!!. Did give 4 stars but now 1 as support never got back to me even tho I messaged them several times for help on loss of progress. New device and can't transfer progress. Very addictive game. Been waiting for the new maps for over a month now. Now playing same old maps so won't be spending any money till new maps.. UPDATE: Game has a lot of bugs, most of them makes you lose game even when you actually pay for unlimited resources. Lemmings can pass over blocking, can drop regardless of an umbrella in their drop etc. Uninstalled it! Way worse experience compared to PC version! Very few resources and very expensive, if you want to pay for it. Everything costs, lots of ads and very bad experience plus extremely difficult levels after season 50. Ticket levels are just plain stupid and some of them too hard!.

Extremely long adverts with no fast forward or skip option. Original music (cannon/can can/ green bottles etc) dumped so it doesn't feel like the real lemmings game. (Current music ok but is a more morbid feel ) can't be played for longer than 20 minutes or so as it runs out but reloads after about an hour or two. Other than that is a fun game and works ok.. Game was a really fun nostalgic throwback, until I started coming across levels with no way around an obstacle. Most of the levels up until this point you could always find a safe way around all obstaclez(even if it took a lot of energy) so they could all get home safely. This latest set of levels though has unbreakable blocks above and below and traps with no way around except to expend energy for blockers and time the gauntlet. Obviously a cash grab for purchasing "powerups". Not worth my time. I really like this app version of lemmings and it's so easy to use on my phone, buuuut one thing that really annoys me is when you get a duplicate lemming it gives you the option to watch an ad to re open an egg, and, most of the time it's the same lemming or another duplicate egg so I've given up watching adds to change eggs!. Do you want to spend A LOT of money to play a game go ahead! Another stunningly beautiful game, ruined by greed! Developers, just let us buy it ONCE and play as much as we like thanks..

The game is so fun if u want easy problem solving, could be a little more same as the old version of lemmings. It's a wonderful old time game the unfortunate thing is there's a lot of purchasing inside especially if you want to empty your piggy bank out that cost you 1.49,- other than that I grew up playing Lemmings. this very intense game gets your blood pumping, and your mind straining. very high stakes, extraordinary and inspiring game. saved my parents from stage 4 cancer and also stopped me from seeing if my wife and kids are real or cake. 10/10. I played this game both on the PC and the PlayStation and loved it. This version not very good. to hard of an interface for telling them what to do.

Like the old version, but with better graphics. It's just as fun as it was, and customer service is amazing. Every time I have an issue, they go above and beyond, unlike some of the other games who won't lift finger unless it's a technical issue, meanwhile it's probably a programming issue. Lemmimgs Had a add free version where I could pay a once off amount for it. I then lost my phone had to re-install and the new updated version can only be add free for a monthly subscription. No thank you.. I would give five stars Because its an awesome game jus like the Nintendo Love the little guys really neat set up I know they all need money some how but its hungry your energy is used for your tools which is the worst part especially with the bubble levels wich are really cool the ticket challenges are a little rediculs especially because of the energy stuff All n All Its ol school Coo,. Repetitive. Paid for gold member still get pushed to buy more via silly animations for piggy bank and repeat eggs. Boring.

Fun!! Addictive!! But there's a big problem. I get Lemmings that I get to keep when I open eggs. (Yay!) Why then does the gold received from a duplicate Lemming go into the piggy bank that I then have to pay (with real money) for instead of my gold balance. I should get that gold. This is a theft. 1 star. I just found out why this game is called lemmings so I immediately downloaded it and gave it five stars cuz that's just a genius name. I wish the game begins with season 1's eggs and levels. Seems almost impossible to catch up in that if you only started playing the game now. Would be fun to play a few levels online against others. What is the benefit of doubling lemmings.? Why can't you double your lemmings when using with a valuable lemming? What about banking your energy won?. The game itself is fun, although occasional glitches where lemmings fall through gaps that aren't there. The duplicate eggs are frustrating though, and the price of the chargeable items is ridiculous. If they weren't so expensive I would probably have considered spending money on it..

Is this app ran by a wonky Ai, you owe me around 3000 coins, on "spin the wheel" (when I get 300 free coins) , quite often I don't receive them? Please sort it out!!! Excellent game by the way Update wish, I am now not getting any 300 coins now ,on spin the wheel,(now for at least 2 months), it can't be that hard to fix???? So my wish is please please fix it in 2024 . This is one of my all-time favorite games, my only issues is the insane amount of ads you have to watch to get items of value - I understand that's how they make money, and I'm willing to watch the ads, but it's impossible to get tickets to play the season levels and that's basically the main reason I play. The odds of getting tickets seem to get lower for every ad you watch the closer you get to season end, which basically forces you into pay for the refill. Over $4 for 5 tickets is crazy.. Add a restart level button maybe idk I just hate when the lemmings die and when one does I want to restart the level. The level starts instantly. Addicting game. However with every other update there's a new bug. This time a lemming can die when simply walking across a bubble maker. Not picked up and dropped, just walking across. I lost 4 lemmings in a single run of world 345-53 alone..

Good game but can only play about 2 levels at a time due to the number of lives and any retries. It would be a good idea if players could keep the amount of moves if the level had been passed successfully.. This game is so fun, only problem I have is not always having enough time to figure out what you need to put in place to keep to many lemmings from dying, simple solution, take a screen shot and pause it.. Been playing for a few years, fully paid up premium membership. For past 2 weeks it just hangs on the loading screen at 100% but never loads. Submitted a support request 10 days ago and no response. Very disappointed!. Great game, shame about the long adverts between each go. They often bug or bump me out to google play I often have to quit the game and restart..

Having a major issue with level 47 red colony. My lemming will not stop. It keeps walking through my stop tile and there is no other way to complete the level. This was originally a 5 star review. Just as I remembered it. This game is a classic, lots of great memories. The music and sound effects is what makes it for me. Whenever I am playing, my daughter asks why I am smiling all the time. I just love how fearless these Lemmings are! The puzzles are also challenging. There are many ways to solve the same map. I just love it. Great job! Keep up the good work!. Great game, very addictive. Noticing glitching lately, increasingly so. Odd lemming will drop straight through steps, or put thecell there to build steps and it doesn't build, it walks straight off. Really frustrating. I downloaded this app because I used to love the PSP game. It's really fun to enjoy a few levels and then leave it for a day. If you want a game that you can invest hours per day in, this isn't the game, as it eventually starts requiring money to continue playing. However, if you play a few levels per day, you can play for free and really enjoy it. Very satisfying to solve each puzzle level..

Cheats players out of points. When it freezes you lose points that should have been refunded at the end of a level. When you pass a level, the extra points (which normally rollover) don't get counted. Sick of losing points and repeating levels that were passed.. Fun game but prices for energy and VIP are way over priced for what you actually get. Ten dollars to empty a bank of coins that you've earned is way too much. My other issue is with the tournaments which are not all real people, as soon as you click to start the 1 position has 500 points, immediately within actual seconds, which is impossible if the highest points given is 100 per round. The game just expects you to pay extra just to keep up with an artificial score.. Wonderful game very addictive. Support was most efficient and prompt to sort out error. Many thanks really love this game. Please give option to watch videos for more energy please. A great game! Lots of fun. Although I wish they would update the levels more frequently to give us more levels faster. Also, they could give us some more interesting tools to move around inside the individual levels. Perhaps like being able to throw a grenade or to freeze or slow down the spikes or to jump away from spikes something like that..

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