NameGems of War
Release505 Games Srl

The best game project in the style of crazy puzzles. Download Gems of War for android, an interesting role-playing strategy that plays the role of three in a row.

You can find yourself in a world of interesting adventures, pick up a cool hero and fight the strongest opponents from around the world. Gradually, you can open new territories, states, and kingdoms. It is here that you can pick up a large number of troops in your army, break away to the fullest and collect crazy combos. It’s time to join the crazy battles, make your longest adventure, and decide what will make you a real legend.

An excellent puzzle game in which you can arrange stones in a row and make unique combinations. Pick up an excellent brigade of heroes, and there are more than 300 types of soldiers and unique spells, and this is what can bring you a crazy victory in the future.

Play crazy mini-games, challenge yourself with different game modes, and get cool bonuses. Try to explore incredible spaces, discover new worlds, and complete 350 cool tasks. It is worth taking part in the main confrontations of the week, completing numerous tasks, and getting cool bonuses.

Gems of War MOD

I started playing this game 5 or so years ago. They've made so many changes and I don't like them all. So it's not as fun anymore.. Amazing game! The blend of match-3 and RPG is incredibly fun, and controlling four units against four enemies adds to the excitement. I love that there are various troops to choose from, each with unique classes, weapons, and banners, making every gameplay session unique. Loads of events to keep me coming back for more, and the best part is this game is definitely worth your time and attention. Highly recommend!. Well I already have an account on my Xbox, but it won't link outside of the Xbox. So I had to make an new account. So I had to start from scratch. Also for my playstation account it will not link. The game is fun otherwise I wouldn't have more then one account.. Good reason to read game is fun long battles with gems Goes along with the other games I play but just over looked it. One of Google s better games have to to look into it to see the graphics.. Still stupidly in favour of the AI. PvP I'm not being funny but players who are literally 1 or 2 levels above me have 4 max lvl mythics? You must be takin the Mick seriously. This game gets more and more p2w as you play unlike the old days where it was a little more balanced than this. On top of that? It freezes after every go you take then comes back normal. I play other games with much more memory than this and I have no issues with them, especially world of tanks that runs smoother than this.

Gems of War APK

The game is very addictive. One of the best free games on the net. I play the PS4 version as well. I wish that they had adventure keys in the PS4.. the games balance is pretty wild. the A.I gets multi turns often. even as soon as the 3rd level you can get completly shut down by the enemy getting 3 or 4 extra turns in a row, each set of blocks favors opponents and your stuck looking for a match 3, while giving oppenent countless perfect setups. games a scam and they try to throw the store at you to fix the unbalanced broken system they have in play 10 out of 10 dont recommend.. The game is really good but the treasure map mini game is really bad and buggy a little bit and needs to be updated. Amazing game I'm game tester there are one little problem that is taking some time more time all ok and great experience easy and fun.

Gems of War APK

Stupid pay to win game even if you put in years of game play you can't win if you don't pay and everything is $20 up to $100 money hungry game designer. A really great game to play, but the company's change to a money grab is disturbing. The campaign feature which was recently changed has become too much of a grind if you want to complete the gold star tasks, which are mainly pvp related tasks now, which help to do nothing to improve your troops. And, the cost to completely skip the task (which by the way is roughly 20$US) is an outright money grab. This one rule comes to mind: "If you have to pay to winor get ahead, you should just walk away". I used to play this game years ago. It was fun and you can get high quality troops without spending actual money. But it became a pay to win game that it can suck money from us customers.. Very Fun. There is no need to spend money if you don't have time. I would like to pay for better cards. A powerful deck. Nice game. Okay.....

Gems of War APK

After having payed to Call of Antia for several months, I can't put another note that 5 stars. The game is huge and the are very few ads and very few incentive to buy in contrary to CoA. I begin to play since 4 days and I discover little by little this huge game. There a lot of things I don't understand for the moment.. I've played this game for more than five years, it was awesome. Not any more, forcing people to play modes in which they hate is not progress. Taking daily tasks to the point that it takes over an hour is not progress. Player vrs player sucks, the guilds have gotten so strong there is little game left otherwise. At least there is no money and energy crystals required.. The best match three game yet. Even better than Puzzle Quest 3. Only thing keeping it from full stars is that it cant be played when you dont have a good wifi connection. I like PQ3 but it has a timed element to the matching that is hard to do on a touch screen. This game is still purely turn based.. The art combined with a good storyline makes this match-3 perfectly entertaining for all ages. I like how you get all-time first play on every match but it wouldn't be bad if the computer went first sometimes (no biggie). The different characters abilities makes up for no-special piece made from 4 or more matching. Overall? Can't complain about another match-3 that looks good. Oh yeah. The music is epicly inspiring and dope ( that means awesome).

I started noticing recently that the gem generation of the game is very much rigged. I don't know if this is the Dev's way of making things "interesting", but it is definitely taking the fun away from the game. Imagine starting out the game and the gems that you need is not on the board. I mean a whole board with no or zero green gem, is that even possible? Casting a card's ability that used to give you another turn would definitely hand over lots of 4 or 5 matches to the enemy esp in pvp.. I'm not a fan of the slow grind that this (and let's face it, most mobile games) game has. It'd be a great game if it didn't rely so much on RNG and lucky draws. The game is too slow and the progression, even starting off, feels like a crawl.. Great match 3 rpg hybrid game without nonsense stamina/energy system. You can play as much as you want. The in-game store also one of the most fairer. Great content and a lot of things to do.. At this point I've beat 3 kingdoms and the enemy troops are 14lvls above my own. Upgrade materials don't drop at a high enough rate. Rating will not change til that does. 3 campaigns in I should not be 13 lvls lower than the enemies and that's my strongest..

I first started playing in 2016,sense then I've only missed playing for 7months in all of this time. I love this game !! Thanks for coming up with this great game. Jim, PHX az.. Love the game there is so many stuff it keeps me on this game for a while, could do with more help and where you can play against friends from you Facebook contact. All together a good game so far not spent a penny on the game as it does get frustrating at time.. The game is fine but the bug reporting is absolute garbage so get 2 stars until it's fixed. Fixed would entail switching to an actual browser instead of a WebView or at least allowing portrait mode. Typing anything in landscape mode is insane.. If you're not willing to spend money you are gonna have a bad time. Whale hard and you shall succeed.

Game is very good, much fun to be had... but there is no exit game button from the mobile app!. game definitely a pay to win game. outmatched AI opponents. the only way to get even is buying gems an ecsetra to even lvl's. not as console game wereas the player has advantages.denies rite to use my premade team for all 'lands'/ battles.. I have always loved this game! I'm so glad I found it again & I'm excited to see all of the new things added since I last played years ago!. It's a pretty fun game it can get repetitive but the upgrading your team and getting new troops is pretty fun.

Been playing this game for years. There are occasionally minor bugs but most get fixed quickly (except for constantly having to register for guild wars). The developers have jumped the shark every so often, introducing a special gem that breaks the game when used. But those are only around during certain events. I do wish there was a direct message system for reminding guild members of contribution requirements. I don't think most players know there is an in game chat system.. The trial challenge s are so ridiculous . every time it takes to much time to complete a single trial challenge battle. I'm a level +/- 1350 player. I own almost 1300 troops and hundreds of weapons and yet, I can honestly say that the game is incredibly boring because it lacks diversity. Why? Because there are 40 or so very unbalananced troops and weapons that dominate every match. You also need but one class. The developers don't balance. Instead, they add more overpowered stuff. Save your time. Skip this one.. Hey any chance you guys can speed up the auto battery in explore mode? Other than that love this game..

It is a nice game as a game tester it deals with how you think and how smart you are. Love this game, I've played it once in 2018 or 2019 one of those and I fell in love with the game. I just recently started over with a fresh account since 2019 and it still brings back nostalgia. The developers of this game work very hard on this game and I appreciate they're work. <3. Sorry . It's was my mistake to give 2 star.. I rate to 5 star cuz the game running great and spending wonderful time..I don't know I was must link my game to email so I can play campaign .. This game is awesome I love the combat and the way that the abilities work is fantastic if I could play anygame for the rest of my life it would either be Fortnite or this.

Ever since the latest update, I dont enjoy this game. The update of the trial section is no longer fun. I use to do them to power up different classes. Now, not only can't you choose the troops, you can't even get class xp as you can't add a class. Also, sometimes there is too much going on at once. Over the weekend, there can be three or four things going on at the same time. I have a life outside of this, and don't want to let my guild down, so there are some things I won't do.. Stop sending me to rate you! All these other players might have the funds to help them out, but I don't I'm getting tired of buy this or this. Then I'll get frustrated and delete the game and play something else.. Got banned for making fun of the greedy fat ppl who play this game... Was totally worth it tho! So for that I recommend.. but def don't pay any $ that they spam ask for constantly.. The other view of games in the future are fancy., Cool names for the figured card' of the year it's dangerous change of design. The front future baby b, came Abercrombie haven for all school house pictures..

I've played this game for a while now and while at its core Gems of War is a really fun game, but it's always one step forward and two steps back with these devs. They'll implement a really nice change along with some really bad ones that leaves you wondering if they even understand their own game. They never communicate with the community and keep incredibly unpopular changes with no feedback. It's very frustrating if you plan to play long term. If you try this game DON'T pay for anything.. This used to be an immersive and fun game to play. Even with no or minimal money spent it could be played for hours with a good design and lots of avenues to choose from. Lately, it's been ruined by very poor changes to the game. Dungeons were made arbitrary and difficult in order to chase dragon gems. Once enough gems are collected, duplicates are abound with no way to collect all the unique dragons without chasing or buying more dragon gems. Most lately, epic challenges are RIDICULOUS.. The original Gems of War was a fun game, but with each change it has become less and less enjoyable. Now I login only to contribute to the guild for old time's sake.. The new trials system is one of the most baffling changes I've ever seen in a game. Either no one tested it or it was an intentionally user hostile move. In no way does it teach you to play, which is the stated purpose. You can't even buy your way past it with real money, so I'm genuinely confused as to what their thought process could be. This game is not marketed as deep strategy, so people are not going to be happy about spending an hour to maybe win an excruciatingly boring battle..

It's a great game -- fills a small niche. That said, the dev-direction is tone-deaf to players and the needs of the game. It's a shame, as I really love the concept, but the execution is flawed at best. It feels like the devs are trying to milk a diseased cow instead of taking it to the vet. For that reason, I'm quitting after this week's guild stuff is done. You might enjoy it, as I did for some months, but don't expect any great changes/fixes in the future.. Not a fan of trials. Don't want to waste my time trying to use a set team to take on the same enemy team over and over again it's frustrating and gets old quick. Just won't do them imo worst feature of the game next to arena. At least arena I can choose the troops to some extent.. I guess I should thank the devs for teaching me that it's best to never get too involved with a game. Absolutely hate the recent changes to kingdom trials. Absolutely hate them. Once a 5 star game, now a 1 star game because you have to give at least one star to review it. No Mas. No more. Adios devs.. The top of the top for match-3 puzzle games. If you put in the time, you can become a powerhouse without spending a dime. I just wish i could play my playstation account on my phone! I'm having to do the struggle twice now!.

Editing my review down from 2 stars to 1 after the new update. Definitely don't start playing this game if you aren't already, as they've made the early game a naked cash grab and it feels like the development team loves to deliberately antagonize the community.. I'm not sure what's up with the developers, but something is clearly wrong because the bugs, mistakes, and all of the horrible game mode changes. I hope things get better, but I think it's too late to save the game/community..

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