NameEscape Game Collection
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Excellent in every sense of the puzzle. Escape Game Collection to solve complicated tasks, find the correct solutions, and have a great time. You will have to somehow get into a strange house incredibly, solve many jobs, and find excellent medicine for your beloved cat. Your cat suddenly tripped and hit his paw, so he needs good treatment. Try to do everything correctly, show your logic and incredible ingenuity, as well as solve a large number of tasks.

The most interesting puzzles, many challenging adventures, and other exciting puzzles of this game project. You just need to carefully look through all the locations, find all possible clues, aandgo through numerous traps. All this gives the project a lot of interesting, new and exciting, which will constantly give you a lot of unforgettable emotions.

You will definitely like good graphics, the most incredible special effects, and many exciting moments. Experience a bunch of puzzles and solve everything that this project provides you. Pass all the traps and move confidently forward in your adventure.

Escape Game Collection MOD

Can't even complain. Challenging but simple if that's possible. Cute lil graphics and characters. Is the game done now? It's been a while for any new levels.. This app is literally amazing,the aesthetics,puzzles everything is amazing I never experienced any bugs or lags from this app,this deserves more attention it's amazing. This game is a nostalgia, i use to play this when I was 10 years old and I came across it, I downloaded it and I can remember every single fun I had when I played this as a kid thank you for being apart of my childhood. LITTERALY I HAVE AN ADDICTION IN THIS GAME. All the graphic, the cute, and aesthetic vibes just give everything the reason why I never delete this game. its so good i absolutely love this game. it doesnt give you ads every 5 seconds and only gives ads when you need a hint and at the end of the escape room you play. i encourage escape room players to play this if you have some time to waste..

Escape Game Collection APK

Oh my goodness - this is the cutest game! It's like a mini escape room! Lovely to play if you have a spare 30 minutes and like a puzzle. Not too difficult but still gets your brain working. I recommend it.. !! I Really like this game ^^ it's easy Sometime and hard Sometime the hint helping me ! ^^ I love this game so much plss continue the game but always remember your rest! ^^! , i think i want you to make bedtime time!. It's so cute. and easy to understand. even if you are a slow person. they also provide a YouTube tutorial. This app is by far my favourtie puzzle game, no mid ads, simple to solve, cute characters, amazing puzzle ideas and best part is that its completely free! I cant wait to try out new puzzles as the game updates.

Escape Game Collection APK

it is so much fun and it isn't one of those free but money hungry games which shows you ads every 5 seconds.. Absolutely LOVE this family friendly game that makes you think! I've had it on my phone for a while now, and it's a great positive way for my kids and I to pass the time. Love that it makes you think instead of just "killing brain cells" as you play. . I love this game so much! It's really really cute, and mostly easy to play. It has its difficult parts but once you get to know its mechanics, it's a little easier. The cons are that you need wifi to open the levels, so I usually open all of the levels beforehand, just to be able to play it offline. I also love the walkthroughs. Thanks, devs!. The most adorable and fun game I love everything about this game. It's cute and fun. Occasionally frustrating but you just watched a short ad or go to YouTube and look up the game play. This is one-hundred-percent the most perfect game. Thank you!!!.

Escape Game Collection APK

Creative game to play. The instructions in the game are clear, but sometimes, a lot of ads pop up while playing the game. The maps are often being updated, which makes the game more fun!. this game is so fun and challenging! although I do wish there was a way to sort them by difficulty.. A lot of love and effort went into this game. There is hours of content. The graphics are cute. No unoptional ads. Reasonable difficulty. However, there are a few big problems. 1. The answers you watch ads for usually aren't very understandable. Plus, you can't access them later, you have to watch another ad for it. 2. I always run into a problem on the puzzles where I can't move on. Example: On the picnic one, it won't let me put the battery in the flashlight. Dev, Please fix these problems.. One of my favorite escape games. Challenging without being overly difficult. Cute theme. Not too many ads and games are being added on a regular basis..

Love all the games. Maybe can switch up the mechanism of the game? Some of the puzzle mechanism/way to solve seem similar to other stories/rooms. The puzzle with the chickens is absolutely horrid. I think this level ("Fruit Punch") is the worst one you've made, and I have played them all and love them. The chicken puzzle made no sense whatsoever, though.. Es un excelente juego, la jugabilidad es simple, los grficos son bastante tiernos, la mayora de los acertijos son muy bien hechos y te hacen pensar, adems tienen pistas si te bloqueas en una parte y los mapas son variados. Muy buen juego. . Love this sweet and clever game. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are beautiful. The ads are not intrusive at all and there are so many levels to keep you entertained. One of the best mobile games I've ever played!.

I absolutely adore this game!! It looks like a child's game but it's so much fun. It's adorable and a little tricky sometimes. The only issue I have had is when I get stuck and even the hint doesn't make sense. .. that's super frustrating and it has happened several times. The graphics are adorable.. I rarely give feedbacks but this game really deserves it! It is simple but would really mess up with my brain. I reaoly enjoy it! It's really a fun game.. Love love love this game! No intrusive ads, cute graphics, fair hints. I just wish games were added more frequently cos I love solving them!. Very fun puzzle game! Not too hard not too easy. The good and simple art style makes seeing important items easily..

Super fun and adorable game with non-intrusive ads. You're work is incredible and I can tell you've put a lot of love and care into it. Definitely would recommend downloading!. I really love this game, enjoy it from day one I've played the game and still now I'm looking forward to play the new update.. bagus untuk menghabiskan waktu wkkwk. sometimes it takes time and kinda hard to solve the puzzles, but the hint and walkthrough is helpful tho keep up the good work and cute storyline!. Very good puzzle game a bit like rusty lake with a cute theme instead. The puzzles each have a story with a purpose are well thought out and flow nicely, and the graphics are nice. You can also take picrures of the scene to remember, for someone who struggles with that i think this is a brilliant feature, i have to take screenshots for other games like this. Oh and there is so many chapters there has been a lot of work put into this. If you get stuck there are walkthroughs..

Just the right level to make it challenging but not too hard. Not too many adverts. The characters are really cute too!. Very fun cutesy twist on escape games where instead of dramatic stuff you're just trying to grab your teacakes for your get together but you locked them behind 4 puzzle doors. Puzzles are pretty consistently good (logical, understandable, reasonably hard etc etc) and a in game temporary screenshot feature saves you from either building up a photoroll of scrots or requiring a notepad. Sometimes the hints will tell you to do something you already did but there's linked official video walkthroughs.. Best puzzle game I've downloaded EVER. No Ads (unless you need a clue, then only one), Challenging enough to make you have to think but not so hard you hate it. So many different stories with plenty more added free over time. You can redo any puzzle if you finish them all. Fun to do with someone beside you. Good for most any age. I can listen to audio while I play and even play offline. Once in a while I finish all the puzzles but just leave it installed and wait for more to be added. Worth it.. If you're someone who likes a challenge but not a really hard one, you'll love this game. The stop motion are amazing, the character are cute and constant. I played every game twice. But this game takes a lot of space so be prepared .

I have been extremely slow in coming to understand the nature of these puzzles. Many videos have been watched to garner clues, and then I usually kick myself. All the little animals are adorable. It's a completely different game and I just love it.. A really good game. The puzzles are good but some of them are quite tricky to understand. The levels have fun stories that are very enjoyable. Earlier levels had walkthroughs but not the recent ones. Waiting for more updated levels.. so fun full enjoying when I play this game this game make brain sharp I really love it is game (100/100). It's casual and adorable. I have gotten used to some of the patterns but there's still obstacles that makes me think hard and eventually getting help with hints lol. I love that it keeps getting new ones. This game will stay in my phone forever it seems because of the never ending additions.

very fun and gets you thinking, also the cute little characters are absolutely adorable. Defo recommend to people who enjoy puzzles . Mm ig I've been playing this game for a over a year or so trust me it's best game ull ever come by. Yea yea it doesn't have animations or maybe the puzzles don't make sense but that's wut makes this game unique and fun. Well the long and short of it is that this game is based on memory and u have to really observe your surroundings to get the answer. Phew that's a long one. This is a really good game! The only cink in the armour was sometimes the use of East Asian clues, to find answer . Even with that I learned a new thing and it was so fun. The later games are longer and makes you think and has a good ending which makes you feel happy. Also, love the way we can save photos. Great game!!. Lately it's been going black when my internet is out. Hope this is a bug and not an intentional way to force ads onto people (as so many apps do these days sadly). Other than that it's an absolutely lovely game!.

The game is really nice. It has cute and adorable artwork, great puzzle, and entertaining. Sometimes the puzzle is really confusing, but overall the game is awesome!. I dont really enjoy puzzle game but i love this one i like the style simple and cute and those sneaky little hidden puzzle. The whole Design/characters ,looks like a it's a kids game , but trust me the puzzles are really challenging,makes adults too to think it twice .. amazing game with solutions you won't be able to guess and have to actually link it with something other. great game. character design is cute.

I absolutely love this game. There are so many levels with super cute graphics. Some levels I found hard and needed hints, but overall very well designed. Was a little confused on what to do at first, but it's pretty straight forward. The game is also very cute and casual.. Hard at times but not to hard. One of the best puzzle games I've seen in a while. I'm just starting so we will see if the puzzles get any harder as I go along.. I absolutely love the game. There are so many escape puzzles in the same game and they are so cute! I love that there is no dialogue and use shapes and colours, meaning that everyone can play the game without any language barrier. The simplicity and entire gameplay is smooth without ads. The graphics are soft and gives a cute vibe. Been playing for years now, highly recommend!.

This is a very cute game. The puzzles are very intuitive and friendly. It requires good thought, and the games are adorable. The characters are also adorable. My only critique is that the puzzles are a bit long for my taste. But overall, I really do think it is well laid out. I recommend it to others, including my family. The ads are also not intrusive. It's a good game. . Played many puzzle games, but it was the most unique one. It compel one to think outside of the box. So far liking it.. I love this game! It really helped improve my observation and critical thinking skills. Also, the only time I have to watch ads, is if I need a hint to solve a puzzle. Best game I've played in a while.. Halloween 2 is another 5 star game, great puzzles with a tricky candle spot. Housekeeping is a great game, 5 stars as usual. Persimmon is another brilliant game, like all the others. Great puzzles and fun characters. Escape pyramid is another 5 star game..

There's quite a number of escape games offered in this app, all of which are pretty fun and relaxing. I LOVE that it has a photograph option so that I don't have to memorise things or repeatedly move between scenes to solve a puzzle. The hints are also well-done, allowing me to see a vague answer and if I choose, the full answer. I'm surprised this is free and all the ads are optional(there's one ad after completing but it's usually short). I highly recommend this. I really enjoy playing this game whenever im bored because the puzzles are really hard and medium sometimes but for me, I honestly like puzzles especially if the quality of the game is really good and enjoyable! No lag and everything, its really worth of the 5 stars for me to rate.. So fun! I LOVE playing this in my free time. I like the simple graphics. I honestly like that there's no music. the sfx alone helps make it more relaxing. The puzzles are all fun to solve too! Really recommend this game to anyone who has a lot of leisure time.. Incredible game! This was the best escape room game I played by far. The cute and simple concept, complicated puzzles; a chef's kiss. I really enjoyed this game..

I loved it and everything about it the artstyle is cute the puzzles are fun had such a great time playing. The overall gameplay is amazing. Sounds are cute, puzzle is not that hard. But, my problem is that there are almost no clues onto where goes where, which makes solving confusing.I had to guess if what I am doing was right or not and surprise myself that it is right. But other than that, the game's enjoyable and cute.. super awesome, you need a lot of creative thinking and a good memory.....the sense of satisfaction after finishing each puzzle or game is fantastic. highly recommend for the people who like brain games like Sudoku but get tired of the monotony. How ever when you get stuck it's frustrating, so be warned and good luck . Lovely game! Puzzles are thinkers without being impossible and, unlike many other escape / puzzle games, there's no peril or anything like that. Ads placement is completely non-disruptive to gameplay. I'd love to be able to remove ads with a donation and it would be great if that could be an option..

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