NameWho Is The Killer: Dark Room
Size50.35 Mb
ReleaseLong Jaunt

An exciting puzzle quest with engaging gameplay, beautiful design, and simple controls. Who Is The Killer: Dark Room is a mobile toy for Android devices, a continuation of a series of games of the same name based on classic English detective stories.

In the game, you will again have to look for the killer, finding him among a group of suspects. This is the fourth part in a row with a classic storyline and the same gameplay as in the previous parts of the series. But this time, the events will unfold on the territory of a psychiatric hospital, where a terrible murder took place before you will be a group of suspects, in which there is one killer. The problem is that you are closed with the group. The suspects are both staff and patients.

During the game, you can have dialogues with suspects, investigate a crime scene, examine the evidence, and so on. The killer must be found within a particular time. Every day, the natural killer will kill one of the suspects. You need to figure out the killer before he kills everyone, including you. Management in the game is standard. All actions are carried out with the help of ordinary clicks.

Who Is The Killer: Dark Room MOD

This is a fun mystery game, but there's no way to get enough cups of coffee to question enough people in order to solve the mystery before the end of the game. Unless you know the answer ahead of time you're pretty much guaranteed to lose. I like the word puzzles, though.. My review is the same as others: One each star for interesting story line, great graphics, and smart puzzles. Lesser 2 stars for the amount of waiting time and the price of coffee cups. Thanks! Looking forward to more of these.. It was richard. This game is lame. Cant even solve this without paying for coffee, hints, or to arrest someone....smh. poorly done. Do better...honestly what kind of game dev make you pay to finish a game?..effing stupid.. Am I just stupid or what? When I played this game I slowly started to notice who it could be. To arrest that person I had to talk about them with every character. BUT, some characters had a stop Icon in their profile with a bird or a mask. Even when there were two last persons left, I couldn't arrest my suspect because the other person "doesn't trust me enough to talk about it". I have to pay for it! I arrested the other one and didn't win. Also, I don't really like the waiting times.. It gets quite boring after some time. Also there is not a lot of progress. I made a purchase of 10 hints and didn't receive them..

Who Is The Killer: Dark Room APK

Great game actually very fun just wish wake it up then it takes so long but that's not really a problem. After playing for a bit I ran out of hints so thort I'd buy some, but even tho I paid I haven't got them yet. Waste of time AND MONEY.. Not sure about the game yet, they ask you to rate it to get free energy before you've even done anything..... Enjoyable game so far only fault is the game goes through energy too quick and not everyone has the funds to buy more.

Who Is The Killer: Dark Room APK

I was investigating the murder but it wouldn't let me get a certain thing at the very top, because I couldn't move the thing all the way to the top or bottom. I liked it for a while, but I couldn't really complete it.. I love this game so much!!! It is so fun and exciting. Since I'm an mystery games person this game suit me so much. If you love mystery games I recommend this game for you. Didnt work. On the first level on the moon substitute it wouldnt let me get it because it was too low and whenever i pressed the hint it would go to the place i was at before.. Man this is hard to think i think this game is a super detective man this game is off the hook.

Who Is The Killer: Dark Room APK

Do i really need to pay to get a glass of coffee (energy) ? Or should i wait*sigh im so freakin confused. Its a nice game but its becomes boring when you have to Wait for days just to fill up energy and if only one can get energy using data it would have been better other than buying. This is my first time playing. I probably should go and play chapter one first. Mainly, because I need to learn how to play. And secondly all of the reviews, that I read, were excellent. I love games like this and looks and sounds like one that I will indeed love to.... That's right.First Download.after decide about the game.In my opinion,this is a amazing game for all.If you like detect thing,play this game..

This is a great game mahes u think but it doesn't make sense sometimes. Would be good if things could be explained at least about better. It's a fun game but the waiting 11 hours and more is ridiculous for a game and you have to pay. You need to put ads to get the time lower please and it will be way more fun. It's OK kinda confusing on how to play but this game would've been better if u didn't have limited energy at least to not run out so quickky!. Not a bad start let's see if it really gets interesting. Not sure how these energy cups will pan out, just hoping I can play for free..

I admit, I don't get this game setup. You have such a limited set of moves each turn, then you have to wait hours and hours before you can do anything else. I've never gotten far enough to solve it and I really think I must be missing something..

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