NameBubble Shooter
ReleaseBubble Shooter

In Bubble Shooter, you can enjoy more than 1000 colorful and exciting levels. We must do everything to help the cat burst all the bubbles. Try your best to match three or more bubbles of the same color. The more bubbles you destroy, the more points you get. Gradually, a new row of bubbles is obtained, which must also be destroyed. Pick up everything quickly and efficiently, deftly pass the entertaining levels and become the best. Many bubbles, filled fields, and the most exciting stories. Quite a fun toy, a fun shooter, and a fun adventure for all seven. Look for more chances to complete this adventure and get more awesome rewards.

Bubble Shooter MOD

I've already crossed level 7250 and there is not further level even after updating the app.. please add on the new levels!!. Was going to rate it at a 5 star. But with it not wanting to open at all I will give it a 1 Star Was doing great at first. Now you tap the app and it shows 06% and stays there. I will completely close it out and still does the same thing everytime. About ready to delete it and find something else to play.. Where does the bubble race go after it ends on Thursday. It doesn't come back until after the weekend game. No race game again. I love the bubble shooter. I've played for about 7 years. Where is the race game on Thursday. My game stop at 6800 level and no next level is coming. Again same problem we are waiting from 1month from completing 7000 levels. Not terrible game. The main concern I have is that while I was playing it gave me this ad. It looked like an ad for the game itself, but it was advertising that I won money. When I tried to click on the exit it took me to a web page that asked for my email address. It's promoting scams and trying to steal important data from me. I can't tell if the game devs implemented it on their own or if it was just an ad specifically targeting this bubble shooter. Either way, I will be deleting this app.. Love the game but everytime an ad will try to force itself in while playing a level, causing the game to crash. This is very frustrating especially when Im almost at the end of beating a new level. This happens when playing each level now. Developer says it's a technical problem but does not address it. They ask for screenshots which is impossible when game crashes. Play ads but rewards not given. Cannot play now until issue is resolved. All my other games are working 100%. i love this game and it is nice if am i always playing it. I will be played more then 732 levels. And my experience says that's such a beautiful game.. this Game keeps Me occupied from my stress, I recommend it to anybody feeling same way. I was at 5600+ level but when I connected to Facebook it came down a lot why ..???.

Bubble Shooter APK

I like this app but it was toooo much ads , I don't like tooooo much adds but I like this app . It was soo funn to play.. I like the game because its satisfying and I just like it so I do 5 stars!. This game is very interesting I love this game I reached to 6800 levels more levels is not available I'm waiting for open other levels.. Game bahut hi achha game hai 2500 leavels hai mujhe bahut hi pasand aaya hai. G offer T siddik films do dis Suzan idiots dosti idli iden karlo Lanka method deko so so so so so outcall yatharth how download with ker kartik Karn. Hi Bubble shooter team Am complete 5050 level Butt next level not showing Coming soon only show. This game Bubble shooter is a goood game beacose so perfect and so so interesting but so nise game . l like this game so far its the only game l enjoy. I like the bubble shooter game so much because this game is very interesting.. Can you change like old I didn't like this please can you change it.. Thank you.

Bubble Shooter APK

Pay to win. Yeah, it's free to play but you will not get far without putting money into it.. Please make it possible to give negative star ratings - this is the worse game ever. It would be nice if the Android version was the same as the Apple version, which has alot more features and better gameplay. Also, 2 features of the game are locked for some reason.. I will come back later to comment but the game is very good. I mean it is . Abhi hamara hai to a hi raha hai kya Teri meri taraf se bhi hai kya aap ko bhi ho gaya tha hai kya hai ki nahin hai kya aap ki nahin hai kya hai ye to bahut bahut dil se bhi hai kya hai ye to bahut jyada hai kya Teri meri meri Teri meri jaan ki nahin utha rahe ho to the to you will be in the world cup today a lot to me to you will be the best friend hai na ki nahin kar raha h na to be the most important person who was a friend to be the most beautiful person who has to be in the world hai kya. My mom competed 6800 lvls and after updating app no more levels shown why updates are given. Don't give updates give more levels.

Download ( V15.2.9 )

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