NameLINE Bubble
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseLINE (LY Corporation)

Popping bubbles has never been so much fun. A fun performance called LINE Bubble! Here you can have a blast, burst bubbles, and get rewards.

Experience the real-time mode, fight other players and get bonuses. A cool project shooter that will allow you to shoot bubbles. Try yourself in different game modes, compete with your friends, and climb the leaderboard. Enjoy unique PVP battles in the World League, and set the best score to show your class in the global rankings. Lovely pets, unique skills to help you in this game. Your friends’ ratings, global opportunities, and all the fun you have on your phone. The more points you can score, the easier it will be to move forward on the topic.


EXCELLENT Yet simple game Been playing it for like 10 years from old a Phones to current generation phones, the sweet feeling of fun feels exactly the same!. I like the game but required to access contacts, media and privacy files to update. Don't wanna play anymore because of that. UNINSTALLED.. Very upsetting I even have a line account it would not let me login it will show my information then kick me out before you could press login. Event said try to get coins..... How you can do if is no one appears? At last appears but with 24 hours delay. Can't use the game with the delay. Kinda boring, I only downloaded it because I thought it would give me coins to buy stickers for line chat.


In desperate need of an update. I've been playing this game for years and recently it crashes fairly often in the middle of a game (world league) or before the game even starts but an opponent was found.. Everything liads to slow exceptbthe ads. Plus you get bonus balls but the game throws them when bubbles get too close to line. Not only that but game speeds up to very fast so that you can't even see to aim the balls. All this interferes with the game's fun.. Edit for updated version: After many months finally an update. I can log in again and play. Unfortunately now the game freezes frequently mid-play, about two times out of five. You get the five stars back when this issue is fixed. (Old review: The developer seems to have abandoned this app. I've been playing for years (and collecting coins and buying rubies...), and now I cannot even log in anymore. Very disappointing, will avoid other games from this developer in the future.). I could play Line Bubble 2 without creating any Line Account but this Line Bubble needs u to create a Line Account then u can play. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM so that some of us who can't create the Line Account can play..


world league is bloody fixed!!! ...effectiveness of pets are reduced or enhanced by game administrator on regular basis...stop messing it around! is not a coincidence that repeated losses with a specific pet mirrors that of the change in top ranking also... just do away with pets with different powers to give even playing field if that is the point of all this messing around by game administrator. It's funny, I can play Line Bubble 2 without having a Line account but not this one. Oddly enough, I actually have one, but every time I try to sign in there's an "error". Guess I don't get to play whether I have one or not.. It's funny when you play the game league and got bad signal but suddenly you got a signal, the bubbles suddenly dropped some rows then you lose. And more, when you face opponent (maybe from a different server), of course the signal will be low. It's written there, they wrote "check your signal and try again." Dude, that time I was on a really speed wifi. You should maintain your server. Not asking us checking our signal lol.. Why I cannot sommon world pet? I sommon more than 20 time but got only frind pet.I lost many money for the sommon but not success.I hate it. :(.


Love this game and have been playing for years, however recently I've noticed that some powerups won't deploy when utilized in game, making it difficult especially in the higher levels when time is of the essence. Gets frustrating when you're close to breaking 3mil and suddenly your powerups don't work! Also the market doesn't work for me so I can't buy rubies! Getting disappointing :(. This game is actually pretty interesting. I used to play it a lot but not anymore. Since this game is really not balance. You got score arround 1 mill and still got 200-300 coins. It ain't enough to buy anything.heck even arrow guide is 500 for each game Plis fix it. Make the coins easier to get at least. I can't buy decent pet. I think, its fun. be the bestest and the greatest again! update ur apps with someone new! i will bless ur progses for new year!. What a very addictive game. But I have a bit problem like sometimes this game make s my phone lags. Make it better please :).

I bought larger tablet to play Line bubble, but it's not compatible with yet :< Please add supprot to Ainol Hero 2, really appreciate it. HEY IT WORKS NOW YEEEAAAH (Im still playing this 4 year later).

Download ( V2.24.2.3 )

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