NameTroll Face Quest: Horror 2
Size44.46 Mb
ReleaseAzerion Casual

Another version of an extravagant quest with elements of a logic puzzle with funny characters. Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 is a puzzle quest in which the user sets out to troll American celebrities and superheroes.

In the game, you will find the traditional design for the series, hand-drawn graphics, modest animation, and funny voice acting. In terms of gameplay, the game is not much different from other projects in the series. As in previous games, you have to get out of various situations with dignity, although you can do without it. Throughout the gameplay, you will troll Americans and superheroes. Like all parts, it stands out for its inadequacy, but this is precisely why the games of this series are loved.

Every time you have to perform some funny and funny actions that will lead to some no less fun and comical consequences. But here, the trick is to achieve specific actions or products to pass the level. No hints, no requirements. You must understand for yourself what you need to do. As in other games in the series, there are several dozen endings. Each ending leads to a different action. Swipes, taps, and gestures are responsible for the management.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 MOD

I love this game bcs is so easy anda so oooo best!! I love it and i am miss in 2021 i can't found this game and 2024 i found this game!!. It is a great game but frustrating. I use an ad to get a hint, and I need like 4 to get through. But overall, it is fine, but it is forcing me to rate it just so I can get th3 next level.. Not able to sign in and save progress and complete achievement . I have completed all your other quest games. Please do reply.. The game is very good and is a good game to keep ur brain thinking. But there seems 2 be a bug in the game. When i got out of the game n went on yt to find a few hints i went back into the game nd it completely locked me out. Please do fix this bug because i have not only experinced this once, but twice now. The first time i thought it was me, the second time i realised, mapaki tei. Fix this bug pls, apart from this an amazing game.. Really short game didn't know it could be beat so fast. Fun game that will have your brain thinking, but it could be better in certain ways like an ad after looking every 2nd time, not an ad every time you lose which is really fast talking seconds. And someone's my progress isn't saved and I have to re do em..

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 APK

It's amazing I would definitely recommend downloading this app it's fun and u can solve so many different things and some are very simple and some are super hard but u will find ur way through it so definitely download this app right now and try it urself!!. Good game but there's bug on the achievements "Mr.Loser". I've been lose every level of the game and unlocked the stage. But im cant get the achievements. I will rating it high after it fix properly. Thanks.. This game is awesome you can find those things and it might make you feel but it's good it feels good to play it. It's a good game and scary but it's too many ads and like sometimes you can like have to like push stuff in the like hard to do that and you have to like go through a lot of ads so can you please get when you get through the whole thing you get 10 more help please because this game I love this game I love it so funny and I will give it a ten start because it's so amazing biy.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 APK

i really love this game and don't believe in the other comments that this game has so many ads,and the other say it's logging but it's no maybe there phone is just full storage.

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