NameFind the Difference Spot It
Release42 GameStudio

Find all the differences in this exciting game. Quite a fun and cheerful game Find the differences – find them. Here you can relax, improve your observation skills, and also acquire your inner peace.

A huge number of interesting levels, high-quality images, as well as free adventures. Have fun with the game, hidden objects, and finding them. Unlimited tips are waiting for you, which you can use and find out a certain difference in pictures. An incredible number of images featuring delicious food, animals, plants, and more. You can zoom in and out of images to more confidently look for differences. All these levels will challenge the most attentive players but will be much harder than you can imagine. A variety of rewards, interesting levels, and everything that will help you relax your soul.

Find the Difference Spot It MOD

Dropped my rating because there's an ad after EVERY game. So bogus. And, the ads to the play the blocked puzzles never work.. Update 2/20/2023 I'm still enjoying this game after a few months playing it. The soothing and relaxing music is my unwinding " therapy" at the end of the day. The only thing is, that I wish this game had more to offer;. When I have played all, I then start all over again. Please bring more of it. I love it. What I love the most, after the soothing music, is the pictures, they are real. Very entertaining, and helps keep the mind free of worries. Keeps brain functions on. . Very addictive. I like this type of game but this one in particular doesn't work properly. And several times "red x'd" me wrongly. Slow moving sometimes and stops. I uninstalled hoping some time would have it improved. Reinstalled.. played to the end. I love it. Wish it was longer. I'm back again. The music is just so relaxing. I love this.. Entertaining and relaxing. I love unwinding at the end of the day with the different scenes and real life pictures. Love it.. Enjoy the game however on 3 separate occasions the game restarted and put me back to the beginning. I had played over 400 pictures and now I'm back on number 6! That gets a little upsetting!.

Find the Difference Spot It APK

I do enjoy playing this game. This is the only game of spotting the difference between pictures that I have found that is not too difficult to play. I have come back to install this game again, but I am unhappy of the amount of ads that you are playing. I do like the game so I Installed it again. Thanks for getting rid of some of the ads.. I love playing these kind of games they help with my brain function. I also lik the different kinds of photos shown.. DO NOT DOWN LOAD. Played the first couple of levels where all u needed were 5 errors. Then I got to the 10 errors. They are impossible to find. I want to have fun. I don't want to be frustrated. But the creators of this game do not want u to have fun. It gives them a high if they can FRUSTRATE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.. Why did this game remove my score and why was it started over as a new player when I didn't start it over????.

Find the Difference Spot It APK

Puzzles are challenging enough to keep my interest and progress in difficulty in each level. Definitely make use of the enlargement feature for very detailed images.. this game is messed up. Ads keep jumping up while playing game. It would be a fun game if fkxed. Long ads. I enjoy playing Find the Differences game. This game is the only one that doesn't have all those annoying ads.. Finally a fun filled game with clear pics. Also love that it's only 5 differences It's not fun for me when there's more..

Find the Difference Spot It APK

Fun and gives your eyes and brain a workout. It reminds me the card remember game when I was younger. Just compare the two photos and look for differences. Try it!. This can be easy OR difficult, depending on your skills of observation. Some games are easy but some will drive you mad, especially if you take a clue and you see that what you missed was RIGHT THERE. ( AARRGGHH !! ). So far I find it very fun because I've always loved Spot the Difference. The problem is it's a little easy at first but all wait-and-see thank you for asking me such a fun question to answer I really feel better now please give me $1000000 or give me a job. FREE! Hands down this is the BEST Find the Difference game on the internet. I don't have one single complaint about it. Great graphics. Ads are at the bottom of your screen. They don't interrupt your game. Daily challenges. Some finds are so hard to find but then you find out it was right there all along. LOL..

Download ( V1.5.2 )

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