NameBlock Puzzle Jewel
Releasehua weiwei

Block Puzzle Jewel is an addictive puzzle game that you must think seriously about. Chances are you still don’t know how to play here correctly. Everything is quite simple; you must drag the blocks to place them in a particular position. This will be a reasonably simple task, but it is essential to consider where precisely the league should be set.

You need to fill in the lines on the grid correctly; it doesn’t matter how they will be placed horizontally or vertically. It is essential to know that blocks cannot be flipped, and everything must be thought out in a way that meets the conditions of the level. There is also no time limit, so there will be plenty of opportunities to play this game until the end.

A sophisticated gaming interface awaits you, which will appeal to all users entirely. It will be easy to play, and the classic game will suit all ages. You can play completely free and without a WiFi connection. The game has the leader’s support, so you must try.

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD

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Block Puzzle Jewel APK

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