NameCharms of the Witch: Match 3

An exciting game project of the three in a row genre. Download Charms of the Witch: Match 3 for Android. You will again have to go on the most incredible adventures and collect various combinations.

Do you want to enter the path of crazy fun and incredible magic? This is very easy to do since the magical portal has already been opened, and you should take a step to get there. Our heroine is a witch called Selina; she has already managed to decompose all the magic stones. But still, she will have to match the three in a row and get excellent bonuses.

You can, of course, do more, but you have to think carefully about that. Connect several stones, and they will turn into an amulet in one moment. And if you want to look at the chains of charms, then this is an entirely different story. Our heroine constantly bounces from such a crazy spectacle. She has an assistant bat who flaps her wings and rejoices with her girlfriend.

You can enter competitions with your friends, fight for the crown and enjoy it. It will be pleasant when a victory is won in a friendly match. It remains only to muster the courage and go through fascinating levels.

Charms of the Witch: Match 3 MOD

I played this game on my old phone & got to level 3659, ive started playing again on my new phone & i live it just as much, having read some of the comments before posting this, yes some levels are diffucult but for me that adds to the thrill of the game. I recently played tge in game where you collected bottles, hat, etc, unfortunately i wasnt in time to convert them for the garden features, i had about 80+ coins.. I would have rated this 5 stars, but I've tried three times to buy the Rainbow Pass, and all three times it took my money but didn't give me the pass. And I still haven't heard back from support about it. Edit: I still haven't been contacted by anyone about this.. Your games still ridiculous, there's no way in hell to get 3stars, the amount of moves u get is pathetic, and the coins needed for upgrades are outrageous. The game is a chore and not fun. Why can't developers stop being so god dam greedy and let people enjoy their games rather than trying every which way to scam people. Totally outrageous. You should also listen very carefully to peoples reviews, than ignoring them, and make the game fun, NOT a scam.. Not bad actually its every realistic with very good graphics its amaizing and very extra ordinary from all other games. At higher levels you have to start purchasing gems to get extra moves or you will not make it. Becomes too expensive so I am deleting this game..

Charms of the Witch: Match 3 APK

I absolutely love this game guys. Great graphics, cute stories, I love how the character's are always betting something or competing lol. It's just cute and the puzzles are SUPPOSE TO get harder as you go thru the game. I mean, I see people complaining about how hard it's getting, well get better at strategizing ONLY problem is it keeps telling me a update is available and there's not one at all.... I. Can't. Get. This. Games. I. Can't. Get. This. App. Update. At. All. I. Can't. Get. This. Update. At. All. Are. You. Still. Having. Trouble. With. The. App. I love this game!!! But I have bought every thing. Almost at level 3000! Where do we go from here boys?. Charms of the witch is a fun and addictive game. Someone can restore to their formal progress if they log in back to Facebook and it's wonderful. Playing charms of the witch has been fun for me..

Charms of the Witch: Match 3 APK

Excellent Game. Love how you don't loose life's . Can just keep on playing and keeps you busy for hours on end. This is not a boring game different stages with different adventures. Well done ...... Its a nice game,but freezes at certain levels then kicks u out of game have to start the level over again very frustrating. The game is very interesting and a very good friend to kill time when bored or during leisure time, and I really enjoyed playing the game with new trials and all the fun .. the game freezes for about 15 seconds at the end of each level... it also crashes every time i try to pick a new bed. graphics and gameplay are typical of match-3 games, nothing special.. there are far better games out there than this one imo..

Charms of the Witch: Match 3 APK

Just downloaded a few days ago. And so far everything is going good. It's really cute and you don't have to pay to play. I'll be back in a few to edit if I need to.. I have downloaded this game before n I loved it N now I want to download it again n just love it . Totally addicted to this game i didn't give 5 stars bc I have bought everything 3 times and have nothing else to buy..guess its time to uninstall. Really enjoying it, just starting to get challenging fairly quickly, would rather it take a little longer. Maybe a few extra moves each level it would make it a 5 star!.

An enjoyable game with lots of great features, does not cost any money to play, only watch adds if you want more charms, well done to the creators of the game.. I just hate the fact that you have to play a certain amount of levels JUST to unlock the actual fun part. Please improve it . I liked this game, but if you made it easier to get bonuses and cash it would be much better, other than that it is a good game. Thanks.. When you have a update you should have a update. Everything you have a update I have to Uninstaller then reinstall your app..

beggining was ok,but after playing for two hours 2 stars and nomore,problem is with advancing in game and low payout for finished stages, not optimized gameplay,graphics are ok. Gr8 game, it most definitely turns a 2hr commute into what seems like, as soon as you open the app your seated and then I lift my head and I'm home TaDaaa Love a good finger tapping game / #LotusHeart#1. So I deliberately play this game offline, but thanks for telling me after every single game that I have no internet connection otherwise I wouldn't know.... please no more silly updates & also I'm on level 1276 & the whole.time I've been playing the game & do go online to get the bonus diamonds by watching a video, it always says the video is not available at the moment & to try again later.... & If you keep on pressing it , it "eventually" plays & sometimes you don't get them at all.

Download ( V2.56.6 )

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