NameKitten Match
ReleaseSpecial Gamez

This puzzle recreation will not be peculiar. As a result, it has cute kittens. Kittens are those you’ll undertake and complete challenges so you may feed them, look after them, costume them up, and play with them. Get pleasure from combining completely different objects to earn medals! There are a bunch of kittens that you could accumulate, so it’s essential to complete puzzles to show your room into one extraordinary thing!

Kitten Match MOD

I love this game a lot I had it on my old tablet. But with the new event or whatever it is, kitty is asking me to to tap on the barrels to clear them, and I can't cause the only barrels I see are the ones across the broken bridge behind the fog and it doesn't do anything and I can't play. I am on a brand new tablet that is a this year model so I know it's not the tablet, please fix it I wanna be back in kitten match!. I love the game and it is super super fun and cute lots of people ask me want game this is and I just what to say of you guys like can update the game to be also so you can draw the future it would be Soo cool thank you. I was in 500+ level but when i opened it yesterday i was in level 1. What's happening? I liked this game.I am really disappointed.. Love this game it's my favorite game like the kitten Base and I love petting the kitten and they are funny and cute I love them all so much they are my favorite kittens. It's a lot of reading the story, getting credits is slow. Cute kitty graphics. Guess it's great for killing time..

Kitten Match APK

This game is so much fun . that I can't stop playing it...I play it when I'm sleeping and when I'm going to work and after work as well..... Please put a stop to the helping hand - cat message and the cat paw no tips no notifications they are getting very annoying YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW ME HOW TO PLAY THE MINI GAME PLEASE STOP THE CAT PAW SHOWING ME HOW TO PLAY THE MINI GAME I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN. I love the new update it's so adorable and I'm in love with the kittens and the furniture please make a halloween event. This game is a lot of fun especially for kids. What is mean is that if someone is allergic to cat fur they can take of them. Plus I have always loved the fact that they talk to you. Sort to speak. Finally if you have a cat/s and find yourself on vacation, this is the next best thing to caring for them..

Kitten Match APK

I love the game, but I clicked "skip update" and now it won't update from the PlayStore and I really need to update it. The game also wants me to enable notifications but it says "All notifications from this app are blocked.", so idk what to do now. If there's anyway, can you send me another update somehow? And also pls fix the notification glitch or whatever it is.. I reinstalled this after taking a break. I tried logging into Facebook because I wanted to continue to play where I left off but the game just keeps crashing and then reloading. It recognizes that I previously logged into Facebook but won't connect. I refuse to start a new game especially because I was far in so if this can't be fixed I'm gonna uninstall this game and I won't be playing it again. Edit: After reading reviews I'm definitely not starting over. Return my account or I uninstall.. I love this i love how creative the cats are my favorite cat is probably abu hes sooooo cute and of course I love the other ones but I just wanted to say they I love your game and I bet other ppl will love it to! . I am level 4938, and up until 6-8 weeks ago, I loved it. You people have absolutely ruined this game with the removing of pieces of the kitten base during base events, and making levels so hard to pass that there really is no point. Pass one level, play the next level 300 times or more before beating it. About to give up..

Kitten Match APK

On October 5th just after 10 p.m. Eastern standard Time in the u.s.a. I purchased some boosters and stuff but did not receive them. The money was definitely taken out of my bank account. I forget the name of the thing the package but it had fifty-five hundred coins Plus at least one of each booster and an hour of infinite lives. Really good. Every single level that I have played is beautifully made. Please create more fun games like this one!. It won't save my work. I keep having to redo things, super frustrating. I can't send in a maintenance request because a picture is required to do so but it won't let me even upload a picture. Such a shame.. Love the game, it's just, since the update long time ago(i don't remember which update), the double missile booster is gone for good. So i do have a request, please make the double missile earnable just like the other boosters.

This game was great when it first started, but it's become like all the rest of the pay-to-play match three games. Very disappointed.. Got worse! Now using boosters results in boosters attacking other boosters, so automatically making choice for you + reducing the chance to win. Surprisingly enough there's usually just 1 task left when running out of moves and/or money. Just spent over 1/2 hour in vain trying to clear a level with and without boosters. No wonder more people leave the game for good. Decorations too bright in colours + "kitsch". Cats don't jump on furniture which btw has unrealistic dimensions for them.. Great game until they do updates and mess everything up. I wish they would fix things before they release update. Other then that the game is so much fun to play. I can not get any notifications. Says all notifications are blocked. Put game on a different phone and it did the same thing. Is the update not working on Samsung phones?. Now I know why my grandaughters stopped playing this game. The ads on top are intrusive. And being forced to go to a mini game to x it out is irritating. This is how it was before the updates. A child could go right to the kittens, feed them, clean the litter box and if there are not enough coins, click on the green play button. The ads and mini games were on the sidebars. Thanks for your reply. More stars when conditions improve..

It's been 3 years i've played Kitten Match never be boring, love the story line n adventures, n most of all love the adorable kittens figure. I think I'm going to play it as long as it exist . Downloaded this to play with my granddaughter, we love it, but unfortunately it absolutely eats my battery so bad to uninstall. I love it because it's a challenging but not impossible Match 3 game and you can actually interact with the kits! Update: 9/26/23 This is the only match 3 game that I've stuck with even after all these years! I still love it and I'm still getting more kits!. I did enjoy this game until the constant ads started. Please sort this or I'll have to find another game to play. I don't feel we should be forced to watch ads.

I love this game, kittens are cute. Not that difficult so great to unwind with. Although the new mysterious island they have added is almost impossible! I can't go any further in the game until I reach lever 6 Manor House but there's nothing to collect or gather to enable levelling up! Shame as I now only play the main game. Still love it, but don't like missing out on the extra.. I love this game. I like Kitty better. But it takes forever to download since I have low internet in my house. I'm kinda actually in the Philippines. This is a very cute game with sweet kittens and fun to play but there are just so many offers,side "quests" and things popping up that its just too much to bother with when all you want is a nice,peaceful game.That and the fact there is no way to reset the game to the beginning meant that,having come back to it after a break,meant I had forgotten what had happened before which made it rather less enjoyable.A way to reset progress would be nice.. Hello this is a great game graphics are cute and it has cats wich are my favourite animals I have two problems though. One is probably my tablets fault the game is very laggy for me and i can't play it without lagging. The second reason is the difficulty of the levels. I have been stuck on level 4000 for a very long time you should tone down the difficulty a bit.. alot of people have the same problem -thank you for reading otherwise great game :).

this game used to be great, but you've made the graphics too sticky sweet and babyish!! i dont like it. i used to love the cozy rooms, but you made rooms such as the bedroom and the game room look extreamly childish!! congrats, you've ruined one of my favorite games of all time. ):(. Absolutely amazing the cats are soo cute!! I recommend this if you are a cat lover ! I have no complain !. When I first played this game I thought I would really like this game and I did and I really like cats they're my favorite animal btw. I really love this game and everyone should play this game right now.. When did you startputti hasn't adds in. Everytime I finish a level an add plays. This game was great before that..

Game is a lot of fun. Lots of neat costumes and decorations. The cats are super cute! My only issue is with the new island adventure. I want to try to play it, but already in the start of the tutorial there is a bug. It looks like it's fun and interesting to play, so please fix it? Edit: all event tutorials are the same so quit forcing us to have to go through them!. Frustrating . It's not relaxing when you're losing too many times . I even use 3 booster but still failed . It's cute , i love it just too frustrating and sometimes take a day to pass some level .. This is amazing I use to have it on my old phone before it got stolen by a middle age woman but I'm planning on getting the old phone back. Well I've redownloaded the game and I must say a lot has changed so much it's been a little laggy but ok.

I wish the game didn't change so much! I first had the game in 2020, reinstalled bc I wanted to play again it changed alot from how I remember it. But I still love this game!. I like this game a lot but there always an add after I complete a level. it's still cool keep it up. I like the game but It can sometimes be a little slow I'm not saying that it it is the best game but honestly I do recommended it is very cool game. Amazing!!!! I used to play this game with my whole family!!! Still the same and still amazing! I love this game!.

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