NameZombie Age 3

Hordes of crazed zombies, deadly weapons, and unique heroes are waiting for you. Zombie Age 3, which speaks for itself by its name, continues the line of many well-known zombie games on our site. Now even a more advanced and interesting version of the fight against the dead.

The game again plunges us into the world of the apocalypse, which is teeming with hungry zombies that have come to life, eager to taste the taste of brains. But getting to you will not be so easy, because the game is full of a huge variety of weapons with which you can kill zombies in the most perverted ways. And even more so, when such resources are in the hands of one of the twenty characters presented, who are also unique in their abilities, the walking dead will not have a chance at all.

The zombies themselves also do not complain about the monotony: there are more than ten of their varieties in the game, not counting their incredible bosses. All the events that take place please with high-quality graphics. You can complete numerous tasks and missions of the game both as a lone hunter and in the company of friends. To do this, select any of the ten available game modes Zombie Age 3.

Having developed the reaction speed necessary for passing the game, Zombie Age 3 registration and additional SMS, are absolutely free!

Zombie Age 3 MOD

i absoultely love this game and the cherry on top is i have all the characters! and guns so its more fun.. Dawg this is the best game ever I used to play this all the time when I was little it's still a good game. It's a fun game I've been redownloading for years any way I can. Especially cause of, Call Of Mini Zombie's. It's a nice fun game that's great for curing your boredom and joyful to play. Honestly, It's pretty nice bashing the heads off zombies like pilots, lawyers and bats all in a cartoony style.. It's a fun game,but I think it needs a lil more level up options, aswell as sumn character veriety.

Zombie Age 3 APK

I like the zombie age 3 but please fix the claim and watch videos because i can't claim a new guns and characters thank you.. Everything contain ads. No matter what you do, you will see ads before start level, extra friend with ads before take control, extra money multiple with ads after level, get ads when stay on map overview. even you finished just 1 daily objective or gain new weapon, new character, new mode, you will get ads. If you addict or love to watch ads, this is a game you are looking for.. I like it . But the ads are a bit annoying . And sometimes I get stuck when im killing zombies. But still good. The ads is very aggressive... not unlike before you dont need to watch ads to unlock the character and guns... once you lvl up the ads need to play and that is so annoying bcs you waited it for 30s every lvl up and new guns... plus even you finished one mission ads still on there and no escape... i hate watching ads seriously... if you wanted to play a game and you dont want ads then it is not recommended games on you.

Zombie Age 3 APK

The video ads is to much. Will be much better if you delete the video ads. And more character will be great. And also if you make 3d graphic version or follow up for this game that will be super super awesome. PS : your microtransactions is to much. and where is the granny from the picture? Where is leaderboards? And Please bring back cloud save, cannot continue on new smartphone anymore. I am playing this game in Android T.V but it's not working I don't like this trash stupid game>:(......!. Please make it multiplayer fr ilysm more than everything forever <3 MAKE IT MULTIPLAYERRRR & MAKE IT SPONSORED. DON NOT MAKE IT FLOPPED 'CAUSE THIS IS MA FAVOURITE GAME FOR LIFE <3. Awesome mobile zombie game! only cons is that later in the endgame content your going to need to spend money and if you dont wanna spend money... well... your just have to go struggle a bit as well as deal with constant ads overall, solid game!.

Zombie Age 3 APK

This game is amazing it's not laggy it has adds but that's it there different characters different whepons 10/10 for me..

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