NameInto the Dead 2

This is a real zombie apocalypse where you just try to survive. The most important thing is that this project has already been downloaded by 70 million users, so you will be next. You have to go on a rather dangerous journey, wherein the terrible world of zombies you simply have to save your family. You will have a huge arsenal of weapons, and you can even use improvised means to survive in this hell.

It is necessary to crush everyone in a row and mow down every creature that meets on the way, but do not let them get close. It is not yet clear how long you can hold out here, but you definitely won’t be able to feel safe.

The main feature of this game project is that you will take part in a completely non-linear storyline, as well as gradually unlock seven interesting chapters. There will be enough tests, and you will have a fairly powerful weapon in your hands.

The gameplay is quite varied, and you can test all the firing points, crush the zombies on all sides and ride on the roofs of cars. It remains only to download Into the Dead 2 for Android in order to somehow try to test the project for survival. Four-legged helpers will help you here, who will not let terrible creatures near you.

Into the Dead 2 MOD

You guys, 500 characters is too short. This game is seriously good. It offers good detail and variety- in everything from campaigns to weapons and sidekicks. It's just fun to play. I've been playing for I think three years and it's been the only game that I've kept during that time. There is a pay to play element, and it is well incentived, but I don't find it to be bothersome or invasive. My only complaint is that ammo will often spawn in buildings, that can really make or break you.. Best game I've ever played on a phone the most fun exactly what I want to play on zombie games the best way and the best rewards are given on this game excellent I would rate it more than five stars if I could. Awesome game fun but I would prefer if there was a reload button so I don't have to mag dump to get a full clip.. This game is fun bro I playing this until night hehehehe but this game sooo fun I love this game. HYPER SUPER RUNNER! imagine being on a mining cart rails cruising at a good pace of 33 mph & your job is to not get hit dodge all zombies or figure out a way to kill them but the rails & the cart never stop! not a big fan of a linear system like this It makes me disoriented & not free to make my own decisions or the feeling of an open world it feels like the fate & path is already been written. I also bought this years ago when it first came out. no longer showing as I've purchased the product!.

Into the Dead 2 APK

Fun for awhile. Advancing and leveling new weapons was fun at first. Loses steam when goals are met. Becomes very routine and time demanding just to continue leveling with no real reward.. Poor controls. Stupid game. Shady in app purchases. Like they try to put purchase buttons where you'll hit them by accident. No, I'm not paying 25 bucks for a gun and some gold. I wouldn't pay that for the whole game. Boring.. I am very happy with this game the graphics of the game is super cool And the game is very realistic. This game is so good and its story is so cool and good If u want something hard and scary play this game.

Into the Dead 2 APK

Great game been playing a long time but since the last update I'll finish a level but it won't let me progress I can only keep playing the same level. I like this game it is a fun and enjoyable game. The graphics and the game play are all fantastic. The only problem I have that I don't like is in the end where the woman and her child are both kill. I had wanted both of them to survived or if not the two of them one should've kept alive because it make no sense you fought through all those difficulties to get to your family and in the end they're all dead. So if you can fix that part that would be fantastic.. Superb game but I think it will be open world it's more interesting and world best zombie game in mobile. The game I have played is worst than ever. Navigation button in this game is totally waste it is worst..

Into the Dead 2 APK

This is my first time rating 1 star. Fix Vip!!! I bought the vip, have most weapons and ammo, but I lost almost everything!!! And now, it's still saying subscribed. Don't buy the vip until I update this. Great game, sucky bugs.. I love this game if i could only get more energy to play more but still i really recommend downloading and playing this game. Too nice it has a story and too nice side stories not too hard and easy but really very very very amazing game.

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