NameSame Blocks
Size39.09 Mb
ReleaseMagma Mobile

A mysterious cave and impenetrable jungle await you. Same Blocks is in these places where you can find an incredible treasure of various shapes and shades.

The goal is quite simple: the playing field is littered with precious stones, and you only need to solve all the tasks. Try to match three or more game stones to get to the end of the level. It will be an exciting adventure that will provide you with many groups and opportunities.

You can play with precious stones and collect different types and directions. Try to complete various tasks, collect gold bars, get rid of prickly spikes, and blow up crates with powerful explosives. Get cool bonuses, eliminate the most challenging situations, and complete dozens of exciting tasks.

Try to take all the best places in the world ranking, wake up the spirit of a real explorer in yourself and go through this exciting project to the end. Is it possible to refuse such an adventure when there are many opportunities and all the most interesting ahead of you.?Beautiful graphics will help you solve all the problems, move forward, and complete exciting levels.

Same Blocks MOD

Good game. Can progress without purchasing anything. Ads are tolerable. Decent graphics. Offers some challenge without causing brain damage.. wasn't sure at first.thought it maybe were going to be dull.but no way is it.its great.and addictive already.10 out of 10. I just love it,it brings out da confidnce in me. Fun game, but why always those annoying lives, even when there are no in-app purchases?. Game can be very addictive. Really like the graphics and the premise.. Fabulous!!!! I just love this game and it is addictive on how calculating you need to be with achieving the target and the points for 3 stars.. Takes a while for game to Complete after each round if you only use a few moves. I played thru all the current levels in just 2 weeks! More, please??? 1 week later, have 600 stars now!. One of the best match games I've played. Colorful, exciting, challenging ,great game for all ages. Absolutely a great fun filled exciting game.. This game is addictive. Exercising your brain. Bring on the new levels. Looking forward to new challenges!.

Download ( V1.0.2 )

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