NameSmurfs Bubble Story
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Smurfs Bubble Story

The Smurfs Bubble Shooter: A Fun Adventure with Tiny Blue Gnomes

In the Smurfs Bubble Shooter, the main characters are tiny gnomes with blue skin – smurfs. Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy, and their friend dream of showing the player the magnificent world of various balls. The campaign is divided into several levels; on each, you need to complete a particular task. This may be the collection of things necessary for the mission: envelopes with letters, pencils, brushes, and others. Also, sometimes you need to clear the level of multi-colored balls or save a friend from a sizeable transparent bubble into which he fell by chance. Download Smurfs Bubble Story for Android and start a fun adventure right now.

Gameplay: Engaging and Interactive

The gameplay is relatively standard for games of a similar nature. Slowly flying balls are seen at the top of the screen, and a brave smurf directs a cannon from below. It is necessary to click on the gun to change the color of the flying ball. To shoot, you need to touch a free area of ​​the screen and, without lifting your finger, indicate the trajectory for the flying ball cartridge.

Although the chain of flying balls is long, this does not mean that it needs to be destroyed only in any sequence. It’s easier to find a gap in this chain and direct the gun’s sight to that place. The shot will interrupt the chain of balls, and the part of them, which is below, will be destroyed. And the player will receive a bonus promotion. For internal currency, you can purchase power-ups and additional chips.

Distinctive Features of the Game

– Battles with bosses, which are extremely difficult to defeat;
– Collection of characters for the most active players;
– A vast world that you can explore for hours;
– A large number of exciting levels;
– Animated videos from the original;
– Leaderboard and the ability to share achievements on social networks.

With its engaging gameplay, adorable characters, and challenging levels, the Smurfs Bubble Shooter offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Join the smurfs on their bubble-popping adventure and see if you have what it takes to complete all the tasks and defeat the bosses!

Download ( V3.09.010008 )

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