NameDoodle Alchemy

Great game with great graphics and unique special effects. Download Doodle Alchemy for android. Here, you will meet original music and try to create an incredible atmosphere. From the very beginning of the game, there are four main elements that you will encounter. You have to combine these elements and then discover entirely new ones. A rather entertaining adventure awaits you. You will find out precisely what the world around looks like in it.

The gameplay itself is performed in one touch and is intuitive. Outstanding design, incredible effects, and many exciting things. Fantastic music, choice of language, and a great pastime. Play this game, collect the most extraordinary words and defeat any opponent.

Here you will find the most incredible elements, many exciting moments, and the most exciting adventure of your life. Here you will have to think carefully with your head, make a fantastic show from a wide variety of discoveries and win in any duel. All alchemy on paper will be exciting and very high quality, which means you have everything for this.

Doodle Alchemy MOD

Okay is good but i recomend you that please after you make a new version please make the ads go away thank you. Nice enough game but flipping back and forth between the pages got very annoying. Once a combination is made, it would be nice to see what was used. And maybe an indicator for the elements that are not going to be used again.. I like the game in its essence. The UI is wonderful and easy to understand. But a loud advertisement after every single correct match is a bit much.. interesting, but you immediately get bombarded with advertisements. thus I uninstalled it pretty quickly :[ there's potential as the style is pretty but just too many ads which make it not fun. A little too many folders. Slows the game down a bit. I spent the $1 to take off the ads, which makes the game far better..

Doodle Alchemy APK

Start game, briefly see the starting for elements. And now it's time for an ad break! Get in the trash you garbage app.. I started the game and got an ad before even doing anything. Then within one minute of play I got two more ads... Can't play the game, the ads are way too intrusive ! I often pay to remove ads when I like a game but I couldn't even start enjoying my time on this app.... THE MERGING IS POTENTIAL! It is better than little alchemy! No ads! And the existence of the elements makes 100% sense! Everyone download this game doesn't waste your time. I enjoyed this game so much back in 2016 that I downloaded it again today. I got hit with an ad before I even got a chance to make a combination. It's been less than 5 minutes of play and I've been hit with two more. I really don't mind watching ads but there is a limit. The only thing that keeps me from rating it 1-star is that the game is good...when I get a chance to play it..

Doodle Alchemy APK

I would have givin this a five it's a great game but the ad box covers half my stuff when it comes up and I can't use what's 7nder it help pls. I'll raise it to five when this is fixed. Fun game. Too many ads! I mean, I can't go five seconds without an ad popping up! Please fix this . No matter where the game is good or amazing if there are forced adds then the game deserves for the least priority to be installed in my mobile.. It's okay I guess. It's got a nice theme that won't drive you nuts, but some of the combos make ansolutely no sense. Example, Lichens are algae and fungus, yet you need Bacteria+Mushrooms? Or like a Snail is a Shell+Worm, rather then Slug+Shell? Also, after a few hours you'll find yourself heavily relying on Hints to get you through, and from time to time certain combos will just not work for some reason. Like Lava+Water errored on me, yet a hint selected Lava+Water to give Stone? Like WTH?.

Doodle Alchemy APK

Amazing game. I had this a while back but didn't like it because I had just reset my progress but know after like 3 years I'm Lovin this game. But be warned for, there are ads, witch is why I'm giving 4 stars and not 5.. 5 seconds new ad. You can't play more than 15 seconds before a new ad shows up and you have to click 3 different xs to close the add.. I like this one I've tried other outcome of games and they don't seem to work out for me. The only discrepancy that I have with this app is the pop-up ads I could do without.. Didn't even get to play the game before I was hit with an ad. I know they are necessary but that's excessive even for a free game like this. I uninstalled immediately, I just know I won't really be able to play the game before it will be more like ads with a little bit of game..

There are two many ads. The ads keep popping up after every 3-4 combos or so. This makes the game very difficult to play.. Worst ads ever. Constant, repeated, hidden close buttons. Basically every time you figure out a new element you're spending 15-30 seconds going through multiple ad close/skip screens with their own timer. Avoid this one like the plague.. this game stayed active in the background for some reason, pretty sure i only played like 40 minutes of it but it says that i played 105 hours of it???? wth??. Play diversion of the game before I really enjoyed it Hope this this is the same EDIT:It's great if you spend a pound but its absolutely worth it great game keep it up.

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