NameColor Fill 3D
SizeVaries with device

Here you need to become a real survival player! The cube does not wait. Hurry up to download Color Fill 3D for Android! Here you need to color the special squares in the color of the cube.

It can be yellow, red, green and even blue. In general, there is nothing surprising here. It’s just very relaxing and helps to have fun after a dust-free job. Any person will like this game and even a color-blind person can play it. You need to find your entertainment inside. Maybe the player likes to dance or shoot? He has no place in this entertainment caste. He needs to start playing shooters, and here is just educational gameplay. Hurry up to download Color Fill 3D for Android!

Now you need to be more strict with yourself. The plot tells about a small cube that fell into another dimension. Previously, he had fun on Earth and lived underground, in distant caves. There he was warm and calm until one day. He was again digging a passage for himself in order to make the dwelling a little simpler.

Then he was asked to be a little quieter by some of the inhabitants of the neighboring town. He was a little taken aback and did not follow the order. After that, one sorcerer got angry at him and imposed a weighty curse. Now the cube will have to go through hundreds of levels for the coloring square and become a real artist in his field. Hurry up to download Color Fill 3D for Android!

Color Fill 3D MOD

it's really fun but I die a lot of times but I love it so I think you should download it and bye I hope you have a good day everyone that is seeing this bye and again have a good day bye. It is a good game to play. But too many ads. Specially half way through a move. Have to start over again because at the end of the ad the pawn dies. Least if the ads were spaced after the move ends, it would be fun to play. Now it is just annoying.. It made me mad witch is not easy I will say this game is the best game I have ever played. Pretty fun game when I'm really bored I wish the levels weren't repetitive because I really do like this game but after like 700 level (maybe sooner) it starts to repeat a lot. But I'm going strong with 1800 levels completed! (Even if I can't really see the number ) I ALSO RECOMMEND PLAYING OFFLINE!!!. I love this gam,it is so much fun it is my favorite game, and it is very good for when you are bored.

Color Fill 3D APK

I used to enjoy playing this game, but there are just way too many ads, and recently, the turn control has changed to where if you have to change direction, you have to lift your finger over and over as to not run into the placed blocks. I used to be able to immediately change directions without removing my finger or phone pen. It's very frustrating when right after I swipe one direction, I have to immediately remove the pen and swipe a different way, and by then, it's always too late.. I liked this game it's so fun to play anyways compared to complete the levels or something that all I have to say. It isn't a not fun game it is also not the best game it's whatever it is sooo easy do not get this app ads 24/7just noo. it's really fun like it alot. if you die and you have gems you can have a second chance to win. I think it's really really fun.

Color Fill 3D APK

very nice and easy and mind relif game i love thi s game when i play this and let me reveal my name ia m virat kholi urs loving and caring support need this game so please support thiss game and its veryyy interesting and like this game should built in india and i am proud to be an indian if u too plese type yes and byeeee. There are so many ads in this game that you can't even play it. The ads interrupt the game to make you intentionally have to restart levels.. I think sed to play color fill a while ago and I never had during level ads I have now had 3 ads in the same level. The inclusion of level ads has destroyed the game. If I could give zero stars I would. Would not recommend. Way to many adds. If there weren't so many adds it could actually be fun. But I get adds in the middle of levels!.

Color Fill 3D APK

Want to play a game that places ads intentionally that make you lose? Want to then start again but have to wait for yet another ad? This is the game for you! Putting an ad with no warning while your cube is heading towards the coloured cubes is honestly so frustrating and the ads I'm seeing are like 30 seconds and no skip ads. So start a level - random 30 seconds of ads - the game comes back and you die instantly! Do you want to try again? Here's another ad. Waste of time. Would have been fun, but the genius developer put an ad drive in the middle of EVERY level. This game requires good timing, so when you get back from the ad, you have already lost, and then you get to watch another stinking ad.. Waste of time Started out good but then it started showing me ads in the middle of a game it would cut me off of the game and show an ad. It's a as after every single level it's really bad and it's asks you if you want to continue after failing a level but shows you one no matter what you click on if it's no thanks it's an ad if you click on continue it's an ad it's really bad quality as well..

Love the game but you can only play for about 1 min before there is a advert. There is always adverts in the middle of games and then makes you die. The ads are also very long. I love this because it is so fun and even more funny than it is now and it makes me mad a little bit I canda hate it. Game is fun but there are WAY too many ads. They will pop up in the middle of levels, end of levels, and after I've said I do not want to watch ads to continue a level. It's obnoxious and resulted in me deleting the app.. The game requires very quick reflexes and has now updated to launch ads right at the moment you need to react to play the game, so it's basically rendered the game useless..

I LOVE this game its sinple, yet i never get bored of it. I've had this game for a couple months, and im almost on lvl 500!!! It's amazing! You can play it offline and it woudnt affect game play!!. Adverts after every single 10 second level and with the new update halfway through the level. Do not waste your time.. I think that this game is really fun to play cuz I love seeing the moving objects and it's really fun and even if you die don't go back to level one you go to the level you died at. Ads ruin the game, they start in the middle of levels and then you're stuck. As soon as you get back to the game bam, into a wal and level over. Then it's another ad to restartl.

this is one of my favorite games now!! you should try, it to it is OK if you don't like it . I used to play this game a lot back then and still it's so much fun real quick no glitch no lagging such a fun game..

Download ( V2.0.4 )

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