NameYou Must Escape 2
Size53.35 Mb

An exciting skill for every player. You Must Escape, have to constantly run, go through numerous obstacles and get to the finish line. If you’re smart enough, you can solve all your problems in this epic puzzle game—the unique logic puzzles, crazy puzzles, and everything hard to believe. You will be able to think carefully with your head, test yourself in the most challenging puzzles and decide the fate of this game. So easy to start but quite challenging to complete the game project. You have everything to do everything right, learn many new things and explore a whole new world of excellent puzzles.

Learn new numbers, create your own and solve all your problems. New numbers will constantly appear here that can surprise every player. Try to combine all the objects to solve this or that puzzle. Can you avoid the unnecessary number yourself, go through this fantastic adventure, and solve the puzzles? In this project, you will definitely need logic, excellent mental abilities and much more. It won’t be easy, so you must prepare to solve any complicated puzzles.

You Must Escape 2 MOD

There is a bug The application does not load and keeps getting stuck at 63%. Even reinstalling does not solve the problem. Nice continuation from first game. The remove ads circle top left is REALLY annoying, blocks things on screen and repeatedly press it accidentally. Me and my uncle was playing this game in 2019 and 2020 but this game is still puzzling and really good game. Ghj gt jn Guo Rico Hjvnhj Hhhjj Ujjj Ghj Yu Gh Hm UK My u m ALAVANAKA is a phon ma badha m ALAVANAKA and the day form rekha is a great place to visit. This is very nice game isme Jo hint wala jo hai na option vah bahut hi achcha hai usmein hamen help milti hai ki hamen kahan par kya karna hai to thank you very much is game ko banane ke liye thank you so much..

You Must Escape 2 APK

I'm elderly and new to the escape room experience, but this particular game is really fun and I've mastered a few without cheating. Having a great time! Thanks.. The clues are easier to see than in the first one so the game is much more fun. I am enjoying it very much.. I like the game it opens our mind the game is also suiteble for all ages and its nice mind puzzle game try it.

Download ( V2.0.6-rc8 )



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