NameLove & Pies – Merge
Size187.58 Mb
ReleaseTrailmix Ltd

A fascinating story-driven puzzle game with the mechanics of combining identical items. Love & Pies – Merge is an exciting story-driven puzzle game with the mechanics of merging objects, developed for Android mobile devices.

Painfully familiar mechanics and an original storyline await you in this puzzle. Throughout the passage, you will help the main character restore the family cafeteria in order to bring it to success and make it as profitable as possible. Along the way, you will unravel the mysteries of your family’s past. According to the plot, the heroine arrives at the family cafe, which recently burned down. It is necessary to restore it and make the business as profitable as possible. Uncle Sven will help her in this. Along the way, the heroes will try to find the perpetrators of the arson of the cafe, as well as reveal the secrets of the past of their family.

Love & Pies – Merge MOD

I love the merge part, I personally just don't like storyline games, so I don't care much for that part, I hate How you can't just endlessly merge.. I wish there was more of a key or an understanding or that we could sale stuff back to earn coins or energy.. The game is fun but it has a severe lag problem. The game tends to freeze up completely for a bit making it unplayable at times.. Love this game! Great characters and storyline! Best merging game out there!! But why 1 star? It CRASHES like crazy now. No more than 1-5 mins play and crash... Everytime! Not my phone either. Please fix and will bring to 5 stars. Thanks. I love this game, I'd give it 5 stars except there is 1 flaw. Each time I'm trying to sell or trash items that aren't needed, it glitches and sells my resource items. It's happened twice now and it doesn't give the option to undo it. If I can recommend that the resource items not be able to be trashed or sold after the 2nd or 3rd level thatd be great. It's taken so long to get to where I had them and now I don't have them. Makes doing the quests much harder now :(.

Love & Pies – Merge APK

not incredible game overall, but the "energy" system is fair enough and I like the story and art. it runs pretty poorly on my phone though, (lg k51) and I think the newest update has made it stop working. Also, there are constantly giant new updates that make the game take up way more space than it should. Also tons of optional in-app purchases being shoved in your face. there are two pop ups EVERY time you run out of energy.. First off i have been playing this game for months and just now on level 24. It's fun, but I will not spend any more money on this game. It takes to long for the product to regenerate and you have the same orders for days, and it gives you what it was to. If it doesn't get better I deleting it. The game is interesting and could be fun, except for the fact that most of the final combinations takes so long to come up with that. you end up just sitting around. waiting for your energy to come back multiple times to make one order. I really like the game, it's addicting. I think you guys should add an option to earn energy by watching ads..

Love & Pies – Merge APK

I haven't gotten too far into the game as I just started an hour ago, but from what I can tell, it's a very simple and cute game. There are no ads popping up, and it's easy to make money. I will update in another hour :D. I love this game, don't get me wrong but I purchased the gold picnic pass thinking I would get all the prizes from the gold pass even if it ended before I could get to all of it. The picnic pass usually lasts longer than 4 days too. I would like a refund if I didn't get everything from that pass.. This game is much more fun than most merge games but has recently become increasingly frustrating when watching an ad for more energy ect; one ad in particular doesn't play properly so the reward is never given and then pops up so often that it uses up the limit of ad rewards you can use. I enjoy the story line but it can be frustraiting to run out of board space and then it wants you to spend a ton of gems (rl $) to get one storage spot..

Love & Pies – Merge APK

When ever I watch an ad for something it never gives me it! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Im on level 10 and I've been playing at least 3 hours everyday.. Pretty fun but very quickly after you start they limit the amount of ingredients you get and the early goals are set way too high to achieve them. Played for 10 mins and then uninstalled.. You barely get any energy, it takes forever to make orders. I'm been stuck on 1 order for 3 days, so annoying.. Fun until it wasn't. It felt like I couldn't play without spending a lot of money. Don't waste your time..

Impossible to play for long time unless you are willing to pay extra. I enjoy the concept but with long regeneration and then orders that can't be filled due to not having the correct generator or orders that take 100s of turns to complete it takes the enjoyment away. It's hard to finish tasks and you don't get any daily rewards like other games. I can normally play this for 5-10 minutes max. I'll look for a similar game without the restrictions.. 4/2/22: I gave this game a second chance. It's fun, but would be nice to accrue energy a little faster. Updated 8/11/23: after originally reviewing this game over a year ago, I have seen many changes that make the game no longer fun. Features keep being added that follow the pay-to-play model, end of the story after a while just gets ridiculous. It turned into a real grind without spending money.. Update: they've added ads you can watch for energy which is much better but I still find the glove that makes suggestions on what to merge very annoying because I don't like feeling pressured into merging things when I don't want to! I think they should add an option in their settings for turning on or off suggestions.. Edit: can't even get into the game now so I've given up and uninstalled. Wanted to love this game and I gave it my best, I would have even been willing to spend money on it. It crashes... Allll the time. It crashes when I open it, it crashes when I do the story, it crashes when I try to merge, it crashes when I watch ads.... I am sure to clear all my phone activity, close apps and have my phone in optimal.. Crashes. I use the game on WiFi and 4g, makes no difference it'll crash. So I give up...

These poor customers, waiting literally DAYS for a simple cup of coffee. I don't know where these people get the energy to remodel the cafe, because it sure isn't from caffeine. Cute art, interesting storyline, but everything ruined by a terrible imbalance between energy and generators. Sadly deleting this one.. It's all gone... I had to get a new phone. I followed the instructions on transferring to the new phone by logging in with Facebook (I hate Facebook) and POOF! It's all gone. So thrilled to not have access to the game I've been playing for months. It's not like I was about to place first (162/170 goal) in whatever the new thing was... It's all just gone.. The game is fine, constantly giving you something to work for with the events in-game, but the ads are extremely annoying and half the time, when I try to collect the rewards for watching them, the ads screw up the game and make it reload WITHOUT the reward for watching the ad. Plus, the waiting times for items to recharge is way too long imo. Love this game overall, but what's with the everyday updates recently? I like to play it in moments when I don't have a lot of time, so it sucks to have to wait for it to update seemingly every single time.

It was a fun game until recent updates. You run out of energy super fast, and the items produce less than they used to. You have to click away 5 or 6 pop-ups before you can even play, and that's after you have a new nearly daily download. It's too tedious. I loved the story line and the art but it's ruined by only having 5 minutes of game time before your energy runs out.. Tip Jar is a scam. Any diamonds you earn go into the tip jar and you have to pay money to get the diamonds you've already earned. If I can't get rid of it, I'm just going to delete the game.. It's not a satisfying merge game. It takes forever to find/merge the item and impossible orders, mention orders, not enough orders to level up, and get the bonus item. I enjoyed the concept, but it's not satisfying. Hope you can take other merge games as an example with simple doable orders instead of impossible ones. I did even pay for the pass to have more bonuses but still can not complete the orders needed.. What is seeing with this game yesterday and today? Yesterday it kept Judy closing... in the middle of paying it'll close. Today it won't even load. If it doesn't get fixed sib I'm deleting it. I've enjoyed this game for a while now, but I'm getting aggravated and if it's not fixed soon like very soon it'll be peace out girl scout... if my phone... one last chance. Can you, will you fix it? Or do you just not care about one person?.

The ads to recharge things for free (no gems) DON'T WORK. They freeze!! Upgrade of game made many of my other games disappear/Uninstal. NOT FAIR!!! No reason to need WiFi if you aren't buying anything from the store.. It's fun but it keeps track of your game on your device so there is no way of restarting. If you want a fresh start, it will tell you to download the game on another device. If you play, don't sell anything for space but the coffee and the cake. Boooo. I've been playing this game for a long while. About a month ago it started glitcgung really bad. Merging things real slow total connection problems... Yes I could blame that on my connection... But then why is no other app on my phone doing this. I have about 42 games on my phone and none of them have trouble loading, merging, or anything. Fix your glitches I love this game, the story line, and the play to be honest just makes me want to delete it though.. Very cute! The ads are accurate. The romance between the redhead lady and the Black guy is very sweet, and some of the other main characters are LGBTQ+ -- diversity & representation done well. You get a few options of how to decorate each time you unlock a new section. Ads are all optional. Overall very fun. Only downside is that I ran out of story, and it takes a couple weeks between story releases, but I was playing for several months before running out..

Used to be one of my all time favorite games on here to play, until the latest update which cut the generators down by more than 3/4, leaving the que basically incompletable unless you play for a week straight, even then sometimes you'll get half the items you need, the others are useless and don't help with the quests. It's like the development team has gotten greedy and just expects us to Pay to Play. That isn't going to happen. Listen to all your reviews. Fix your game!. There are only ads, when you choose to use them to speed something up. The story is cute. It takes time when you run out of energy or when your production pieces slow down, but that's okay. That way you don't get sucked in and miss life. If I play it lazily, it's a good half hour two to three times a day. I just really hope they don't ruin it with too many stupid events that overlap. It's basically perfect as it is.. It's fun, until you keep running out of energy and you have to watch ads or buy more. You'll get about 10 minutes at a time from this. If that's all you're looking for, it's fine.. Slow to progress, playing through mist play and can't get rewards due to hiw slow it is to progress within the game. Board ger full and when it's not full can't do orders because don't ha e enough resources..

Love playing this game that is until constantly kicks me out of app as soon as it loads...please help. I love playing this game. It has a funny storyline, and the bakeout is when it gets really competitive, I don't mind that you only get 100 coins to merge cause I'll be playing all day, I want Joe and Amelia to get married . I like this game. The only thing I don't understand is how long the energy takes to refill. You can play for 5 mins and then you have to come back over 2 hours later... It's like they don't want us playing the game at all also you need wifi or data to play the game.. Agressive In App Purchases I would call this the perfect game if - 1. You could keep the game on in your tabs and go back to it without it needing to load again - especially when you missclick on an ad to gain energy, which you lose when the game closes and throws you to appstore. 2. Said energy runs out too fast, and to remedy this you get agressive popups to buy gems with real money, which hinders the gameplay...which is already very slow. 3. Free things are too small for the ads you watch..

I used to love playing early on, but since the last update items have been showing up far less frequently. I can see this is an issue other players also have. Just a thought - perhaps the developers could consider quality of play rather than trying to extend gameplay. The wait times are becoming absurd, and I have zero qualms about uninstalling if it gets worse. It's a shame, because the story & events are engaging.. I really really like the game but ever since the recent updates, I enjoy the game less everytime I play. They changed the generators, they produce less, the event's duration is too short, you can't even get to get end. The arcade event was fun, I was excited to get the furniture, but I didn't get to buy everything, which is frustrating. The cash and date events are fun too but you can barely get to half of the rewards. I hope they change the generator stuff, and the events too!!!. I've played for a while now and it was really enjoyable but the generators produce like half of what they use to now and it's really annoying. Makes game play drastically slower which interrupts the story which I really like. It's so spaced out now I can hardly remember details in between scenes. Love your game when you had it offline playing now it's required for data server please put this back to online offline mode.

This is arguably one of the better merge games. It doesn't shove ads in your face constantly, but still has them as an option to get free energy or items. One issue is that the board is already small, and what space I do have available gets filled up because every match I make spawns a bubble for you to buy a duplicate and almost none of them allow you to watch a video for it, then it sits taking up space forever. It's certainly aggravating.. The game is not acting right , boots me out every two or so minutes, not happy with my experience. About ready to delete it. The graphics and story are cute enough, but the long term gamplay and pacing is super tedious. RNG is terrible: resource generators that have branching paths are terribly unbalanced (trying to make pie can eat up ALL your energy trying to get apples). Sven's toybox events are particularly frustrating (soooo much paint). It'd be helpful if leveling up resource generators would cut out the lowest level item, but I guess it's not what helps with pushing for micro transactions.... This game was 5 stars, but after playing this game for over a year I have decided to knock it down to 3 stars. The events are becoming redundant and boring. I'm tired of Edwina's gold or whats-her-face's obsession with roses or Santa's toymaker rejects. Where's the arcade or the fountain lady? Are there going to be other events to fix up the giant map?.

I didn't expect to actually like this game; I downloaded it on a promo thing and expected to delete it after a day, but honestly...the story is really good!! I became so invested that I'm now on Game Day 29 and still having fun experiencing this journey alongside the characters. The gameplay can be repetitive, but the developer is constantly cycling events to try to keep it engaging. Definitely a struggle for the impatient "can't wait for energy" types, but the story is honestly worth it!!. Very poor design. You have to pursue so many targets at once the board quickly fills up. Maybe do a little playtesting.. Fun but frustrating. I have played this game for a few weeks now and it's been fun but I've spent money on energy, gems, and season passes and I don't feel like I've been able to progress much. The season passes are slow to move through unless you pay for an additional generator. It takes forever to get to merge the items to get to the customers requested item. The customers come in slowly. You will literally spend an entire energy cycle making upgrades to one thing. I'm close to uninstalling. I'm stuck at naming the dog. I've waited for like 15 minutes for a keyboard to pull up just so I can name the dog and I can't. But so far it's a great story line and I enjoy that I only have to stress over merging 2 not 3 items..

Love playing game but this past week not able to play as often as I keep getting a connection error. Getting super frustrating. Not worth the time, played merely for mistplay and did for months. It's slow and boring. Dont bother even if I'd not for another app is the same game play and issues.. Really love this app and the story line is more gripping than some soaps! I do wish I had more energy but to be fair its easy to get... I do have 1 massive thing id love to see added to the game... thats a way to turn off hints.. I like having a few things like ovens and stuff.. but the little finger telling me to merge really really bugs me please add that to an update for the settings. The concept is fun but the cost of continuing to build the restraunt is way too expensive. The little money you make from customers goes into 30 or 45 coin dialogue events that don't unlock anything and are a big waste of coins tbh. Dont even get me started on the gameplay. Early game is easy but once you buy some indoor tables the customers start ordering things that take DAYS of energy to merge up to so you spend days accumulating energy without getting coins to progress.

Another deeply monetized game. Maybe it's got a good story, but unless you're ok with making very little progress, or dump huge amounts of money in to it, you'll never know. Honestly just frustrating, it could be fun if they didn't ramp up what you need to do so quickly.. As a mostly f2p player it can be frustrating to find games with a decent balance of free currency bonuses for speedup, free or reasonably avail. ad energy bonuses, not an absurd number of bubbles clogging the play screen constantly and actually being able to play for free for a decent amount of time between energy breaks. This game gets it. On top of that it has a decent story as well as pretty good main story lgbtq+ rep. and regular events. I dig it and drop a few bucks when I can to support!. This game is so much fun and the story is great!! I love the graphics, I read all the characters with a British accent and the events are just enough. I love it!! It's a real time suck and I love watching all the events of the story unfold. But please, let's let Amelia hear from her mother a little more and let's stop interrupting Joe & Amelia's intimate moments so much! So frustrating for them... Lol. When I started, the game was fun. Now, the generators don't produce the amounts they used to. It's taking longer for the generators to refill. It also takes days to fill normal orders. The picnic game requires more points to get worthy items now as well. The storyline started out cute, but now it's turned into a soap opera for games. I mean, seriously?!?!?!? I can play maybe 10 minutes, and then I need to wait 3 hours for a refill. That's outrageous for a game that started out amazing!!!.

Great Game! Love it!!! But I think you guys should provide the regeneration time for items just saying. Over all great game though!. Still waiting for help to show proof of the issues and to get my money credit to my account for paying for a power up and never got it and also over charged me...I cant send screenshots on your app need an email to send them to company and get my credit to my account other then that like the game. very beautiful graphics and creative playful idea but only hoping to get energy easier cause I need to stop playing and wait until a certain time . Im hooked ! it's annoying whe you run out of energy and slow spawn of mostt popular things you need so I could change my mind yet.

I use to love this game alot,but I've been unable to play it for a while, anytime I click the app it says loading for over 10 min and won't play qqq. There were little things that annoyed me about it (the higher lvl gens producing lvl 1 items) and the way Amelia & others acted sometimes was questionable. But it WAS fun. THEN the devs "fixed" it by have higher lvl generators produce LESS items. When we complained they claimed it was a "bug" didn't do anything about it. It takes REAL LIFE DAYS to get any orders done. Nevermind Yuka & Edwinas quests. The devs are money hungry and they're not pretending otherwise. There are better games than this. Charging my bank without permission. I have 5 charges pending this morning for $2.15 each, and I haven't even played the game in at least 2 or 3 days! How do I contact you? I've not purchased anything!.

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