NameGrids of Thermometers
Size9.5 Mb
ReleaseFrozax Games

An original jigsaw puzzle game with a minimalistic design. Here is an exciting puzzle game with actual gameplay and minimalistic design, in which fascinating gameplay awaits you.

The Thermometers Grids have many levels, a large number of tips, a training mode, and clear rules. Before the game, you can read the regulations and instructions to understand the mechanics and the gameplay basics. In principle, there is nothing complicated in the game. The gameplay is divided into levels. At each step, you will need to fill the thermometers with mercury. Each time you will have a set of thermometers in front of you, which make up a kind of design.

It would be best if you filled the thermometers with mercury. However, I do not think everything in the game is simple and easy. Above each column and row, there is a number that indicates the number of cells to be filled with mercury. And this is the main difficulty of the game since filling in a row, you will invariably fill in a column, and vice versa. This must be taken into account when filling out. To win, you will need attentiveness and concentration. The game is designed in a minimalist style. If you have any difficulties, you can use the free hint.

Grids of Thermometers MOD

Fun game, and I don't mind watching ads, but I really don't appreciate how the ads automatically open my play store app. Edit: I really appreciate how quickly the team gets back to you and tries to fix any issues. The developers really try to make the game fun and pleasant!. Fun game. Could use some convenience features such as being able to change the rows/columns to display remaining spots rather than total, could use a progress checker, maybe some more comprehensive stats. Overall a good base game though. Update: Another nice feature from an online version I play is automatically filling in blue or red spaces when it's logical to do so (e.g. when a bulb is blue, automatically fill the entire thermometer).. I've been looking for a new game to get into for a long time now.. I personally love it, so addicting. No ads! You're able to go from level to level STaT. Check it out . Great number patterns game. If you like sudoku, tents and trees, this too will tickle your fancy. I wish it didn't "cheer" so emphatically, and for a black background for better dark mode, but those aren't reason enough to dock the game a star.. I have enjoyed the game quite a bit. But I get asked to rate after nearly every level. I have said never several times, but still get asked over and over. One star because the never review button is a lie..

Grids of Thermometers APK

This was a great game, very good puzzle game and relaxing. But it went to a model with limited boards, unless you watch ads or pay microtransactions or pay a subscription. Not worth it at all. I would be happy to pay a flat fee to remove ads and have access to all boards. Not an option. A great spin on an ood classic. I have a very short attention span but this game keeps my focus, sometimes for too long.. Haven't been able to put this down since installing it. Each game gradually becomes more difficult, but strangely I find them easier on occasion as a pattern emerges or what I'm trying to do becomes more obvious. Now, after being stuck for around 30 minutes, I try a clue - row Y & column X are incorrect... I'm at a point where correcting one column stuffs up another row, or vice versa - the info provided is useless. A bit more info would be appreciated!. It's a good game and I bought the pack O, but why you're showing ads between each level even after buying the packs??.

Grids of Thermometers APK

Very good game but-1 because of you zoom in the numbers disappear (I know they can do it because their other game does is right). This is a very nice game,but. The ads are horrible. Ads thar have to be closed 3 times and then sometimes don't give the reward has turned me off completely. I don't have another game that subjects me to that type of ad.. Would like the app but all the ads come in with music / sounds blasting even though I have turned the sound options off. This is my go to time waster. Keeps my brain engaged and I can put it down at a moment's notice..

Grids of Thermometers APK

I really enjoy this game. Since the subscription plan is very expensive, I tend to just watch the videos for the free daily levels. Unfortunately it seems that the ad system does work from time-to-time and will show that there no videos available to watch. This may happen for days at a time. Not sure if it's a bug, but it prevents me from playing, which prevents me from rating it higher. But kudos to the developer for making such a fun game when I am able to play.. Was fun until the ridiculous subscription price. I can get a streaming service with thousands of hours of multi million dollar entertainment for that price, why would I pay that for something I could outpace in a month? So i can play a few hours and wait for more in a day or two? No thanks, Uninstalling.. I love this game. Easy to learn but challenging as well. Lots of game levels. Ads not a problem but i am considering upgrading for no ads. 99 cents is very reasonable.. Absolutely one of my favorite games from one of my favorite developers. So sad to see the over the top subscription plan. You can a monthly subscription for Apple TV for the same price. Additionally if you pay to remove ads it does not really remove ads. You still have to watch "videos" which are basically ads to unlock most levels. Understand that developers have to monetize, but this is greed..

This is a fun and well thought out game, but I'd like to see a PC version (Available from Google Play is fine). Eventually playing on the phone reaches its limits. Past about 10x10 the boxes are too small. You CAN zoom and scroll, but its just so much to keep track of that it gets too difficult. Plus, if you don't zoom, then its your finger size (and screen) that determines the puzzle size. A PC version would solve that. It would probably play well on a Chromebook too. I have a play pass (Google) so there are no ads (at least, none yet). I was also thinking a "half-hint" would be nice. Instead of telling you what you did wrong, you could check IF the puzzle has ANY errors anywhere. That would almost be a nice to have as an option - just have it check each move and if SOMETHING is wrong with it it would remind you your move you just made was invalid. That would prevent going down paths and getting stuck.. Was one of my favorite games, until they went to subscription pricing & for way too much a month for the amount of puzzles you get in that time frame. I've been playing on Play Pass & it still says it's part of play pass with "No ads or in-app purchases with your Play Pass subscription", however, it's not allowing play & everything is locked unless you subscribe. I'm gonna hate to lose it, but not subscribing. There's not enough 13x & 14x puzzles anymore anyway.. Really good, taxing puzzles, that make you work two areas of the brain at the same time. I love this little belter of a puzzle like no other.. i can no longer play daily packs without ads (with Play Pass) ... i cleared cache and it seems to be working now. I'll let you know. Love the game..

A clever game which is fun to solve. Straightforward, using the process of elimination these puzzles are great for developing reasoning and logic skills. Fun!. This is my new favorite game! I have been a fan of nonogram/griddler puzzles for many years, and this game builds on the same principles of logic while adding a new strategic twist - love it! Full disclosure, I got it with PlayPass, so I can't speak to payment or ad aspects of the non-PlayPass version. PP version UI is excellent. My only request would be the ability to drag-fill without overwritng existing marked cells. Fix that, and it's my favorite logic game ever. . I absolutely love this game. Such an innovative way to present a logic puzzle. Ads are few and far between and very short. Perfect little game for keeping your mind occupied.. I was addicted to this game till the new update wants to charge $4.99 a month!! I can find something else to do for $4.99/month. I'm deleting the game!!.

New review 11/2021: new game update has changed the way to access games. Now must pay $4.99/month to play games. Unfortunately I won't be playing anymore. My original review from 9/2021: Addictive...I love this game! I wish there were more challenging puzzles (13 & 14 grid) as I've done all those.. I simply love this one. I the first couple of levels I didn't know exactly what to do, once I went forward I can't really stop. Some levels are quite challenging. A great game to spend time.. very nice for my anxiety, just enough focus to keep my mind busy, but not so much that i stress on it instead. Fun game. Mind stimulating. Although not sure when 1500 levels became thousands(hundreds maybe) thank you Frozax well worth the price.

Very nice game, which makes you think about what you are doing, great for occasional or casual play, in addition the adverts are not intrusive, only lasting for 5 seconds, which is far better than many others, well done to the developer for keeping it simple but interesting.. Love this game. I've played nearly 300 levels of various difficulty ratings so far. I like that it's like Armada but unique enough to keep me interested.. Really Good about twisting your brain into knots! {Especially if you find the pictocross type games as they are a PIMA!! }. I really love this game! It's one of the best games of It's kind I've played and I've played a lot! It's deceptively simple and completely addictive. If you like picross or nonogram games you should definitely give it a try. My only complaint is that there aren't enough of the difficult levels. I would be more than willing to buy packs of extra levels..

I am pleasantly surprised how much I love this game. Gets this 70 yr old brain thinking and figuring the answer correctly and still have fun.. Fun game. Once a column gets a check mark press the number to flip the open thermometer segments to blue. This really helps with solving. Very clever game. Really good to get you thinking! A nice one to pick up and play every now and again. Simple, yet well designed. The kind of game I can come back to from time to time. Depending on how it goes as I travel further into the game I may review and or edit my review and ratings. Just started doing 7's..

It's pretty easy. Knocked out the first 25 in about 10 minutes. Hopefully it gets harder. I do like this kind of puzzle, and the thermometer gives it an interesting twist (although that might be what makes it easier).. Clean, excellent puzzle game in the vein of Sudoku, but a little simpler. Makes for a relaxing puzzle experience, definitely well made, and TONs of levels. When the game was called "Thermometers", I had paid for all the packs. Now with the new update I'm being charged more money.. Nice math problem turned into a puzzle! But after a while you learn the algorithm and it becomes simple. At that point, it would be nice to have achievements. Update: 5* since there are now achievements!.

Good concept. Fun logic game. I've played it a bit. I guess that's something. Plenty of free levels, but the pay levels would be way expensive.. This game is annoyingly addictive! I play it everyday. Obviously some grids can be completed in less than a minute, others, I've had to leave and come back to. I love puzzles and don't like when I can't figure them out. This is just challenging enough to keep me playing but not so hard that I want to throw my phone.. Would have given 5 stars, because I did enjoy the gameplay. Controls are good; increasing challenge is nice. But, docking 2 stars because of how much it would cost to purchase all the extra packs. And, there's no way to reset the game & replay all the levels, which means that cost is once and done. Sorry, too expensive.. Love this game. It's so SATISFYING to fill the thermometers. The sounds are exactly right, fun and not annoying. I played the instant game levels over and over on my other phone and just downloaded it on my new phone. Yeah, there are ads. It's a game on the interwebby. I'mma play it anyway. You definitely need a stylus for this game..

It's a great game. I love playing it. But recently in the daily games you can't unlock the first 6 for free with videos, it appears the option is there but no videos are available. I miss those! I actually find myself not going into the game because they are missing. Hope this isn't a cash push.. Relaxing! While almost no one needs logical solution in this world, I need this game to keep my logical mind! This game doesn't need memory, but just scanning for faults. I pay for it since it could locate accurate hints and hope that it could continue to provide distinct unique-solution game boards.. Very addictive game, the concept and rules are simple. Good job ! I play the daily free game everyday. Want more free levels, don't mind watching ads. Great relaxing logical numbers game. I enjoyed playing this game. It's a shame that the first 3 packs are free but you have to purchase the other packs..

Fun puzzle game. I wish the ads where more subtle, full screen ads with audio that do not respond to the back button. I'd give it +1 star if the ads where muted by default and +1 star if they would respond to the back button.. I now have the opposite problem in that I'm limited to five stars and want to rate it higher. The developer corresponded with me, fixed it, posted the update all in less than five elapsed days. It would have taken less than half of that if I had been as responsive as he. Excellent work! ---- The column headers do not display on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet. Therefore, this game is unplayable on this platform. Unfortunately, I can not rate this as zero stars, so I am forced to give it one..

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