NameChess Royale
ReleaseSayGames Ltd

Chess Royale: Play Chess Online is an easy-to-understand logic project dedicated to this popular game. Android users are invited to participate in single-computer games of varying complexity, as well as in single-player battles and tournaments with online chess ghosts from around the world. Chess Royale offers several design options for the playing field, 3-D visualization of the area, and AI opponents of different complexity to train. You will appreciate the advanced help system and training mode in which even beginners can hone their chess skills, understand the fundamentals of defense and attack, use loopholes, and develop all kinds of tactical and strategic nuances correctly.

The game’s mechanics are made in the format of a tactical strategy. Your main task here is to win 99 exciting duels, forming your team from the heroes of the mythical universe. Each round is a duel where you must recruit several heroes and fight with the enemy team. All battles take place automatically. That is, you will not be able to influence the duel directly. However, before the contest, you can arrange the heroes, having previously thought about which hero and position will be more effective. You will not be able to intervene in the battle process. The uniqueness of this game is that all battles will take place against different opponents. That is, you are waiting for 99 unique opponents. And all opponents will be accurate. Chess Royale is designed exclusively for multiplayer battles. You’ll unlock new fighters to form new teams as you win duels.

There’s a record of every move, so you can later recreate and analyze the entire match, changing the course of the game in computer-combat mode. Start playing Chess Royale: play chess online and immediately try to beat your friends online, or start practicing against the main character on the computer. Set your preferred difficulty level and try to learn from your mistakes, change tactics, and learn all the nuances. Play online, participate in single-player competitions, and register for tournaments. Use the version of the game with the ad-free mode so you don’t watch annoying videos between games, entirely focusing on the streamlined chess process. Try to follow the ratings of other players in the respective tables, see how the real grandmasters play the game online, and learn from them various valuable tricks. Customize the appearance and sound design to suit your taste.

Chess Royale MOD

This app displays lot of ads it not a bad thing but it shows most of the ads little bit related to adult content. ?? I don't get it, this app simply meets the absolute, bare minimum: you can play chess. That's all. No timer, no rating, no button that lets you do something else other than play the next game (other than the "close ad" button) . No timer really means you don't know if you're actually playing with a person, and no rating is self-explanatory. The 60 seconds per move timer but unlimited time is new but the ads severely slow the game and eat battery so try to spread the offers out for different sessions so you can still get the ads you get paid for in and people don't go to another app. Paguei a assinatura para no receber anncios porm continuam aparecendo de Por favor aguardo retorno de meu plano. Rip off. Here I was thinking I was buying the ad free version only to find out. After the fact after I paid that it was only for a month it did not say that when I press the buy button. It should have been a rent button not a buy button because it seems to me that this is how this game rips people off. Overall for an online game when I was playing the free version it seemed to be bots as people didn't have proper usernames. I haven't played a game yet with the "monthly subscription version".

Chess Royale APK

The lessons were my main reason for downloading this app. You only get ONE lesson for free a DAY! Annoying and greedy.. I enjoy this game but I don't like rhe daily puzzles that pop up each time I open the app.. Overall its pretty good, one issue that is particularly annoying is with the lessons. Any time a lesson requires you to castle, it reports the move as incorrect and tells you to castle thus essentially aborting the lesson. I reported the issue and then waited for an update, after the recent update the issue remains.. I m facing problem since two weeks because it's not working on my phone even this app is not opening. Whenever I open the app it gets my phone stuck for more than 45 seconds. I can't open or close anything during this time. Plz resolve the issue..

Chess Royale APK

This game does not work properly. Whenever I open it, it closes automatically. Earlier this did not happen in this game.. Is for smart people if you are you will like it if you not is not for you if you want be smart you know what you how to to. Good that I cam play chess with people my level. The app just knows who to match with & also they have after game analysis. If you want 100% analysis all the time, I think u gotta pay but really tho, sometimes it's free, depending on your coins/rewards or so... yehh pretty good app!!. 3d moves and animation will boost this game and people will love to play it as nobody is providing 3d movement.

Chess Royale APK

Good for free; commercials aren't that bad. After the first few games you get used to them. Never had a problem with connecting to other players. Also circumnavigation of the adds is easy. Just go to your homescreen where the game is and get back to the game. Almost add free, more like, just a hint of adds.. The ads are ridiculous like every 15 secs annoying and no way I n hell would I ever purchase this game since I can never check it out without ten thousand ads. please, check the app carefully, it's not properly working, it's frequently breaks the momentum by hanging, apart from the ads at the receiver's end. help it out .. Overall pretty good game. Lots of splash screens at the beginning and some lag every once in a while, but pretty good.

I don't know if its a bug or what, its just when I purchased the royal pass everything's disconnected or even showing something went wrong, I hope it get fixed ASAP! Literally waste of time.. I did have a great review, but now when I'm doing the "chess puzzles " I get about half way through the tex(Boom!advertisement) and I have to start back to read the whole thing again after the add.. It was 5's prior, now thinking about finding a new app after 600 games played on this app. . What has happened? I have lost all my money I can't control my chess game it just goes straight to playing chess. I think I have played Dave around 10 times. This was a great game but ever since I switched phones I go to make my first move on the board and I get kicked out and all the game says is "something went wrong:(". No explanation happens every single time..

OUTSTANDING APP UNTIL YOUR STUPID COMMERCIALS GOT IN THE WAY. I LOOK FOR PEACE AND QUIET WITH NO COMMERCIALS AND ALL THE SUDDEN I GET BOMBARDED WITH COMMERCIALS. AS OF NOW I HATE PLAYING CHESS. This game is not worth downloading, just go to chess dot com and play the official app on your own level without an avalanche of apps. There is no practice area or tutorial for beginners. It throws your straight into matchups, whether You've played the game before or not. If you're a beginner, start with something else. Avoid Royal Chess at All Costs! I recently tried out Royale Chess, and let me tell you, it's an absolute disaster. This app is a prime example of what happens when developers prioritize their own benefits over quality. From its childish interface to its lackluster graphic design, Royal Chess fails on every level. Royal Chess is a disaster. Childish interface, terrible graphics, and relentless ads make it unbearable. The developer should be ashamed for prioritizing profit over quality..

No to this app, its not really good, there many other chess app don't watse time for this, aside from manys ads there always problem in the game such as it suddenly disconnected even the connection is stable and good. App become very annoying because of adds every 20 seconds...lost the interest in playing this game...look for another app...we know Ada are it very important for maintenance and stability of your company but this kinda ads something unacceptable...bye bye developers.... The game has glitches. One game I played half the board was disabled. None of my pieces left of the king could move and my pieces on the right side of my king could only move to squares on right half of the board. Game is very nice but there are too many ads before starting the game. That is very irritating movement while you are in game..

Too much add. And especially 3 stage adds. See youtube there is compulsory 5 sec after that u get a skip. You adds run anime no close button, then appears close button then appears another page then after closing another page. 5 or 10 sec add is ok. 30 second adds and that too every minute is useless. Only u will develop but no users will be there. No wonder how i was ranked 1 in the weekly league. None was using it. . Bunch of ads, can't even explore tabs with every 5-10 sec there's an advertisement, for every click there's an advertisement. This makes an app worst and annoying to play with players. Rest stores are good and player matching. Even every other apps/games are free and have ingame packs where players can spend their money, and make game running but this is worst way you are ruining the experience of players and driving them off..

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