NameBeehive Bedlam

The classic game Beehive Bedlam has become much more interesting and functional.

A popular classic has turned into something incredible, and you want to play constantly. The cold winter will come very soon, and you need to help the poor bees save all their flowers for making honey. You can do it, you just need to try a little and be careful. A lot of interesting levels in the style of the classics, 700 completely new ones that you have never experienced before.

New game mode, level screen selection, and all saved high scores. You are allowed to experience this colorful adventure with bees, flowers, and delicious honey. Here you will even meet the global table of records, where all the world record-holders will be located. Excellent graphics, many entertaining events, and everything that will give you a great mood.

Beehive Bedlam MOD

Terrible game deleted absolutely nothing like the original the touch sensitivity is way too sensitive when moving to aim flowers this will never be nothing like the original. Fun twist on the classic bubble shooter game. The way it's timed it also interesting as it makes you think on your feet.. Over all good Good idea about a daily spin for extras , however if you are lucky enough to hit on the mega bomb this should go on the game grid underneath the normal honey bombs . The way it is currently set out it interferes with the game play . IE you can accidently pick the mega bomb up to use when in fact all you wanted to do is fire a colour flower or use a normal honey bomb instead . Please can the makers of this game rectify this error thank you!. Amazing to play this SKY TV classic from back in the very past day.. many a wasted hour with the kids.. The nostalgia I get from the music.... I wish there was some way to play some of the other sky classics as well.

Beehive Bedlam APK

Very good and addicting experience (and no this is not a bot, just honest) I actually enjoy this as it's just a good game tbf when you're bored.. Its a good game nostalgic for me but I feel thegraphics could be improved to look more prominent like they were on SKY.. This is my childhood game thank you for reminding me my childhood memories. please if you can two more games but on here which I play on sky tv. King tutty and bubble tumble. thankful so much......... I AM CRYING SO MUCH BECAUSE I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND THIS GAME ON ANDROID! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS HONESTLY. I CANT WAIT TO TELL MY FAMILY!!!.

Beehive Bedlam APK

It was fun for a while and a nice nostalgia trip for someone who played this on my Sky box back in the day. But at a certain point it just becomes impossible. Level 245 for example is almost entirely White flowers which can only be destroyed with a bomb. However, the game never gives you enough bombs to clear these before you run out of time. There's nothing you can do.. Decent remake. Please, please add a button to fire when on "buttons" input. The whole point of having buttons input option is to not have to use swipe controls, but you have to swipe up to fire the flower in this control scheme. It's by far my biggest gripe with the game. I'd also suggest having an option to remove the dashed line, I feel for some that makes things a bit too easy.. The lives feature sucks. I get it's how you make money but you should have a 1 time payment to remove ads and have infinite lives. I'd genuinely pay a fiver for that.. Impossible to complete level 250 without watching 10 adverts to get boosts! Very annoying and such a cheating way to get past this level!!!!!!.

Beehive Bedlam APK

Music should not have changed. This was a perfectly recreated classic game from sky TV. All of a sudden there is a need to change the music that was nostalgic. Why?!. Pretty good dose of nostalgia for the old days of playing this on Sky. Was it always this fast, though? How about making the Xmas version they used to use available to unlock?. I used to play this on sky all the time I can't belive it's on the phone I was so shocked when I saw it. Quite an interesting game takes a few tries but lov3 the game with a slow gain of each level having a slight increase in complexity and will probably be working through the levels until the end of time.

Only downloaded the game because childhood. I know it's an old game but that's how it was at the time. Im sure you can improve the game whilst keeping the nostalgia.. Not sure what's changed but this app now causes my screen to behave erratically not just in this app my whole phone, it becomes so bad I e en have difficulty trying to restart my phone, u installed and my phone behaves perfectly.. Amazing game i have played many other thungs they have made and, the SWDteam realy out did themselves this time.. Its ok app game but little bit not happy with 3 lives need more for example 5 or more than, for level stages over 600 is well nuts its crazy it needs to be reduced down maybe 200 or 300 level stages..

After about an hour straight of gameplay, i can say it was a pretty enjoyable game. The overall game style is really good for long car trips or flights. Would recommend.. Game from my childhood. Used to play on my Sky box. Now i play on my phone. The nostalgia is there and its so relaxing to play. The bg music is just so soothing.. It's good but just like any other Android game where ads are ruining an experience. Why not have a paid version that removes the ads and the 3 lives restrictions?. I'm just going to say it's ok Its not as good as when it used to be on sky games I find that it's too sensitive when doing the maneuver of the arrow on touch screen this game will always be a game to use with a remote control if you own a amazon fire os device then I recommend that you download it onto that instead.

Brilliant retro fun original one off sky games how I missed playing this and could find nothing better used to play this endlessly on my mums analogue sky ,only playing the free levels though! So so glad I found this makes me think of my mum Thank you for uploading this!!(10 ********** stars not 5). This is a pretty fun game that is highly addictive and the game ran pretty smoothly on my phone. Nice app!. This game is so good, when I'm not playing on my pc, or I'm bored, this is my go to!. It looks like behive bedlam but honestly it's not, you will be spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game, it definitely forces you to watch ads more than actually playing, very poor game...

This is a quality remake of the original. However, as overs have stated, on the original if you didn't want to use the colour you had you could swap it for the next one. This option doesn't exist in this? And I feel as if time goes too quickly on these levels. If these were sorted out it would be 5/5. I cried this game is the best game i have ever played I cried at the end when i completed this game the game is so up lifting and inspring Just The Best 69 out of 5 i would give it. Overall I enjoyed the game. It was challenging enough to keep me engaged throughout all the levels, but not too challenging. Amazing color choice and design overall. Absolutely enthralling gameplay.. I love this game and the nostalgia it brings me but it's ruined by the tiny number of lives you have which can be used up very quickly. They take a long time to earn back if you don't feel like watching constant ads for misogynistic games..

It's really fun the game makes you feel tense with the bar going higher making it harder to shoot every time!. Very disappointed that its not the original music that was on Sky. Also very annoying that the maximum 3 lives can literally be lost in 2 minutes.. Makes it very boring as can't go on for long. The brown flowers are very difficult to see against the dark background, and the yellow bombs are often mistaken for yellow flowers and visa versa. Should differentiate better if others colours were used, such as orange, white, lime green, etc. Now annoyingly been completely stuck on one level for days!. Ohh the childhood memories of playing this on the sky box, always watched my mum and dad play it and a love the music that goes with it. Love the game. An absolute classic match 3 game from the past bought back to life and given new content. On top of the classic levels there more stuff added to make the game even more full, even getting a game over is no big deal just watch an ad or 2 and boom you can retry the level again. If you like match 3's or remember this game on the old sky tv interactive menu then go for it you won't be disappointed, this is how you take an older game and improve upon it. .

As always the SWD team did a great job, the game is really fun and addicting. If you dont have the game already you should really get it. I used to play this about 20 years ago on channel 4 ceefax pages, it's also now on SKY Q, happy days . The game is now back on sky Q, however its not the same version as it was on the old digital platform, this version is as close to what it was back then if not better as it has 700 levels , have to watch adverts to gain extra lives once you run out but cant complain as its free. Much appreciated.. Wow, this game is amazing, I'd highly recomend everyone playing this! Apparently they've made a version for the browser aswell!.

Really takes me back 16 years ago when the game was on sky and it was addictive and it still is. Good game.. I loved the game when I was kids it so much like the one on sky but how do you swap the colour without shooting it don't let you switch the colour it just shoots the colour that's there. I Love the game. Brings back memories when it was first published on Sky. The graphics are smooth and very colourful . Well I say it's actually a really good game. It is quite addictive and where ever I go I'm playing the game. After just a day playing it I was on it all day. I would recommend this to everyone. It is a pritty good game.

Nostalgic game well made:had no problems. My only complaint is that it's not noob friendly as it's challenging right away. Each time I play a level eg. Level 1 it keeps on crashing & going off the game, can this be sorted out please it was 1 of my all time sky tv favourite games!. Everytime I complete the first level it knocks me out of the game and back to my phone home screen.

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