NameSugar Blast: Pop & Relax
Size70.95 Mb
ReleaseRovio Entertainment Corporation
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Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax

Entertaining arcade game with a colorful design. A mobile toy for androids, which is a classic arcade game in the style of “three in a row”, where you have to burst beautiful and delicious candies. If you are interested in such games. The Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax
has a huge number of levels. The peculiarity is that each level is made in the form of different geometric shapes and figures. These levels are filled with colorful balls, in this case, candy canes, which you will destroy in order to get game points. Here you can crunch with toffee, eat marmalade in sugar, and so on.

The gameplay is not difficult and does not differ from similar games. Unless you have to move elements here. Here you just need to find a group among the available elements and click on it once. A group of elements will disappear from the field, and you will receive game points and, possibly, bonus amplifiers. For a change, small tasks were added to the game, which, on the one hand, add variety, and on the other hand, complicate the gameplay a little.

Download ( V1.36.1 )

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