Traffix APK Mod 9.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

Last update February 26, 2024

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ReleaseInfinity Games, Lda

Elementary rules and incredible minimalism. Traffix, this game project will win your heart and capture your brains. Everyone knows perfectly well that there is always some chaos, vanity, and much more on our roads. This is especially true of large metropolitan areas such as Paris, Rome, London, and Moscow. You also have to manage the traffic lights in this city to restore complete order and allow drivers to move safely. It’s time to start fighting this chaos, restore entire order in the world, and give people the opportunity to move freely.

The rules here are pretty simple, and you just need to press the traffic light at a specific time so that the signal changes and the cars move forward. Of course, all this works in real life, and there are many traffic lights in the city. Here you will find many buses, trucks, cars and other cars. Somewhere planes will fly by, trains or completely unusual trucks will pass. You will have to do everything, so they do not collide, and there is no chaos. The most important thing is that this game will not make you think a lot. Any of the presented cities will be able to impress any player with its beauty.

Traffix MOD

Good concept. Controls decent but could be improved, double tapping is not as precise as it should be. Level design seems confused, difficulty isn't very linear as it switches between puzzle focused to more of rhymth game to just a test of memory. With those being ordered from most to least fun imo. The chaos mode is really pointless as to unlock it you need a perfect run then chaos is just doing that again.. Not for me. I like the style and the game is good, no bugs for me but around Shanghai it got too hard for me.. If could give 0 stars, i would have. You didn't include a manila level but you included Vientiane? Who even knows Vientiane? Nobody knows laos, let alone their capital. And yet you left Manila out of the game. What a shame.. It's a good game but I just downloaded it again and all my progress has been deleted so I have to play from the beginning again. Edit to make accurate: Interesting levels train strategy & patience. The colours are calming, pictures above are accurate. Levels get harder, which can be a good challenge. There is actually a natural skip level function so, you don't miss the game if you're stuck. Thus, some levels provide fun interesting challenges that you can be patient with!.

Traffix APK

Great game I find it quite difficult especially later on in the game. I still play this hours on end.. I played through the tutorial late at night. I fell asleep waiting for the rest of the app to load. Woke up and found it shut down. I tried again and also uninstalled and reinstalled. The game takes way too long to load on a high speed Fios connection. Deleting the game. Not worth it to use as a time waster to prevent boredom if ut won't load.. I installed the app today, played once and enjoyed it. However, every time I try to open the app now, it gets stuck in the main screen and won't go further. I have tried deleting all data and even deleting the app and reinstalling. Nothing seems to work. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not the only one having this issue these days that the app is free.. This is an awesome game, a great one. It's just that... there's no skip or help or anything like that button... At first it was really fun, easy to understand, but soon enough, once you get to the real hard ones, it's just really stressful and just sucks out the fun of it. Can't do it? Sucks to suck cause you're stuck there til ya beat it. It would be really great if there's a sort of "try again later" button so you can skip it for now, just that you haven't completed it...

Traffix APK

I've played through every level maybe 100 times. Marrakesh took me easily six months to get two stars on, but the rest are fairly straightforward. 10/10 though I'd love an option to delete progress and start over so I can beat it all over again. Perfect game to play when Im bored, when I lack of internet, or when I got nothing more to do at public places. This game makes me imagining what would the tolls or highways look like from above. When in our daily basis, we drive through these ways and everything seems neat, everything seems okay. But we sometimes wonder what would it be if we see it from above. Just imagine, we do our job as a traffic arranger cop, and we use advanced technology just like how this game works.. Not an easy game! This game will kill the time, but it is not easy. Very addicting. Should add an update for endless feature.. Double tapping for a greenlight was a bad decision choice. Needs a "hold for greenlight" option to prevent accidental greenlights. The plane runway levels are not fun, they're just slow and frustrating, I wish they were bonus levels instead. Also, I just realized this game does not work well on foldables/large screens, especially the Auckland level (cuts off so much of the sides you can only see one car at a time). If these were fixed, it would be perfect!.

Traffix APK

"Chaos" mode doesn't live up to its name far from it. It may give you an instant fail over just one crash, but you won't be punished for making the police wait for too long, making certain levels much easier in this mode. "Normal" mode is the one that's more chaotic and stressful. I'm stuck at New Delhi as of this review. As other reviewers say, we want to be able to skip levels, or maybe have a lenient star requirement system. I do not recommend this game to casual players, but to masochists.. Gotta love the simplistic visuals and how the game is complicated with a simple mechanic. personally i think cop cars can spawn rarely on normal, and on chaos mode there should be more emergency cars (ambulance, firetruck), so chaos mode can have it's own truck counterparts. also maybe add towing truck for longer vehicle with 2 in 1. but the game is already perfect even without these.. Finnished the game could you add more maps or add in that we can create our own maps and please don't add ads into it makes gameplay irritating the game is excellent it is just about thinking. Just the second last ons Tel Aviv the bottom left corner the cars are making accidents before the red light that amoust can't be sean on screan they just keep bumping ito each other till the front that is how I noticed and ons the last map warsaw the top the cars just go over the red light.. Game is Labeled as stress reliever but it makes me super stressed either I'm just horrible at the game or something.

There is zero room for error because one crash pretty much ends the attempt. That kind of takes away the fun and turns it into a very repetitive game.. It's plenty of fun. The hangup is when you get to a level that is simply not within your grasp (at the moment)... You have no recourse. I suppose that's simply how a game goes, but it kills the joy. Wish there was an alternate way to earn/unlock further levels.. Very frustrating. Not much logic to the gameplay, just clicking a red leg to let a car through when there's not oncoming traffic. Not at all what I expected, eg. building logical traffic lights & automatic fingers to have a good throughput.. Recently bought a new phone, game purchase transferred, but I've lost *28* levels of progress!! Was 6 levels from completing the game (Marrakesh) but it was all a waste of time as I'm now stuck @Barcelona :(.

The game is seriously getting bad i don't know why but in DELHI level there is airplane crossing and road crossing that is also OK but why there is so much frequency of black cars suddenly when just a car or 2 passes away the frequency gets high its even impossible to pass away from road crossing and in every 5 seconds the white cars start to get mad. I don't know what the developer is upto I don't know what the black cars have to do with accidents with white car please reduce the black cars.. Good game, some challenging levels. I managed to get through the levels ok, however Bogota is a very difficult/badly designed level. I've been stuck on it for weeks now. As such can't unlock the other levels, so can't play the full game despite having paid for it. Please introduce a feature where you can skip a level.. Wonderfully addictive game. Lots of replay ability. But some levels are insanely hard. Bogota requires knowing a secret timing of the cars otherwise I'd never be able to pass it. YouTube solution videos help me get through the entire game. I hope the developers add more levels.. I really enjoyed this game. I found that I got better over time without realizing it which makes it really rewarding to go back to earlier levels and beat them so easily. My only complaint is that Chaos mode seems broken balance wise. It's way easier because you can let the cars sit there for as long as you like and take your time. Part of the challenge of the base levels is the race against time, but that is effectively removed in this mode..

I enjoyed the game and have completed it, some levels are ridiculously difficult and frustrating, I probably would have preferred to skip and go back to them, but you have no choice but to complete it in order to try other cities. I didn't really notice any difference in the chaos mode. Hope more levels will be added in future. It would be nice to add a daily challenge, maybe a leadboard with the fastest times to complete the level? One way to keep users engaged . I like the whole idea of this game, it's fun and challenging. However, there is noticeable problem with difficulty scaling. Levels quickly become both hard and lengthy what makes game really tedious. Also, I think all the levels should be available from the start - it's annoying when you get stuck on one of them and can't access the other.. It would be nice to have a "help button" for a few of these levels. Marrakesh about killed my desire to ever play this game again. I needed a mercy "help me solve this" button or walk thru. The difficulty level isn't linear because the level after Marrakesh I earned 3 starts first try. Also agree and endless feature for some levels would be great. More realistic traffic patterns would be great, too.. Very cool and relaxing game. Sometimes I want to bash my phone againts the bathroom tiles but it's a good game all in all..

The game is extremely addictive and challenging but there are a few flaws. Mainly, the amount of cars needed to win later on is so large I feel like the game no longer starts testing your skill and instead starts testing your patience. The New York level is the first one I've encountered with a 120 cars requirement and by the time I got to roughly 100 cars I got into one incident and instead of being motivated to try again I quit the game to not waste time.. Positive: visuals, UI, concept Negative: difficulty is wayyyyy to high, needs a "half-speed" or endless mode Confusing: chaos mode doesn't make sense, wouldn't it be more logical to control traffic around police cars? Like, their purpose is specifically NOT to stop at a red light! It's the other way around guys . What an amazing surprise! Traffix is an instant classic! This is the kind of game that makes me want to play on mobile. I would give it more stars if I could. SUPER recommended.. This is a very light game, perfect for an afternoon tea, or relaxing at an airport lounge. This game knows how to unwind you..

My favorite game on Android. I started playing less because I was getting close to completing all of the cities and did not want the game to be over. The format on the full screen Fold 3 is a little zoomed in so I can't see the full screen and it makes it hard to see exactly when the cars come in which can affect my strategy and timing for some of the cities.. Super cute, simple controls, fun and challenging. Yes the levels get hard really fast! Guess what -- humans aren't good a multitasking haha. Good practice for paying attention.. Nice visual style, challenging and good fun. Some of the levels are tough but so far I've found different strategies to complete them.. The game is amazing I just wish there was a way around the levels that are way to hard for some people. I had to stop playing because Bogota is way to hard. Other than that it's amazing.

I generally hate mobile games, but this one is exceptional. All I can say is that it is frustratingly addictive. I wish it kept statistics on how many times I've attempted a level before finishing it 100% without any accidents or road rage incidents. But if you're looking for a challenging, but enjoyable, casual gaming experience then I highly recommend Traffix.. First few levels are real fun, after about 10th level it starts to have some really annoying rng mechanics which are not in your power to control. Levels starts to be more hard and frustrating last few levels are pure frustration and pain, because of uncotrolable mechanics. Game is presented as chill game, but its really stressful. Dont give your money in this game if you want to play it because of description of developers.. I like the aesthetics and design, but that's all it is. Although the difficulty says normal, the experience says otherwise, its way too hard to even complete a level, at least lower the requires vehicles to pass through or something, it's very frustrating, only good at the start, and its not a good way to past the time. It gets quite boring after a while since only the map changes, the gameplay is repetitive.. Someone in the reviews said this was a relaxing game. No it is not, I'm over here yelling at my phone. "GOOOO!!!!!!". It's a really good game. Definitely not relaxing though..

Smooth and calming design and gameplay. Lots of different kinds of junctions, perfect balance between challenge and feasibility. The one thing I'm missing is an endless mode for each of the levels, I sort of expected it to be there for this kind of game, but it's not.. NO ADS! NO WIFI! A simply beautiful action puzzle game. A breath of fresh air for the ad-weary mobile gaming community. 2 stars because the levels get too difficult too quickly 4 levels in and I already felt my brain getting tired from navigating multiple directions of traffic. Bridges and irrelevant cross traffic should have been introduced separately in my opinion (tunnels first or extraneous traffic first not both at the same time, please. My poor . There is a colorblind mode.. doesn't matter what it says this game is NOT a relaxing game even when im relaxed, playing this game made me tense, and my problem really is because the progress doesn't sync properly between devices. Bangkok is such a bad level,the cars are going around the roundabout several times until they exit , who would ever drive like that?.

Great game sometimes the cars do "hit" each other without even touching, but that seems to only be on one map that I can't find and there are also a few maps that I just can't get 3 stars on, but that's probably just a skill issue. Amazing game, best for quick-play, I just feel the frames per second were a little low, not that smooth looking. It's a pretty interesting game. Some levels are almost unplayable, though. You just have no chance to keep track, when your cars are going to turn and collide. Marrakesh is absolute the worst so far. You just need an extreme amount of pure luck.... Extremely stressful. I can't seem to get past Shanghai. Definitely DO play the tutorial. I went straight in with Berlin (the game started me there) and ended up playing 3 cities without knowing you can clear away crashed cars or activate green lights with a double tap. It's a great concept, but be prepared to get very frustrated. I hope I'm not forever stuck on the Shanghai level..

Great game to pass the time, needs more maps though, I was able to get through everything in about a week. Certain levels more challenging than others. Overall nice management simulation game!. I love the game and the more challenging levels. But there isn't a way to move beyond a level you get stuck on which is annoying. If there is a fix for this, I'd happy award 5* I note a response to a review from November where the developer has said to look out for future updates - but that was November 2022 and is now April 2023.. I really enjoyed playing this game. However, there should be an option to be able to skip levels. Chaos mode is easier than Normal. I have been stuck in Marrakesh for weeks now and can't get passed it. If you're stuck on a level you can't advance to the next which is pretty stupid honestly.. Bangkok is the only level I think is unfair; there's simply not enough time to avoid the cars at the exits reliably which is random (most levels have a pattern). Some levels can feel like a chore due to how long they last. Road rage doesn't take into account how long the cars stay on screen so it can be unfair for some levels. Chaos mode is basically the same as normal 3 stars, and I think expecting players to do 3 stars (no crashes) twice is a bit much. A few bugs. Terrible difficulty spikes..

Really challenging game, though I think some levels are better for Computer because it can be fidgety, I am literally stuck on Dubai at to moment. Otherwise is a fun challenging game.. Fun, but it doesn't support anything over 60fps on phones with higher refresh rate screens. Makes it look hitchy on better hardware.. For $1, this game is awesome, especially as you play to earn 3 stars on all the levels, including completing the chaos mode versions of the levels. The three hardest levels for me to 3 star were Porto, Marrakesh, and Bangkok, extremely frustrating because of the unpredictability of the cars in these levels but it felt so satisfying after finally getting it! Please make a Traffix 2 or consider adding more levels, even if we have to buy them, great, simple, satisfying game!. I learned a lot about my risk tolerance and the kind of bad decisions I'm prone to make under pressure. Great lesson on the consequences of increasing mental workload! (Maybe a good game for pilots?) If you don't make decisions quickly enough, the number of decisions rack up really quickly, and the whole experience becomes overwhelming. You learn very quickly just how dumb your monkey brain can be. .

Runway levels are annoying, and I'd love it if just one of these games had a mode where all roads had a signal. I just want to control lights, not deal with unrealistic BS intersections where cars don't know how to use brakes or where we're crossing multiple runways at once for no good reason. It's alright? Not the best traffic game out there. Done levels are dumb/frustrating l/gimacy. Cars coming from off screen will cause you nightmares on multiple levels. Bangkok level is as far as I got before I rage quit. Great but now not so good.... I played this last year during lockdown when I was on Playpass. Loved the game and its minimalist style. And enjoyed finding a few game logic flaws that enabled me to cheat the game - a little bit. I left Playpass a while back but decided last week to buy the game itself. However since installing the new non-Playpass version, the game won't start. It keeps crashing to tablet-top. Any pointers Devs...? It would be at least 4 stars if not for this.. Fantastic game. Minimalistic and engrossing. I hope the devs add an endless gameplay mode where the cars keep coming until you fail a certain number of times..

Can you please check what happened to Bangkok since the last update? The scope of the traffic lights seems too large and the level cannot be played properly any more (because the wrong lights have an effect on the cars). Thanks. [edit after answer by developers: thanks. Yes, I will send a recorded video showing the bug to you later today.] (Edit: bug is resolved, works again). Bugs fixed now i only wish there were more levels, but the levels that are here are amazing, and somewhat challenging. The latest update is a pain, cars cannot pass on yellow light and they stop in the middle of the road, this is just annoying giving the fact that I paid for this... Great game. It's like moving puzzles. I like the cars go in the flow to their destination. Can you please make more levels?.

Keep the updates coming. Great game, worth the money. Edit: Not me being a total idiot, game didnt auto update for some reason. Cheers for the quick responses.. I liked this game until the most recent release. Now cars stop at yellow lights even when they're just nearby (i.e. on an adjacent path). I hope they get their release process squared away.. Fun game but some of the levels are unplayable now because you can't make the lights yellow and if a car is near an adjacent red light they get stuck. Needs immersion mode API for newer devices with notches and camera cuts on the screen so there's not just a solid black bar..

Wish I could give it 1 star doesn't play wheel on fold 4 can't see enough to anticipate. wish the dev would at least put the effort to try his trash before putting it to the road.. Awesome game, but gets buggy (starting from Osaka) where the lights don't work properly, which makes it impossible to go on. Changing to 1 star. I tried playing this game again after an extended break. The Bogota level is completely broke now. Cars start moving on yellow, then just stop. I have to tap 3 times slowly to get the cars to move on yellow. (Yellow, red, yellow again) Literally unplayable now, don't waste your time or money. I've uninstalled and won't be coming back.. Vehicle (cars) not moving when light in yellow from Osaka onwards..please rectify. Reply: not's still broken. Fix it.

This week's 'bug fixes' broke the game even more. The Bangkok level was already impossible to solve and needed fixing, but now the whole traffic light system is broken. How was this not tested??. This game has really good animation and has a lot of landmarks where you can play plus it has two game modes however, this game gets really hard and you have to pay for it, it gets to the point where it gets so hard you almost want to uninstall it so please fix your game and do it quickly. Plus the more I play it the more I hate it, it'd becoming like trash no wonder you need to pay for it your broke beacuse nobody likes it. I sorry but this is the worst game I have ever played. Game is nice. Others do a bad job explaining the issue: almost all games get gradually harder and harder. This game, however, gets more frustrating. This isn't a fault of the developer, games like these just happen to have this trait. You should take breaks in between plays if you really want to enjoy, otherwise move on and play something like Mini Metro instead.. Totally disappointed! I didn't play for a while (let's be honest is not a game that you play everyday for 2 years) and when I came back my levels were wiped. Back to the tutorial after putting so many efforts into getting so many 3 stars and levels completed..

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