NameTroll Face Quest Video Games
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ReleaseAzerion Casual
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Troll Face Quest Video Games

Now you can troll your favorite game characters in this fun sequel! Troll Face Quest Video Games – a series of games about Trollface is top-rated in the modern world. Troll Face Quest Video Games is one of them. High popularity is confirmed by a considerable number of downloads and installations. In this game version, you will have to go on an insanely exciting adventure. You will need to solve puzzles and analyze the most unrealistic and impossible situations to achieve the goal.

Throughout the tasks, you should not forget to troll the most famous characters in the game. In the shooter, the main characters are plumbers from Italy, ninjas hungry for fruit, and terrible orcs, but they will not be able to protect themselves from Trollface’s pranks.

It is worth being prepared even for the most unpredictable events, and sometimes it seems that either you or the world went crazy. Throughout all 30 levels, you should control yourself, go through the impassable, and solve the unsolvable and unexpected.

A feature of Troll Face Quest Video Games for Android is an entirely new type of character control, with 30 insanely funny, unpredictable, and fun levels. In the beginning, it is worth trying to block the most amusing table of achievements and become the natural leader of the events.

An important and most attractive feature of the game is that it can be played anywhere and at different times since there is no connection to the presence of wi-fi. Everyone jants to be the leader among Troll Face Quest Video Games players worldwide.

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