NamePainting Book – Color By Number
Size72.42 Mb
ReleaseGameLord 3D

Fun and colorful coloring book. In the game Painting Book – Color By Number, you can enjoy a variety of coloring pages. No need to connect to the Internet. You can safely color and not think about problems.

In our difficult times, young people are constantly under stress. Pressure at work, school, and more leads to depression. If you want to get rid of it, you must play this relaxing game. Relieve stress, relax and enjoy a variety of pictures. It will be a genuinely magical coloring book where numbers stack everything, and you can’t go wrong. The game will help you effectively deal with stress, relieve emotions, and also find incredible happiness for a long time. Everything here is simple; you will not need to learn anything and apply complex solutions. Pick a color, paint by numbers and see what you get.

Painting Book – Color By Number MOD

Nobryanmangun no you didn't fix me up and made my phone go back again and I update it once no I think that's what sucks about yes the coloring that made my phone block again I updated it in the update me and my phone go black yes calling people fix the coloring app I do not want to make my phone go block again I'm blowing lumber mango. If you're gonna implement AI art into your game, make it an AI game. Don't mix it in with real art. It's honestly embarrassing seeing an image with the wrong amount of fingers on the front page. You wouldn't hire a real artist to make trash like that, so don't replace it with AI. I am honestly so tired of seeing AI making unprofessional and anatomically ambiguous images when real artists take hours sketching, coloring, rendering, detailing, and publishing amazing artworks. Respect your artists.. This App is amazing like literally it is amazing! I could literally just use it to get pictures and put them as backgrounds. I rate it 5 stars, thank you developers! Keep working hard.. this is the most beautiful game I play sins I was five years old then when I was 12 I think it's just the way I was happy good.. It is really fun to do when bored but it glitches alot but I got rid of it tho so 10 out of 10.

Painting Book – Color By Number APK

it's a very good game, the reason I gave it 4 stars is because sometimes I get glitchs like I can't click on the area where I'm supposed to colour and there r too many ads! other than that the game is a really fun! if they change these problems above , I would rate u 5 stars. Ads do not work for daily login, ads will not play to unlock images, but ads play every single time I leave an image. I don't get it.. they need to add more boy photos if they have enough thats fine but if the dont they need to add more boys. I really love coloring and this app mixed Al what I need anime and color it's so fun I love it she deserve five stars .

Painting Book – Color By Number APK

l like all anime of this pictures. and this game has lots of great features that make this game more better than other colouring book.and also the picture is than shine l really love this game so that's why l rate it 5 out of 5 .. I think it is very fun because I love Anime and drawing so it is a win win for me.. I love it so much and they're so cute and beautiful God bless this game but I hope I can get those orange diamonds or whatever it's called their beautiful like this game I love it so much I don't want to give it a 5 star I want to give it an 1M stars it just makes me happy and I'm happy that this game exists and I enjoy playing this game I hope they're is painting book 2 and I love them they're glamorous team glamorous. it is very fake they put offline mode but definitely online and you have to pay diamonds if you want to paint.

Painting Book – Color By Number APK

This game will help me to learn draw anime or to paint anime.And this game is so beautiful and nice to play. Hi this game is so good and I love it but the reason I gave 3 stars is because when I try to log in it will kick me out of the game and while I am coloring THERE ARE SO MANY ADS if it was not there I would give it 5 can you please fix it thanks. This coloring app is pretty relaxing. I really like the selection of images, and they even have achievements which are fun. Ads aren't too intrusive and it can be played offline which is a nice bonus.. bro can you put some DBZ in there like DBZ fans will start to go super Saiyan infinity on you so add it. and also the only thing that you do is the some cute stuff.

I rate it as a 4 cause even though I haven't brought the no ads payment I can't color the ones that needed ad I don't know why I tried pressing the ones that needed ad on online mode It won't work please fix this bug I really want to color the ones with ad cause they look so cute and aesthetic.. I don't mind the ads as long as they don't pop out too much ^^. It's a great game, but the one issue is ads, I don't usually mind ads in other games since ads are everywhere, but this game ads are toooo long, good game tho..

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