NameBubble Breaker
Size9 MB
ReleaseSimple Puzzle Game

Pop different balloons and solve puzzles. Here you will like it! If you can start the walkthrough, you can’t be pulled back! Just pop the balloons and have fun. Put them in a row, and they will explode in front of your eyes. Use improved controls that will show the smoothest gameplay. Level after level will be more complicated than the other, and you will not be able to stop. You will train day by day. Hurry up downloading Bubble Breaker; the balls will be waiting for you!

Can you pass all the balloon tests? They have prepared delicious puzzles for you. The main character did not even suspect that he would play it. He had to decide everything because he was a brilliant person in his years. This time he faced a big test. He was born into an ordinary family but became a child prodigy.

His parents did not take him seriously and always shunned him. He understood this, but he was not going to do anything. He liked to sit in his room and keep making new inventions. Finally, he was able to build a particular device on which he could develop his brain to the maximum. He already went to school, and his parents still did not want to meet him. He did not care because he became a natural inventor. After a few hours of playing, he realized he had become brilliant.

Bubble Breaker MOD

UPDATE 4-5yrs later...Always one of my go to games. Very relaxing and gives me a much needed break from the world. 1st Lots of fun & addictive. Like there is a selection of different ways to play. Great graphics.. Repetitive frequent ads interrupt play. Game is good but ads irritating. Never sign up for the Traffic Jam app they advertise unless you are prepared to pay for it. Its a good game but, huge but, the ads get longer and more frequent if you dont pay and if you don't sign up they become disgusting and horrific. I nearly vomited at the foul images.. Too many ads!! I tried it a 2nd time, but the ads are just overwhelming to keep. I guess it won't be fixed.. This is a fun game. Took stars away cause every time you go to game it starts over .doesn't save last game or any games. You have the greatest game out there, the best continuous game with no drawbacks, however you anger me to no extent when you cause a bubble to fall where none existed before. To say that you cheat is an understatement. It's hard enough for some of us to win without you cheating..

Bubble Breaker APK

Outstanding challenges in this game, fun for all ages. Exampley great grandson plays this game on my tablet, he loves it because of the different colors. If there's a pot on the stove, don't venture into this game. Once you've started into it you'd want to see it finish trying to score higher than your last score. There's got to be a word higher than interesting....

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