NameMy Story Mansion Makeover
ReleaseZenLife Games Ltd

Help the main character to sort out all her problems. An entertaining story My Story – Mansion Makeover will tell us about the problems of the main character.

She decided to move into her old mansion, which has been empty for many years. It is so neglected that everyone came here as if to their home. You will have to help her deal with all the problems, solve exciting puzzles, and communicate with the inhabitants of the city. Ultimately, you will have to become a designer, pick up stylish furniture, and take seriously the rooms, as well as the area around the house. Clean up all the garbage, and decorate the house with a variety of outfits to restore its incredible features. Start your life from scratch, solve many important tasks and restore this neglected house. Beautiful graphics, many important events, and a fascinating story about an old house.

My Story Mansion Makeover MOD

Second time playing this game and enjoyed it so much. Will there ever be any updates??? There's still more of the mansion to decorate. Please update. I love this game this game is the best game in my life but sometime it need time to loads but this is ok I love this is the best game . I'm only at level 200plus but there's no room updates.. some of the players reach 400plus but I don't bc there's no room available to decor. So good app i love it so much nice App ll so beautiful so elegant so nice just wow app 5star app. Wow now am obsessed with this game but there is some bugs in the voice please fix that overall this is great.

My Story Mansion Makeover APK

This game was great until ur left hanging cause they never completed the full game. Im ready to complete the next room after playing so many times. Instead it's been saying more rooms to come for almost a year already. Im left not knowing how the story ends and many rooms unanle to reach. Uncompleted mansion.. It was fun decorating all the rooms, but I've reached the end even though there's still tons of rooms that could be done. They just haven't bothered to update it in a year or more.. This is a very nice game. A good way to relieve stress and grow creativity. The only problem is I'm not able to connect to Facebook. I did save my progress previously that got lost too and even now im not able to connect to Facebook. It would be very nice if zenlife could check it.. when will you update the game? i still have 60 stars. can't wait to open the new room---this is my comment last Oct 2022. Will there be any updates? My 60 stars are waiting. Please update. I really love this game_---- it was april 2023 now. is there a chance that this game will be updated? theres still no update._--------its already 2024 still no update.

My Story Mansion Makeover APK

Please update this game I want to play more because i love this game very much. I'll give five star for this game . I noticed a change in the story line and the very first time I played it, I got up to level 800. The second time around it only went up to 400. I also noticed a change of characters as well.. to be honest this game was very good,the quality and the design itself are so much fun. I can say that its one of the best game i ever played but this game did'nt update the room and now i'm still waiting,some people wait for years but they did'nt do anything,also i can't save the game progress cause of error,if you don't want to stop in the mindle of the game,then don't download it,you will just be dissapointed. After you get to a certain point you can't put down anythin' anymore... I really like the game but that messed with it for me.

My Story Mansion Makeover APK

So when are there gonna be new rooms? This is my 2nd time of playing from beginning. I'm getting annoyed that nothing new has been added. This game is amazing it has amazing graphics and it's not that hard like the other renovation games, btw can you pls update this and add more rooms. Its very nice becuase i love these tipe of games but i guess there should still be some changes like im not sure but if you do have any pls say it in the game and make a tally and tell them ehat the changes and they put it down in the chart and see wich side has the most if the side that the people want the changes then you add the changes however if the other side has more you keep the game as it is and also that would be fair soo i think you should do that PLEASE DO THAT. This games starts fun, but no matter how much I enjoy a game at the beginning, it is no longer fun when it takes 10-15 tries to pass a level. I understand that all levels are passable but a game to kill time should not be frustrating, which this one became after I was stuck on multiple levels for days..

I have just started to play the game. So far, I like the storyline. The graphics are great, also fun to play.. It's very fun the challenge are so challenging.. sometimes when i pass a certain level it make me felt like i was a genius HAHAHAH .... This game is very enjoyable and beautiful; it never makes you feel bored. It suits girls the most because they are the ones most interested in decor, having beautiful and diverse tastes.. Yah game bahut achi ha it is a best game es game ma ek sath han do game ko khal sakta hai candy crush and home decorate /home banana wali game.

Suka sama game ini, karena gambarnya sudah keren dan gak banyak iklan. Tapi kok tiba tiba saya gak bisa buka lagi ya. Kenapa ini. This could have been a great game. I'm on level 116 and can't pass it no matter how many times I try. Add to the fact that we are not heading into 2024 and this game has not updated since July 2022. If you haven't done it by now you're never going to. I feel like I'm wasting my time so I'm going to uninstall it.. Don't bother to download. The developers clearly don't give AF about maintaining and updating. Can't even connect with Facebook anymore. (After being forced to reinstall because I was clearing levels without being awarded any points!) And they haven't updated since July of 2022! Used to be fun but now with lack of care on Zenlife's side it won't even let you finish rooms that had been finished prior to reinstallation. Like that was as far as you could go when there are a min of 4 rooms left.. It's very amazing game . I love it, I really love it very much . I suggest everyone to download it . I deleted it by mistake I felt very bad . But I downloaded it again and it resumed. Love this app .

I love the story line. Its fun to play and may get addictive. These levels get harder and harder but thats makes it fun. I don't have much issue with it. I love it!!. great game! Has many different styles, and the game is entertaining! the styles are modern, more olden day royal, and the average 2023 house. Five out of five.. Good game and fun but please, give some time to update the game. I am curious to see more of the living room and very curious to see the look of the kitchen and dining area. Please update the game.. This game is my favourite I remember playing from my childhood when I was 8 and now I'm 15 the experience is the same I love it soo much it's one of the best game that I played.

Jill Jill Jill and light hai hai hai hai ki hai hai iy ok thanks for the info on it and equipment to the info on this device ka hai ye letter mil Gaya to ladki ka affair hai na hai sir I will the email hai sir ka TA aapke sath hai sir I will no longer in hai hai hai hai uuyyiuii hai sir ko send kar de pls resolve the attachment file hai hai ki hai jab hai tab bhi roti thi jab beta khaana hai hai ki hai jab hai tab bhi roti thi uiuit. The mb of the game is high but the game is so much interesting it's for all age type.I rate this game 10 out of 10. Ani shal to the same time as well so far as well and download the winter Soldier of Universal the app Store Google drive folder and download it from the winter Soldier of fortune the same to you tomorrow morning and download it here the app Store Google drive link the winter Soldier trailer is to new the same as the winter and download it here and the app Store Google Play and download using the same as well and and the winter and download using your Twitter ac. Waiting is worth it and it's so fun. I just don't remember of I can use it offline or online.

Only problem is that game won't update, level 249 playstore just shows pending....thinking of uninstalling, uninstall, then reinstalled, not showing pending but still on level 249 can you help.

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