NameJewel of Pantheon

Casual puzzle game with match-3 gameplay. Jewel of Pantheon is an exciting casual puzzle game with interesting match-3 gameplay developed for Android mobile devices.

In this puzzle, you have to go through hundreds of unique levels made in Egyptian style. At each level, you will need to combine the same elements into chains of three or more pieces. More elements in the chain – a higher chance of getting a nice bonus, with which you can destroy a dozen elements in one fell swoop. At different levels, you need to complete different tasks in order to move on to the next stage. For example, on one level it is enough to destroy all the elements on the field, while on another level you will only need to collect certain elements in a certain amount. Management is carried out using swipes or taps.

Jewel of Pantheon MOD

Jewel of Pantheon is my favorite game now that all the meatloaf is gone!! And you know who ya are that ATE IT ALL! Yea, I THOUGHT so. So what's gonna happen the next time I go to make beef stew? Yea, that's what I thought. Just gobble it all up & don't save anything for anybody else! So, Jewel Pantenol . . . Hey, did anybody happen to get the final score of the Jets game? I bought 2 lotto tickets last week & couldn't find it on there. Jewel Lotto Tickets. Ha!! Now there's a good name for a game.. Very nice not too difficult but still very challenging. The games absorb the time without any aggrivation, makig you want to continue playing.. Just started playing this game & so far I am LOVING it. The Colors Are Nice & Bright.. Very Easy To See. Try it & you will love it too . This game is not offline, it put in commercials when ever,then when I want a commercial for something I can't get it, so if the problem not solved this will be a short live game. Addictive game, great graphics, the only problem with this game is that it froze and I had to restart my phone, hopefully it won't happen again but if it does I will definitely delete it.

Jewel of Pantheon APK

I'm filling an official complaint to the developers. There was 1 more plate for a lack of a better term on level 4 and it appeared to me that it was stuck. I tried several times to remove it and was unable to do so. I'm giving this game 1 star not just as a rating but so I can post this post as well. Needless to say I'm NOT happy.. It's a well and truly a great app to download thanks gets you thinking about the next move all the time thanks.. I would give it zero stars, if i could.Well asking for a rating after less than 50 levels, isn't really smart. Until like level 150, its still the same boring game as any other.. (aka:testerzero) Well, I'm part of the 'Three Stars or Else" Generation! Level 52 (5x) is designed (in dastardly fashion) to frustrate players like me. It worked! I'll forego any further criticism bc this 'dev' don't gad... Obviously... To wit: (redacted)... However, this 'version' of 'genre' can not get 5* bc of mitigating circumstances....

Jewel of Pantheon APK

This game makes me think how to get the most pieces off the bord in fewer moves, and get the most bounce.. There is no lag in the game & that is good. Also the graphics are very good & since I never turn on the sound ( it takes away the enjoyment of the game for me ) I will be more than happy to give it 5 stars.. I've played alot of these kind of games and I can only get but so far usually less than level 200. But I am impressed with this game. It's truly enjoyable. 3/16/2023 editing my review. I'm on levels above 100 and it's still wonderfully challenging until u get to the level that has a conveyor belt. If an artifact gets stuck on that you can chase it all over the space and go broke doing it. Aggravating.. This is the game.. Don't have to Pay to Play... I highly recommend Anything from Jewel... All games are challenging... Yet , Win nable!! Good for the Budget!! I do not work for them!! I Do play their games! Mama B... .

Jewel of Pantheon APK

I really like the game it's fun, but for the last 2 days when start a new game the add that let's you earn a $100 has not worked. I have press at least times. If it is offered it needs to work.. Love the game. Lately it will just drop the game. After having to reopen the game and dropping. I have Uninstaller and reinstall. I may change my raring, we'll see.. Would be a great game but ads are after each game and it ruins any enjoyment of game play. Pity really, it could be good.. The game is great except for two much inferences would be great able to play the game without having interpretation thank you.

The game is good. But whatever ad mechanism these free games are using these days is broken and always freezes up, so now I just uninstall the game when the first ad pops up because it's too frustrating.. You can not get past level 86 so if you want to play a short game then this is for you. This is one of the better jewel matching games. I have played several of them. The ads are not bad, only once in a while do I find that I can't exit the ad without accidentally opening the Google play store to install whatever game the ad was for. That happens pretty regularly on some other games I play. I get it that all these games are monetized in some way, pay up front or watch ads. I don't mind the ads, no way am I paying for something I can get free by watching an occasional ad.. Low rating because you tell a gamer how to play the game to much you and all the games are to greedy with ads even when you have ads on the bottom that I could put up with but I don't like ads that interrupt game play.

Graphics are beautiful, but visually busy, and I suspect not colorblind-friendly. Animation is a bit clunky, but plenty good enough. Game elements include some I haven't seen before in a Bejeweled clone, some of which are more frustrating than interesting, e.g. special pieces keeping their colors. Overall, would be 4, but the interstitial ads are a frequent interruption.. Good layout and kinda fun but it seems so much happens that you don't have control of. I expect the ability to line up a big hit is my challenge, but then the game goes nuts on autopilot way too often and you don't really know what happens and that defeats the purpose. I want a skill game where I primarily make the moves that win the game.. Nothing to see here. Another Bejeweled ripoff that quickly gets to the point where you can only pass a level by chance. No obvious bugs, the app functions, but it's low effort and pointless.. Great game. Before you know it you are on level 38. Just play and don't look at levels or the chest..

Very challenging and great graphics. The colors and the layouts are awesome. Very addictive game.Great graphics and very thoughtful.. My feelings for your game are now not all that good. I say this because level 130 is unfair. How can you reach the stars when you have them set so far. Really, that does bode well. One can finish the level but giving a score just because it has not reached. That is not the way to play.. Level 120. Do it in record time or take your time. Always 1 or 2 stars. They want you to watch ads to get 3 stars. Or waste a booster or both to get 3 stars. Not the only level..

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