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Titan Quest is a game based on a tight interweaving of different myths and legends, which makes it incredibly enjoyable and sets this action game apart from others. Gamers who have installed this application on mobile devices will be provided with an unforgettable experience; the excitement of the fight is guaranteed, and the final – the desired victory.

Create your unique Hero, and fight against a horde of monsters to save the world. Titan Quest – welcome to the world of heroes and battles you have never seen before. Even if you’re a seasoned RPG gamer, Titan Quest will make you realize that you didn’t know anything about RPG games until now. The portable version of the most famous game of the early 2000s has now been released and is ready to take you on a legendary battle! Thanks to the compelling storyline, going on a virtual adventure becomes the best chance to feel yourself a brave her whose abilities and dedication allow you to take on powerful enemies. Best. They are potent giants in this game who have escaped a thousand years of imprisonment.

Titan Quest will require the utmost dedication of the participants in this action adventure. Everyone will have a chance to prove themselves because, according to the game rules, you must defeat the giants to win. They intend to avenge their captivity; their forces are so great that the ancient gods are forced to turn to the help of humans. Now the player is the chosen legendary Hero, who was sent by the Gods themselves to fight the terrible titans that broke free. The goal of the Titans is to destroy the world, while the gods are trying to save this fragile world. However, to tip the scales of fate in their favor, they need the help of the Hero. Therefore, go to the world of Titan Quest and save your home.

It is precisely a brave hero from the human world that a gamer will become, with access to different methods of struggle, powerful weapons, and equipment. The hacked version will provide all the necessary resources. The plot, based on the myths of China, Egypt, and Greece, makes this project especially interesting, as it contributes to bringing out unusual experiences and broadening one’s horizons. . completing the tasks that the struggle offers will earn you rewards, thanks to which the desire to win in a dynamic action game will come true.

Now you can see ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Babylon, and even Ancient China from the inside. In each world, you are waiting for your mythical creatures who want to destroy all life that stands in their way. And only you, who have mastered the miracles and tactics of warfare, can save them. The game’s gameplay is fascinating in that a completely open world is implemented here. Indeed, the scale of the locations is astounding and truly epic. Titan Quest features dozens of different mythological characters. You can choose one of 30 heroes; it should be noted that each Hero has unique features. Now the game Titan Quest is perfectly adapted for portable devices. The interface became touch for convenience of management through the smartphone. Improved graphics according to the latest trends in games for devices and opened up a vast colorful world.

Titan Quest MOD

So, I tried to play this game once.. I didn't like it, after about an hour or two quit and didn't come back. Years later, tried it again. Got hooked. It's so deep. So many builds. Infinite builds tbh... How did I sleep on this?. One of the few mobile games actually worth playing and buying. It's a full fleged game and the precursor to Grim Dawn.. Cloudsave makes the app force close. And also it takes time to sync. I hope you fix it. Edit: please update the game. The cloud and the app keep on crashing now :(. Terrible game. Don't waste your money. After finishing the first act something disappeared from 2 different characters and they lost power. Couldn't even finish.. game looks amazing, and I was so excited to give it a try! Played for an hour or so yesterday and when I tried to resume today the progress got messed up! map exploration has remained but character progression was deleted and I had a lvl 1 , respawned at the beginning! What if I invest more hours and it happens again? who's repaying that lost time ? :/ EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!.

Titan Quest APK

A mighty fine game with not so mighty port. Starts off fine with some performance hiccups at crowds. As the game starts introducing enemies with more traits and stronger items however the game can severely lag out that the d-pad straight up refuse to work, forcing restart. When it works, it shows what we have been missing in mobile ARPGs; a fun, deep, strategic and explorative experience. Buy Immortal Throne, only buy the rest if your phone have the power. Best played on PC.. Everything else goes on sale, except DLC on this version. Why are you punishing those who purchased a license before you got popular? Give us a price break too! If you insist on neglecting existing customers, at least lower the DLC prices. Face it, no way are all 3 worth $15. I could get multiple, bigger games for that.. Loved it. One of the greatest games ive played, especially for a mobile game. They just don't make mobile games like this anymore. This is how mobile games are supposed to be. Now there just garbage. Taking hours /or days, to play, unless your spending money for in app purchases. They've destroyed games forever. Not sure why the ratings so low, but this game is definitely a winner.. Best phone game ever . Slite problem when it forgot my saved and put me back to level 6 but hasn't happened since I just make sure I save from the main menu .but auto is a little ify.

Titan Quest APK

This is hands down, in my top 3 paid games. Idk why such bad reviews? I have paid for multiple devices. Game is crisp, and clean. No pay to win. True hack, n'slash, loot, grind, multi character class build... REPLAYABILITY! This is a legendary game for mobile. Thought I had a clipping issue untill I realized I can zoom in and out. They thought of everything, and it doesn't cost you $20 $50 $100 a month just to fall behind.. The syncing is so messed up I lost my character 3 times. There no point to play the saving feature is just random if it will work or not. It keeps not doing all when I try to move. And constantly getting item I can't use without dlc, is really frustrating. I'm about ready to give up on it. Even though I've been playing it a month.. This sucks. I've purchased multiple copies of Titan Quest on PC and Xbox, all the way back to when it was first released in stores as a PC game. I keep trying to buy the DLC for the game, and keep running into errors denying my purchase. I have WiFi. I have mobile data. I have Google Play credit and enough credit. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, and still continue to get the same error message. It's like you're allergic to my money..

Titan Quest APK

ur game saving data sucks im already lvl 9 but for some reason im back at lvl 2 to where i started even though i always save it lvl 9 turns back to lvl 2 waste of time lvling u should fix that. Please fix the save file issues. This game is absolutely amazing but means nothing if characters cannot be saved between cloud and device properly. Tons of hours and gear wasted due to such a minor bug. I was extatic to buy the ult version, but it seems like such a waste of money if this happens every time I get on.. Cant play with keyboard and mouse, despite it allowing me to purchase as compatibile with my device (acer 516 ge, no touchscreen chromebook). Love the game....but I can never pick up any items...I open a chest and all kinds of stuff comes out but it doesn't go into my inventory and it won't let me pick it whats the point. Smh other than that the game is really fun and I loved it but I wasted money on it so I'm kind of mad about that.

This game was great until my character lost ALL of his progress, placing me in a high-level area with no weapons, level one strength, no skills. The Devs couldn't help, even though it's a known issue and should have been addressed long ago. Very disappointed.. Terrible mobile experience. This great game should never have been ported over to mobile. I suspect, since it's on PlayPass, it was just an easy payday and way to have new gamers the chance to experience a classic RPG, but this is a terrible experience. I'm playing with a gamepad and the targetting/aggro is atrocious. Want to click on a shrine while mobs are on screen? lol good luck with that.. Even after I save the game it keeps getting rid of my progress but other then that it's still pretty fun.. The game is really alot of fun with a decent map and lots of quests and helps pass time. Its only 4 stars because the move controls tends to go anywhere it wants sometimes while moving. Also weapons and armor quickly outgrow the ability to collect enough skill points and money leaving you stuck with basic weaker weapons..

If you're having save issues on the title screen go into options and turn cloud save OFF. That fixed the save issue for me. Otherwise great game.. Iv noticed afew people commenting on the "double tap will destroy inventory items" theres an option in settings to turn that off. Also secondly iv yet to run into the saveing issue, currently level 13 and havnt experienced this, hopefully i wont . Wasn't too great I was excited about playing it downloaded the nearly 3 Gb game and it doesn't get passed the title screen and goes black and never changes. I love this game but the grind is rough if you make a stat mistake or end up hating a skill lol.

Deleted a twenty hour save file by itself, utter anus waste EDIT 2023 Gonna give this another shot and update review accordingly.........if it deletes my save file again I'm gonna come to your office and force my titan quest inside your programers. Seriously?i but this game,and yet it requires internet connection?you devs are really a monkey!this game must be playable w/o an internet connection,sorry no 5 stars,uninstall and i want to refund my money.. I had forgotten just how laggy the game engine is. You need a high end phone to play this. Unplayable in parts, with <5fps, even zoomed right in. Ok'ish until act iv.. Plays fantastic for a computer game from the early 2k converted to a mobile game. Graphics are great, slight skill delay that monsters don't have which can be annoying but anyone who grew up knowing this game won't be surprised by that. Everything is the same and that's exactly what I was hoping for, personally..

Was having fun but my game said It had a problem with the cloud save and i lost my character, lame. Love the gameplay, but after pressing save at multiple points during the day, and leaving the app open in the background of my phone to prevent the save issues... the game crashed. I have now lost about 9+ hours of gameplay, and there is no way I have any desire to continue.. Would love to play this game, enjoyed what I was able to experience. But I started one character, made it a ways in and when I came back I had lost a lot of progress. Assumed it was my fault, so I started a new character and saved religiously but when I reopened the app it had happened again. I'm done.. loved it on PC and its just as good now. Got a new galaxy s23 and now the game won't open. Hoping to find technical support..

I really like it's one of the best rpg games I have played BUT the save file issue is too BIG to ignore, I played for like 7-8 hours yesterday and today I woke up find all of it gone, ALL OF IT, I fricking started from the very beginning, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.. That is a very good game but as a lot of people have said, it's not the computer version and no computer game has ever got out on phone as it was on the computer... Nevertheless, The game is pretty good, look like a lot like DIABLO 1, so for those of you whor are nostalgique, that should be something that fill that craving... With Google Pass you get the game free with 3 expensions or you can buy it for 19.99$ Reviews of 3.6 for Free G. Pass version and 4.4 for the same game version at 19.99$. I did not have any save problems as some people claimed here. Game is as good as pc version just keep in mind mobile controls aren't as good. Just good old hack'n'slash.. My Phone has turned off when I reaxhed level 8 (cloudsave on), and it didn't save my progress at all. I need to start over again from level 1.

good game plenty to get on with. I do prefere games where the upgrade tree is maybe not that complicated? perhaps fewer upgrades. failing that we need a bottomless storage sack and let us manage it. realistically probably better than diablo the original. similar type of game. touch controls ok. I played about 80% I think. didn't complete it though so got bored eventually. don't get me wrong 80% was many hours of gameplay. it's not to be compared to many of the mini games out there. This game is good. But how can i activate immortal trone content. I have no idea what i want to do. Plz give me some advice about it. This game goes beyond all expectations. The graphics are beautiful, the colors are captivating, and the world is very large. Also the story is really engaging. This is an incredible game which is really easy to lose yourself in.. Fps of the game drops so BAD that u cannot even see the item,roads or sometimes the items and a Terrible Lag that u cannot play. Refix this, besides this, its AWESOME!.

Am awesome game, love it immensely! But encountered a very disappointing bug... For some reason my first character saves are always up do date, but the second character keeps chrushing and going back to start... What can be a reason?. Terrible navigation in a game like this I want to hack and slash and be directed on whatever quest I chose.. give people a little golden line or or something. Other than that fun had serious potential I'm not gonna waste my time navigation sucks.. Constant crashing after DLC release. It crashed occasionally before, but since the DLCs came out, it won't even start anymore.. It's decent but only if it's on sale, I paid a couple of bucks for it. It's a solid game, the controls are fine. It never crashed at all so that is a bonus. The game was good on the high speed setting. It's not 5 stars because the item system is not great. The charms are mostly junk and you can't use them on rare equipment so they become worthless. For a phone game it was worth the sale price..

Playing on a Galaxy S8 Ultra, all graphics maxed out, brightness on full, and it's spiffing. FPS occasionally drops to 40 or so, but more often than not, it is way above 60. As you can imagine, the battery takes a hammering. Nevertheless, it's addictive gameplay and you will sink hours at a time on this game. It was an 89p bargain. There is, however, the odd glitch here and there. Nothing deal breaking, but could be bothersome for some.. Amazing to start with, but when you try and play again on a higher difficulty level than the lowest, the game chugs, stutters and crashes randomly. I contacted the devs and they said they just put it on mobile, these crashes already existed in the PC version and it wasn't an issue with their work. I played it on PC. This is false. I've also asked them about controller support which they said was coming, but there is still no sign of it over a year later. I hate to say it but avoid this game.. First mission with the horse wont save. Therefore can't make progress in game. I'm connected to 5g UC and still won't fix it. Please help. I bought all 3 dlc and game.. wasted money if it can't be fixed. Dropping to 1 star went to play and all my characters data is gone. Have to start from scratch again. Other then this on going issue I give a solid 4 stars..

There is a bug where when you double tap an item inside the inventory the item just disappears and instantly get deleted.. The game won't let me play at all. It stuck on the title screen and when even i press play it has no response or a screen flashed about downloading something a a split second and nothing. Bought this on sale, so far no bugs or lags and im fully enjoying this game on my tablet while using a controller.. Why I should download again additional files even after I download it from Play Store And if my data completes next day I next I need to start Iam Impressed with photos But in game the Intro story is Ok But I don't know why I should download additional files I purchased this Game Via playpass.

Played to Sparta (in one session), got to like level 6 or 7 and now my character and gear has been rolled back to LVL 2. Do not buy!!!. Haven't played since the expansions came out. Tried playing game won't load half the time, when it does load it'll play the intro movie and screen will just stay black. After saving game and exiting keeps sending me back to the start with a error message for the saved game.Shame,I have played this game on PC and loved it.Unistall and refund unfortunately. I have an issue here. Saving a progress is not working properly. I saved my game after playing for about 30 mins, just started playing this game, and of course, after I quit and decided to save my progress, and came back, the progress is lost..

Exceptional port. I can't believe I never thought of buying it before. If you liked diablo 2 this will fill your thirst. Amazing work. Cloud and all other buds must have been old as I don't have anything on neither Samsung tablet nor galaxy ultra 20. The save function needs to be improved and the interface and buttons could be a little bigger other than that this is a fun game.. I would like a refund please. There's no contact info in the listing, so here I am requesting one here. I didn't play after buying until the next day. I can't play this. Everything is too tiny. Buttons are wrapping the edges of the screen, being impossible to touch. Literally unplayable.. Why I can't play the Titan quest it show downloading essential files but it won't download anything just flashing a text download essential files?.

3.7 review game is a gem absolutely amazing and even gave us all the upgrades without purchasing the new one thank you devs for being so amazing. As most are saying, starts off amazing. I recently went to load back in after a month or so of not playing. To find myself level 1, and 00.48s into the game. At first I thought "maybe I didn't save it" but after seeing other comments I know that's not the reason. Hopes it gets saved as its on of, if not the best ARPG on mobile, but seeing other people's problems. It looks like they don't really care. If this issue was fixed, it would be a 5 star without a shadow of a doubt.. What a shame! This plays so well and looks great. However, after saving regularly and exiting the game, as others described I was asked to resolve a save file conflict on restarting the game and lost about 2 hours of progress. My fault for enabling the cloud save feature maybe? I'd rather not waste my time again on finding out.. This game looks pretty fun from the loading screen and the cinematic stuff, sadly it won't let in I deleted it and redownload it but it's still saying downloading stuff even though I downloaded all the necessary stuff..

Pretty good game the graphics are great and there's a lot of things to do. It also doesn't repeat things multiple times. It's just a pretty good game overall.. Not giving this company any more money. Instead of updating this game that people already bought they released a complete edition for double the price. Bad business practice.. Black screen after first two intros, can't play mobile this version is broke the PC version is classic I'm disappointed I couldn't get this mobile version to work.. Doesn't save my progress, I got to lvl 10, saved game and then back on menu it says I'm lvl 2... clouds save error detected..

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