NameTrollface Quest: TV Show
Size53.62 Mb
ReleaseAzerion Casual

An excellent prank game that will appeal to all who like to play pranks. It is impressive that it has been installed 50 million times around the globe. You can Troll Face Quest: TV Shows free, and this game has become the most successful of the prank series. You can go trolling and play it with yourcompletel pleasure. Here it will be necessary to solve the most intricate puzzles so that Sherlock Holmes himself could envy you.

Play your favorite characters and just have fun with your favorite game. The most important features of this project are more than 35 of the craziest puzzles that will make your stomach burst with laughter. Gradually, it will be possible to unlock new achievements, conquer the world ranking table, and be the first in this standings.

As you progress through new levels filled with great jokes, you will come across various characters from your favorite TV shows. They or you can become a victim, so how it goes, but it will be interesting. Now you can get ready and join the battle of trolls worldwide. There will be puzzles for every taste, so you just have to prepare and start this series.

Trollface Quest: TV Show MOD

I having fun this game usually my favourite TV shows . This game contain no bug yes im very love this game . Keep it more creative!. It's frankly awful, I mean the ads are SO much, mess up? AD. Oh, you made it to the next level? AD! you never get to PLAY the game, this company needs to go back to their og stuff in 2018, hardly any ads . Love the game but I am only a kid and it has ads for free scams so don't fall for the ads. Again,super graphics,fun prank puzzles!I really love the game itself. What I still don't like,having played several Troll Quest games,is having to pay $3.50 to remove ads for such a short game. I played the whole thing in a coffee shop while I finished my coffee. That's very short! The game is unplayable with ads. The devs might consider a one time fee to play several games....they are so good and worth experiencing,but I'll have to stop playing due to the price. Shame.. Ads all i get are ads after every time i touch anything so i deleted it's unplayable. Unless you want 5 sec of game followed by 30 seconds of ads constantly..

Trollface Quest: TV Show APK

I like the game but I cant get past level 32 it says I have to rate the game and I did twice. I think this app is really nice. I wish there were more levels I loved the levels that are there they are great keep up your great games. The app is scary but is so good the grafics is so good and u can play with your friends . 6yyyyyyyyyyytyyyygvdb xnkgudhrhhdhdhdjhdhfhdanjdhfusbksgdhhet bdbfbnffnafnfgn you you yytttty to be a good yyyyytyyyty for me and my friend and y I t I understand y and yes bbggccfdffdffdddddfggrueuyryhfurjthfhrjjtjrhrhhfhfbdhdbfnnfjfjfjfjjfnfnfnjfhfhfbndbcbxhdhhchxbxbxbncncbchfhf y you yytttty I understand you yttttttttttyyyyy yyyyytyyyty you are yttttttttttyyyyy yyyyytyyyty you I love you and I understand y not you too but I'm your sister and yes you are so cute yyyyytyyyty I love .

Trollface Quest: TV Show APK

reason why i rated 5 because Its fun to play and i have to turn off my wifi so the ads wont show off. I didn't like it and I download it and bring me to a different game I didn't like it it's a piece of s*** don't play this game. I have seen this EVERYDAY it's time I try it BUT TV SHOWS/MOVIES I hope I won't hate this game. This game is kind of hard but fun! I enjoy it. I never rate even my favourite apps but it's for a level I'm still rating it a five I really like it!.

Trollface Quest: TV Show APK

Download ( V222.30.0 )

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