NamePath of Giants
Size64.84 Mb
ReleaseJourney Bound Games Inc.

The most beautiful and serene adventure. Path of Giants in this fantastic adventure, you will have to move through snowy bays and ice cliffs to find yourself in the most critical place in your history.

You need to confidently command the three researchers so that they can overcome a lot of obstacles. They will face various problems, difficulties, and other equally essential adventures. During this exciting adventure, our guys will encounter ancient ruins filled with the most crucial lost technologies. Push big boxes, open massive platforms, and try to make your explorers survive in this madness.

Any of these puzzles will require attention from you, so you need to keep an eye on them so that no one is left behind and does not get lost. In these ruins, different power pads will be scattered. Any of our explorers can activate them. You will have to seriously strain your convolutions to complete all 60 exciting puzzles, overcome 13 levels and reach the final. A fascinating story in which you will have to think through everything carefully.

Path of Giants MOD

I don't give out five stars too often, it's a nice looking game. It gets harder as you go obviously.. Couldn't have come at a better time. Not sure why this gem of a game has been hidden away and it just surfaced but so glad it has. Been looking for another monument valley type game and this is perfect. Great graphics, atmosphere and cute to boot. Will shut me up for a few days anyway. Thanks you. I had just about given up on games. Update: Game over :( Now if only there where more levels.... Lots of fun, cute, & with brainteasing puzzles. If you liked Monument Valley, you are sure to love this game. The puzzles are different since you are shepherding 3 explorers along, but the puzzles are in a similar style with lots of tricks & working out cause & effect of the little explorers pushing this button or standing on that platform. Highly recommend.. I loved playing your game. Wish it would have been longer. Cant wait for more chapters??? Or another new game. Loved the art work. ;) Not too many games entertain me this one did. Great game loved the little cute. :). This is a very cool and fun game. Kind of in the zen category but a few of the puzzles really test your brain. I had to do app unwrap on one and even the girl doing the video had a hard time figuring it out. (Seemed to be a glitch) Graphics are really nice, play is really smooth and really nice music. I have actually added the music to a playlist. I suspect I will play it multiple times as it will feel kind of new with each play I am sure. Hopefully we get a second game and more. Good job..

Path of Giants APK

Nice puzzle. Similar to Lara Croft Go. Not a fan of the background music.. for this type of puzzle music should be like hypnotic soundwaves or soundscapes. Lara croft go did a good job on that one.. you can see it on youtube.. One of my favorite games ever! Definitely challenging at times, and I love the way the characters have to work together to progress. I hope the devs will release more games!. Brilliant. Took a little time to realise all the possible interactions between the characters, but then it becomes chess-like in the way that sequence of moves is critical, and not always obvious. Love the graphics too, they have a lovely refreshingly simple charm.. Great game that's very well designed. Easy to learn and play. Gets more challenging as you progress further. Even more levels available after you complete the main game. I'm not a huge fan of puzzle games, but this one I found to be fun and enjoyable. If you're into puzzle games I recommend trying this game..

Path of Giants APK

This app is impressive on many levels...the UI is amazing and very smooth. There's no big learning curve. The puzzled are well thought out and don't seem repetitive at all. There's no annoyance with with micro purchases or ads. I'd give it a solid 4. This is an amazing game, I can't wait for more titles from these developers. The characters are adorable and the game play works smoothly. The levels have the right balance of difficulty, without being unachievable. My autistic son likes it too, which says a lot about how fun it is. We both also thought the movement of the characters and the way they climb over one another is very very cute. Perfect.. Great fun, well thought out short puzzles, with slick presentation. Perfect for the commute. It's only when you finish these games and look for a replacement that you realise just how good they are. Head and shoulders above most of the dross that fills up Play Store.. Lovely music, cute little characters, and really good puzzles. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game, and I'd happily recommend it!.

Path of Giants APK

What a fantastic game! The puzzles are tricky without being too difficult and the graphics and art style are appealing and well done. The game starts quickly and saves progress predictably, allowing for quick 3-5 minute sessions if necessary. There are handy undo and reset buttons if you get stuck. Best of all, there are NO ads, NO microtransactions, and NO weird permissions! Download this game now! It's easily worth twice the price they're asking!. Playing on Chrome OS and this is an epileptic nightmare. Thankfully I'mnot that sensitive,but the game is unplayable. Too bad. Really interesting game. I was hooked the minute I started playing. Only draw back is, it has limited levels, really wish I could play this unlimitedly.. Superbe... Un jeu parfaitement russi avec de beaux graphiques mais surtout une intelligence de jeu rarement rencontre. Absolument impressionnant. BRAVO.

I absolutely love this game. I played it through 3 times in one day to get all the achievements. The characters are cute, the music is fantastic, and the puzzles are creative and fun. Really, really well done.. Just finished story, interesting but wasn't very challenging. This game more suitable for teenagers who needs to train their brain. Awesome animated graphics. flawless gaming experience.. It's fun. It allows you to figure it out and redo if necessary. I finished the storyline and am now working on achievements.. Absolutely excellent game. I cannot believe how obsessed I became. It's a real thinker and is so satisfying when you figure it out. Fantastic job with this team. Can't wait for more..

Super buggy! It kept freezing and I'd have to restart my phone. I had to uninstall. I don't know, it may have been my phone's fault.. Very creative puzzle quest. The storyline could use some work but for a puzzle this really made my mind think.. Puzzles are easy, but after you have figured out a solution you have to stack characters on each other, and that is painfully slow and tedious. Recommended if you like so called "meditative puzzles".. Brilliant absolutely loved it from the word go, played in my spare time, finally just completed winter fest please can we have more, cheers developers, great work..

Cute, fun game. Interesting concept of teamwork throughout! 3D graphics are great and reminiscent of the Monument Valley game. Overall, fun and challenging puzzles. I say, definitely give this one a try! It's included with Play Pass too.. Not a bad game. Cute artwork. Pretty short. Later, bonus levels provide a moderate challenge, but not too difficult over all. Worth a run-through on Play Pass.. Beautiful art, easy and intuitive controls, very user friendly UI, simple yet endearing story, good puzzles. Very well done devs you did a fantastic job!!. I honestly have to say I love it it was one of the best games I have ever played in my life an I am hoping that you will come out with more of them like that .

Great puzzle game! Keeps your progress if you have to close it in the middle of a level. Doesn't bombard you with ads and purchases. Highly recommend!. What a strangely relaxing and wonderful game. I love the design and how these plushy little characters help each other (what a wonderful lesson! The game really only works when they work together). Love the atmosphere too. Hope to see more by them!. A wonderful game. Developers did an amazing job. This was free with play pass but I would gladly pay for it. No ads. No lag. Just have to figure out how to reach the goal with your team. Each team member plays a vital role. No one is left behind. Just to be clear though, this is a single player game. Great for kids and adults. I recommend %. The art is simple and appealing, the voices are adorable, lots of content, puzzles are just hard enough. I also love the cutscenes where the animation paused when you stop scrolling.

Very fun and adorable puzzle game. The puzzles are hard enough but not too hard either. The controls are good. It's not very long. I had lots of fun and I definitely recommend it.. Even though I should deduct a star for it being so addictive that its over much too quickly. But its elegant interface and a seamless mating of platforming and 3rd person perspectives feels very fresh and unique (even though there are probably other apps which do it, but not well enough to remember them, as this one is). So, no deduction. If they keep putting out content in a timely manner, it will lessen the hurt of it being over too quickly. Good luck devs!. Excellent imagination from these devs. Some puzzles are kicking my butt which is very nice for a change. Plus the game colours are beautiful. . This is such a great game - imaginative, cute, challenging, funny. The three explorer characters are so amusing as you direct them through the levels to reach their goal. I've played it twice now. I already miss it. I wish there was more..

Great little game, thoughtful, cute, puzzles that make you have to strategize. Easy to learn physics. I need more like this.. I have to edit my score and changed it to a 4. After not being able to get the Game to operate past level 11, I finally got it to work after un/reinstalling it 12 times (I'm not BS'ng either). Now I finished the. Main story & also completed the "winterfest" story & that's it? That's why I only gave 4 stars. The story ended to soon.. Just getting the feel for the game & it's over. Otherwise... The game is Awesome but extremely too short!. I love this game! Challengng puzzles, not too easy to solve but not too difficult either. Wouldn't change a thing!. Excellent and atmospheric puzzle game. Nice soothing music, good puzzle design, and puzzling out where the three persons need to go is fun..

How does this game not have more downloads?? There is almost no criticism I can bring. From the creativity to the aesthetics, puzzle difficulty, mechanics and stability, this is a simply fantastic game. For the price, I wish it had been a in bit longer. However, you can replay levels, since you're not likely to remember the solutions. (Maybe I shouldn't speak for others. Let's just say that *I* can't remember them. ). Fun and challenging. An entertaining puzzle game with 3D environments. Added elements throughout the game keep it interesting while not ruining the experience. Puzzles are challenging, but solvable. Design and score compliment each other wonderfully, providing a cute ambience. Overall I enjoyed it and so did my 6 year old. We enjoyed snuggling and playing this together.. This is a really fun game. Challenging without being frustrating or impossible. The graphics and puzzles are clever and fun.. Great game except some of the puzzles were too difficult to get past at the earliest levels. Maybe I will try it again but it's a great game otherwise..

Easy to get into puzzle game that gets progessively more difficult. Simple mechanics, great visuals and achievements. Good fun for a couple of hours.. Great challenging play. Colors & graphics very nice. Would play more by this team. Worth the $! Loved the train & it's 'secret'!!. Lot of fun! It was awesome to look at at the music was relaxing. The puzzles were challenging. Great game!!. only few minutes into the game, but already happy with the purchase. graphics amazing, immersive gane play, smooth controls, only +++ so fae.

This game was so much fun. I loved the graphics, the puzzles were challenging but nothing to hard. The music was very relaxing too. I just wish there were more levels to play.. Really good fun!! The puzzles can be tricky, but are solvable and actually really good fun. Beautiful graphics and lovely smooth gameplay. A really enjoyable game. No ads, no extra purchases. Just a straight up awesome game in the vein of Lara Croft GO. Pay once, done! Like all Android games should be like. Great game, simple concept but quite puzzling at times - especially when you try to overcomplicate the solutions. Short but sweet. Would be cool to see a co-op version of this game (where one person hitting switch affects the water level of both rooms or something).

I had alot of fun with this. It was cute and I got stuck on some of the puzzles, but was able to work them all out on my own. A nice well designed puzzle game that kept me entertaint for a couple of hours. Was worth the money and time playing it, looking forward to a sequeal.. Really enjoyable puzzler. The levels increased in difficulty at a good rate. I would have loved some more levels, but just because I was enjoying it so much (not that it was too short).. It wasn't a bad game, but it pretty much boils down to two not particularly challenging puzzles you have to solve over and over. Cute graphics but it got kind of repetitive and boring..

Fun and challenging game. However, it's not worth the $3.99, there are only 12 levels and that feels like a ripoff. I wouldn't have paid for it if I didn't have the play pass.. This a very clever well thought out and challenging game. Once you figure out what it takes to move around its very fun and entertaining.. A very funny game with cute little characters, beautiful graphics and moderately challenging puzzles. Had a lot of fun playing, thanks!. Love this game can be challenging but u can always watch u tube if u get stuck which makes it nice so thank you for a great game.

I loved this app, it was challenging but not too hard for me... I'm a 40 year old woman. My 6 year old son enjoyed it but it was too tough for him to work the puzzles on his own.

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