NameCrazy Dino Park
ReleaseInfinite Dreams

Crazy Dino Park will have to try very hard in this game project and restore all the remains of real dinosaurs. It will be a natural amusement park with a dinosaur theme. Build brand new facilities, try to entertain the visitors, and try to earn enough money. You have to become some part of this advanced amusement park, gradually develop and produce new attractions. Most importantly, managing such a large fleet will not be accessible. The responsibility is enormous, and there will definitely be a few problems.

Try to dig to get to new dinosaur specimens. Solve numerous puzzles, and try to revive these strange creatures. Develop new species, cross the m, and get the most unexpected result. Significantly develop your new enterprise, find rather strange artifacts, and also get bonuses during expeditions. Invite new visitors, and arrange grandiose shows and unique events for them. It will be an exciting adventure from which you will not be able to tear yourself away shortly.

Crazy Dino Park MOD

It's a fun and casual game anyone can play. The game has a good pace. The concept is good and creative. There is a lot of fun features that start to unlock the more you play. This game is like the magnum opus of cute dino games. The only negative feature is that the eggs take an ungodly long amount of time to hatch later on, the eggs hatching time should scale with 1hr at the first area and then keep adding half-hours, not add an hour every time an egg is hatched in the incubator. Also, make it upgradable which adds more egg slots for efficiency and costs like, 10 gems and 10,000 coins or something like that. This is a very good game and my favourite I love and I want you to add more level after 140 and ad chatting with friends so that we can tell them our fighting experience with them I am not asking to add chatting in bad skull arena I am begging to add chatting in friendly battles or add some more emojis and please add a column like where you assemble dinos add a same page like that with more dinos or when you go for expedition show a path with trees houses other sites and skip button. This is the Most enjoyable Zoo game I ever played, I love this game, When you run out of the in-game currency, You get random events, like I got 20 gems for free! There are also no forced ads! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!. This is a very good game but u need more coins to do lots of stuff like expeditions and etc. But the game is very good .

Crazy Dino Park APK

Hi, pls update for your data saving issue, had played to LVL 10 after trying data saving still only lvl7, or pls add on manual data saving button ,thanks. I love this game But I have bad experience but I really love this game I advise all child to play this game and improve their knowledge.. This game is really fun, except in hunt for explorers. People always steal the bones right out from under me. It's really frustrating. I do the courteous thing and let people have their bones that I see them digging, but other people aren't as nice.. Game so good but one thing about the dinosaurs in this game I don't like so when you get a dinosaur start by level 1 regular dinosaur but when they got higher and higher level they do not look like dinosaurs they look like alien.

Crazy Dino Park APK

100000000000000000 so nice but I not have that much money and diamonds so you can give me 100000 money 100000 diamonds please 5 star rating please please. This is an amazing game it is also one of my childhood memories and the animation is one of the best parts about this game. It's a good mobile game but u will run out of money and you need to pay or wait 20 mins . When I turn on the internet connection it doesn't work in game,it always show that i'am offline but it is a best game before in 2023..

Crazy Dino Park APK

Its a great game there's a bit of grinding to get stuff especially after level 30 but overall a fun game. I like to play this game alot but I can't get more scythes by using adds because there is a little problem with my device but that's not much.. It's really good and cute game..UI and the UX is really good... I love how smooth it goes.. really satisfied with the game.. . Every nice game to play I had played theis game more than 2 times fully but I never get bored anywhere but it takes little bit longer.

Crazy Dino Park is really fun and it is one of my favorite games out of basically all of the games. I know Crazy Dino Park is my actual favorite game.. I download this game in playstor sinc 2 years ago but in this update the game is always of line and my game id is change why? My old id is edfc8516ff If u fix my game I will give you 5 star I m so sad for my game I can't visit my subscribers park the don't fight with me I miss my old game please .. Solid game with simple play pattern. Definitly a good game to just play for a few minutes every couple hours. This game is so fun and really good for mobiles which can not take much storage, my phone couldn't perform any game at all, then i found this, overall i would recommand you to download this!! Just one thing, the dinosaurs are good and nice but after the level 3rd or 4th they kinda start to downgrade looks other than that, the developer really worked so good at this game!!!!.

Great game, fun little time waster. Hate how you have to battle, and the race of explorers. It's definitely hacked so it's impossible to progress.. Loved this game, but had to reset my phone and lost 4 years of dinosaurs . Great game for kids and adults .

Download ( V2.23 )

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